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NBC Historian Michael Beschloss Demands to Know Why Some Lawmakers Didn’t Applaud for Zelenskyy

NBC Historian Michael Beschloss Demands to Know Why Some Lawmakers Didn’t Applaud for Zelenskyy

“Beschloss seemed very curious about who in Congress may not have been enthusiastic enough about the speech or providing further support for the eastern European leader”

The last time we heard from NBC historian Michael Beschloss, he said that if Republicans won the midterms, children would be arrested and possibly killed.

Now he is wondering why some lawmakers weren’t applauding Zelenskyy during his speech to Congress this week.

Is this still the United States of America? I’m really beginning to wonder.

FOX News reports:

NBC historian hammered for demanding legislators who didn’t applaud Zelenskyy be questioned: ‘Soviet tactics’

Conservatives on Twitter hammered NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss for a “Soviet”-sounding tweet demanding to know who exactly did not clap for Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his address to Congress on Wednesday.

Zelenskyy traveled to the U.S. on Wednesday, his first trip outside of Ukraine since Russia invaded the country in early 2022. During his trip abroad, Zelensky met with President Joe Biden and addressed a joint session of Congress, seeking continued support U.S. and funding of the war with Russia.

Most members of Congress supported Zelenskyy’s message as he was given a standing ovation for his speech. Although Beschloss seemed very curious about who in Congress may not have been enthusiastic enough about the speech or providing further support for the eastern European leader.

On Wednesday evening, the historian tweeted, “For any Members of Congress who refused to clap for Zelenskyy, we need to know from them exactly why.”

This is a historian?

People pushed back on Twitter, including me:

Support for Zelenskyy and Ukraine is clearly the new ‘current thing,’ but the left’s blind devotion and groupthink is disturbing.

Tucker touched on this last night. Watch the segment below:


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When I get an actual, non-word-salad answer to the question “What is the U.S. national interest in supporting Ukraine other that simply opposing Russia and Putin?” maybe he’ll be entitled to an answer to his stupid question. Until then, this silly wanker can bugger off.

    Victor Immature in reply to Idonttweet. | December 23, 2022 at 3:52 pm

    That’s pretty much it. Putin is a nationalist and increasingly the rest of the world is going globalist and the globalists want Russia’s resources. And the sawed-off dictator who is the King of the “Uraniums” is the US installed hero president so you better sing his praises.

    This is really scary that they’re demanding people clap for this turd. The last time the left and their lapdogs in the media was/were fawning over someone like this was Michael Avenatti.

Who does not want to be seen as not clapping or not doing so vigorously or worse yet, stopping before everybody else? North Koreans, Iraqis under Saddam Hussein, or Russians under about anyone or Chinese at the CCP annual meeting. All have minders watching. I guess Beschloss would like to hold this job .

Beschloss is going to look like a total fool when Musk releases “Twitter files #12: the Ukraine money-laundering operation.”

Lots of people demand conformity in politics these days. Stray only a little from the view of the mob or their masters and the attacks roll in. Suddenly one is insufficiently devout in their eyes and is attacked for holding and expressing heterodox ideas. This occurs from the left and the right though much more pronounced from the left.

What is this obsession with defending Ukraine?

    Our uniparty rulers have been using Ukraine to launder money to enrich themselves. If they don’t give him what he wants, he is probably threatening to expose….

    We have given more to Ukraine than the rest of the world combined. So intead of going to some other countries for a change, Zelensky comes here and begs for more. We should just clap our hands and get down on our knees and tell him he’s a hero.

    CommoChief in reply to Colonel Travis. | December 23, 2022 at 1:50 pm

    Distraction mostly. It’s a slight of hand exercise.
    Consider that when we are focused on Russia and Putin the things we are not focused on:
    1. Our true geopolitical /Strategic foe – CHINA
    2. Failed domestic energy policy – blame Putin instead
    3. Rampant Inflation – blame Putin not decades of Fed govt overspending and the failure of our leadership class to deal head-on with the housing bubble instead of kicking the can to where we are now at then end of the road
    4. Domestic political policy failures; see bat crap crazy Covid lockdown after effects still working their way through our economy – blame Putin
    5. Failure to protect the sovereignty of the USA at our borders. Russian invasion is much more important than the largest unlawful migration in modern US history.

