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Oberlin College is struggling financially, after over a decade of intense national media coverage of extreme social justice activism on campus. The college has not met its enrollment goals resulting in a financial shortfall and talk about how to control expenses. We first covered the financial fallout from enrollment decline in September 2017, Radical fallout: Oberlin College enrollment drops, causing financial problems.

Oberlin College faces two serious lawsuits arising out of social justice activism on campus. One suit, by a local bakery boycotted by Oberlin students and administration based on apparently false claims the bakery racially profiled students, has been permitted to move forward. We reported on that decision in Court: Gibson’s Bakery lawsuit against Oberlin College can continue in full::

We previously covered the bitter town/gown dispute between Gibson's Bakery and Oberlin College. The short version is that three Oberlin students were arrested for shoplifting at Gibson's bakery. Oberlin students claimed racial profiling, and mounted protests and a boycott supported by college student groups, administrators and faculty. The boycott continued even after police released data showing there was no racial profiling in shoplifting arrests at the bakery, and the three students pled guilty. See these posts for background on the dispute:

For over a year we have been covering an incident at Gibson's Bakery in Oberlin, Ohio, close to Oberlin College. The incident involved charges of racial profiling against the Bakery after three black Oberlin students were arrested for shoplifting. When one of the employees, Allyn Gibson, attempted to stop them, a scuffle broke out. The reaction from Oberlin student activists was to make claims of racial profiling, as we documented in our first post on the incident in November 2016, Bakery targeted by Oberlin College #BlackLivesMatter fights back:

A year ago almost to the day, we covered a dispute involving Oberlin College students and a local bakery, Gibson's Bakery. The Oberlin students, with the support of some faculty and staff, accused the bakery of racial profiling three Oberlin students who were arrested for shoplifting. Those three students eventually pleaded guilty, and police stats showed that Gibson's did not engage in racial profiling. Nonetheless, the turmoil has continued, and Gibson's is suing claiming a continuing campaign to strangle its business.

At both the University of Missouri and Evergreen State College, an atmosphere of aggressive "Social Justice" activism damaged enrollment and contributed to financial difficulties. Apparently, even liberal students don't want to attend institutions where student and faculty social justice warriors have turned the campus into a battleground. The same thing may be happening at Oberlin College in Ohio.

Oberlin College certainly is an "exciting" place to be these days. Oberlin just fired a professor after antisemitic Facebook posts, students are petitioning to become a sanctuary campus, and the President of Oberlin just circulated an email about antisemitic vandalism at an unnamed professor's house. That come just after calls from Black Lives Matters supporters on campus to boycott Gibson's Bakery, near the Oberlin College campus. The spark was the arrest of a black student for shoplifting and assault, and two other students for assault on the shop owner. In response, Oberlin College appears to have ceased purchasing baked goods from Gibson's, in apparent sympathy with the boycott call:

Gibson's Bakery in Oberlin, Ohio, has been in business since 1885. It sells a variety of baked goods along with wine and other foods. On November 9, 2016, Gibson's employees noticed what they thought was a person shoplifting two bottles of wine hidden in his jacket. That alleged shoplifter was a black Oberlin College student. When they attempted to stop and photograph him, they were attacked by several other people accompanying the student. The police were called. The Oberlin town police department has posted the Incident Report online, reflecting the arrest of the alleged shoplifter and two others involved in the scuffle. Here is the first paragraph of the police report: