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Webinar on the pressures to use technology to achieve "equitable" group results. Supposed "bias free" algorithms and AI will, in fact, be stealth quotas hidden out of sight: "the showdown between equity and equality through algorithms, machine learning, and artificial iintelligence will not be televised."...

Discrimination by algorithm and AI to achieve stealth quotas unfortunately is not new, but it is the wave of the future after the Supreme Court ruling rejecting Affirmative Action. REGISTER HERE for this FREE online webinar to learn how stealth quotas work and what can be done to stop them.

Jussie Smollet faked a hate crime, bigly. He got convicted, bigly. But Jussie is just the tip of the hate hoax iceberg. We have covered dozens of hate hoaxes over the years. We have have a tag called Hoaxes. In honor of Jussie being convicted on 5 of 6 counts (or what CNN calls "some") of lying to police, we are holding an online event on Sunday, December 19, at 7 p.m. Eastern. Registration is FREE, but you must

Preregister HERE.

We'll be in San Diego next month and would love the opportunity to put screen names to faces. Coincidentally, our last in-person reader reception was in Los Angeles before the world shut down and life was flipped inside out. We're excited to get out and about and look forward to seeing some of y'all there.