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Democrat Privilege Week at Legal Insurrection

Democrat Privilege Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Do Democrats and the media think no one sees the different standards involved here?

This is how the left says Merry Christmas.

Professor Jacobson is right.

What is wrong with these people?

Israel is not playing games.

Hostage updates.

Just horrible.

Where are the parents?

Biden is useless.

Much like our media.

What is happening to Ireland?

Other world news.

The border crisis continues.

This is just not right.

Of course…

This could get bad very quickly.

This was entertaining.

Beyond parody.

Hunter doesn’t get to set the terms.

What could go wrong?

He deserved to be cut.

What a loser.

Elon is right.

More people need to speak out.


This is a big mistake.

Feel safer yet?


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Bottom line: certain people get a pass. That is reality now.
They just want us to suck it up.
TY Mike.

Jayapal, dishonest and shameful. The perfect example of today’s privileged Democrat.

Guess the Jan6ers should have just pulled the fire alarm and everything would have been good.