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Complaint: "Each of the defendant medical schools and universities, along with nearly every medical school and university in the United States, discriminates on account of race and sex when admitting students by giving discriminatory preferences to females and non-Asian minorities, and by discriminating against whites,...

The fourth and final day of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's hearing includes witnesses brought in by the Democrats to appeal to emotions instead of law and the Constitution and Republicans to explain Barrett's dedication to the law and Constitution. But as the Democrats have proven (sarcasm), Barrett will throw Roe v. Wade and Obamacare into the trash can on her first day on the bench.

If you're wondering why President Trump's Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos needs millions of dollars in security, this is one of the reasons. DeVos is trying to make improvements in her department but is being predictably cast as someone who doesn't care about civil rights. Erica L. Green writes at the New York Times:
Education Dept. Says It Will Scale Back Civil Rights Investigations The Department of Education is scaling back investigations into civil rights violations at the nation’s public schools and universities, easing off mandates imposed by the Obama administration that the new leadership says have bogged down the agency.

July 4th weekend is a perfect time to reflect on our freedoms and their importance. In that spirit, Remy of Reason, who's kind of the Libertairian version of Weird Al Yankovic, has produced a parody of Toby Keith's song "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" which enjoyed popularity after the attacks of 9/11. You can make an argument, and many conservatives have, that things like the Patriot Act haven't directly impacted the civil liberties of average American citizens, but some things have obviously gotten out of control, as exemplified in Kemberlee's horrific post about the TSA yesterday.