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Media Hoax: No, a Nebraska Teen Is Not Going to Jail For Having an Abortion

Media Hoax: No, a Nebraska Teen Is Not Going to Jail For Having an Abortion

“Celeste Burgess, 19, was a minor when she was pregnant and had an abortion. Last week, a Nebraska judge sentenced Burgess to 90 days in jail.” – TIME Magazine

As Mary reported last week, the New York Times predictably buried the lede in a story they did on a case out of Nebraska involving a now-19-year-old woman who in April of 2022 when she was 17 years old had a medicine-induced abortion at 29 weeks after taking abortion pills her mother obtained for her.

Per court filings, the teenager and the mother then proceeded to burn and bury the fetus.

To recap, here’s how the paper reported the plea deals for Celeste and Jessica Burgess:

Unfortunately, the NY Times isn’t the only so-called news outlet to try to spin this as a teenager being punished with jail time for having an abortion in a post-Dobbs era.

So is TIME Magazine:

So is the BBC:

And Rolling Stone:

And People:

Though CNN mentioned the “disposing of the fetus,” they insinuated in their headline that part of Celeste Burgess’ sentence had to do with having the abortion:

Naturally, The Usual Suspects ran with the false narrative because of course they did, including YouTuber/MSNBC contributor Brian Tyler Cohen and Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY):

As others pointed out, however, the nature of what Celeste Burgess pled to would have been illegal even in solidly blue, pro-abortion states like New York and California:

For the real story of what happened, here’s the Life News report:

In April 2022, authorities said Celeste Burgess was almost 30 weeks pregnant when her mother, Jessica, allegedly obtained abortion pills and gave them to her daughter, killing the unborn baby. Then, the mother and daughter allegedly burned the aborted baby’s body and threw it in a field in Madison County, the local news reports.

At first, police said their investigation centered around the improper disposal of the baby’s body. However, after further investigation, they said they discovered evidence that Jessica Burgess bought abortion drugs from a company in India and gave them to her pregnant daughter, according to the Norfolk Daily News.


However, police said they later found records of conversations online between the mother and daughter about abortion drugs.

“(Celeste Burgess) talks about how she can’t wait to get the ‘thing’ out of her body and reaffirms with (Jessica Burgess) that they will burn the evidence afterwards,” according to court records from the police investigation.

Other messages allegedly between the mother and daughter show a callous disregard for the unborn baby’s life even though the child already was basically fully formed and capable of surviving outside the womb. According to police, Celeste Burgess told her mother that she “can’t wait to get the ‘thing’ out of her body” and she was looking forward to wearing jeans again.

Though not surprising, the defense of and outpouring of support for the jailed teen from pro-abortion activists was deeply disturbing:

Ghouls. All of them.

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The media never fails to amplify the false narrative of the left. How many does that make just this month? From the “benefits of slavery” in Florida to banning water breaks in Texas, all the left does is lie.

“Nebraska teen is not going to jail for having an abortion”

Nor are any number of Chicago teens going to jail for shooting other teens over the weekend.

Dishonest people and ideologues often misrepresent the facts. If that isn’t possible b/c the facts are strait forward or uncontested they ignore or minimize some of the facts to alter the narrative. When that won’t work they try to impugn the motives of those involved or seek to project their own bias. The dishonest have many methods they use to twist the facts or dissenting but honest opinions about the facts into a perversion of the truth. Habitual liars are very well practiced at deceit.

2smartforlibs | July 29, 2023 at 3:56 pm

Prefect example of the Propaganda machine giving you a story, not the story.

A viable baby got 29 weeks to live. The minimum the girl should have gotten is 29 weeks, to think about it – the mother, the full 5 years.

    Peabody in reply to jb4. | July 29, 2023 at 7:27 pm

    Marines coming ashore at Iwo Jima had a better chance of survival than babies coming out of their mother’s womb.

E Howard Hunt | July 29, 2023 at 6:57 pm

Too bad she wasn’t sentenced for murder.