    We know that because that’s what the legacy media talks about, writes about and broadcasts video of; all Russia all the time with brief interludes to bash Trump and r in general.

    I’ve been more or less neutral on the whole Ukrainian/Russian thing, for the reason that it started out more or less getting back at Russia for all the proxy wars we’ve gotten bogged down into for the past 70 years, wasting American lives and treasure. Unfortunately, the same people who got us into those proxy wars are still in charge, and so inevitably we’ve ended up the ones spending the treasure, and sooner or later will likely be wasting lives.

Beschloss is a crackpot, a fool.

The first post-coup regime attacked Ukrainians in Crimea, who only with the aid of Russians survived the first wave of Slavic Spring. Zelensky is running an apartheid regime, with the aid of America et al, has enjoyed progress attacking Ukrainians in the Donbas for eight years.

Let’s start with the fact he’s a grifter and move to the fact WE DON’T HAVE THE MONEY. He sure is no Churchill.

The Gentle Grizzly | December 23, 2022 at 1:19 pm

Answer: not every member of congress is a performing seal, clapping on cue. In all the photos I have seen of the houses of congress, neither have a light-up “Applause” sign.

As for the question “Is this still the United States of America”, yes. It is, Just not the one pre-Johnson, or, pre-Roosevelt.

This is the kind of stupid, insane really, crap that if some elitist prick said to your face you’d just beat the f*ck out him for the fun of it.

Soon he will complain that the clapping wasn’t long enough and that there were no tears of joy wept. We aren’t North Korea … yet.

I want to know why Pelosi ripped up the State of the Union address on national TV. You don’t have to respect the rank, but you need to respect the office and she disrespected the office.

Overall, I would prefer that Russia not to expand by violence. However, I am not interested in spending billions of dollars, possibly with an open ended obligation to prop up the dictator in Ukraine.

Also, we have some military aged men who fled Ukraine rather than fighting for their home country. Why do we allow these cowards to stay here?

So an elite, deep-state historian wants us all to applaud the crooked, corrupt leader of the Ukraine. No doubt there is another elite, deep-state historian somewhere who wants us all to applaud the crooked, corrupt leader of Russia.

Me? Much as Henry Kissinger said about the Iran-Iraq War, it’s a shame both sides can’t lose.

I’d rather we spend the money to secure our own borders before we worry about Ukraine’s. Beschloss is an unserious fool.

Deranged, quack historian.

Applaud for Ukraine borders when Mexico and South America are invading ours in bigger numbers than Russia is in Ukraine

I said when this whole crap started.

Ukraine was nothing more than an excuse to launder tens of billions (now HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS) of dollars through a corrupt shithole with no accountability.

Literally EVERYBODY that I don’t trust is DEMANDING that you slavishly support Ukraine.

    buck61 in reply to Olinser. | December 23, 2022 at 7:23 pm

    they figured the gig was up in Afghanistan so they moved the grift over to Ukraine. Putin is perceived as much more evil than the Taliban today.

So many sick people

I can’t take Beschloss, that nomenklatura Stalinist jackass, seriously, at all. He is a monumental failure as an historian; a complete fool as a political operative; and a pile of dog waste in general.

Idiocy is the norm for those hardcore Ukraine supporters.

Mr. LaChance, I completely agree with your “North Korea” comment. He is clearly more a hysterian than a historian.

Somebody needs to spike his eggnog with some Thorazine.

So they could show up in person and clap like trained seals yet they couldn’t show up in person to vote from $1.7 trillion in spending. We know where the priorities are these days.

Once I saw the word “Beschloss” I knew this was a Leftist hit piece. Historians look at history from all angles. He’s a partisan political hack with only one angle.

Other than being a jack-booted thug and, very likely, embezzling a lot of that American aid, what’s not to like about Zelenskyy?

The question he should be asking is why so many cheered for a human trafficking fascist dictator who has eliminated opposition press, parties and suppressed religious faiths.