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Parents at the elite private Westminster Schools in Atlanta are rebelling against the imposition of Critical Social Justice on their students. Westminster is a member school of National Association of Independent Schools. A letter sent to the Internal Revenue Service signed "a Taxpayer" includes a list of 16 partisan incidents the author says qualifies Westminster as an "action organization," violating the school's tax-exempt status.

Rhode Island mother Laurie Gaddis Barrett has testified at so many legislative hearings that she has to pause to remember which one I’m asking her about. And when I ask her why the message she just texted me is written in legalese, she says she’s spent so much time talking to lawyers, she’s beginning to sound like one herself. (I almost suggested she should consider going to law school, but they’re woke now, too.) With all she has learned this past year, she could be teaching civics. For Barrett, fighting for parents' rights has been transformative—and nearly a full-time job. But it wasn’t always.

As part of my investigation into the National Association of Independent Schools' (NAIS) People of Color Conference (PoCC), I watched "Growing Young Voices: Understanding Black Lives Matter for Teachers," a presentation where two elementary school teachers at the $35,000/yr University of Chicago Lab School detail their implementation of the "Black Lives Matter at School" curriculum.