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The campaign of Scott Wallace, the Democratic candidate in PA-01, took a big hit in May 2018, just after he won the primary, when it was revealed that the Wallace Foundation, which he headed, funded the worst-of-the-worst anti-Israel pro-BDS groups. In early July, the Cook Political Report moved the race from toss-up to leans Republican. From the Cook ratings change:

Democrats had high hopes for a pick up in the newly-redistricted 1st District of Pennsylvania, the result of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision that threw out the 2010 redistricting for allegedly violating the Pennsylvania Constitution. The issue of whether partisan redistricting violates the U.S. Constitution remains an open question, despite recent SCOTUS decisions. But since the PA Sup Ct decided the case based on the PA Constitution, the attempt to get SCOTUS to review the case failed.

Scott Wallace is the progressive Democratic nominee in the 1st Congressional District in Pennsylvania, running against Brian Fitzpatrick in the newly created district. Fitzpatrick is the current Representative in the soon-to-be extinct 8th District, which disappeared as part of judicially-ordered redistricting. Wallace's foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, was a funder of some of the worst anti-Israel and BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) groups, including Code Pink, Jewish Voice for Peace, Haymarket Books, and Linda Sarsour’s group.

Pennsylvania's newly formed 1st Congressional District is a classic "swing" district, and is rated a toss-up by Cook Political Report. Scott Wallace just won the Democrat nomination, and will run against Republican Brian Fitzpatrick, currently the Rep in the soon-to-be phased out 8th District. Here's the new judicially-ordered congressional map for Pennsylvania: