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NYT Says Nebraska is Punishing Teen for Abortion but She Pled Guilty to Abandoning a Dead Body

NYT Says Nebraska is Punishing Teen for Abortion but She Pled Guilty to Abandoning a Dead Body

The crime happened before the Dobbs decision, too. Facts are hard for abortion advocates.

The New York Times‘ abortion advocacy is shining through with its headline about a Nebraska teenager who pled guilty to concealing or abandoning a dead body.

There is so much wrong with the NYT and other publications with this story.

Here’s the thing. Celeste Burgess, 18, wasn’t found guilty of an illegal abortion (emphasis mine):

A Nebraska woman pleaded guilty Monday to burning and concealing a fetus after she took medication to end her pregnancy, while prosecutors move forward with a criminal case accusing her mother of illegally helping with the abortion.

Prosecutors said Celeste Burgess gave birth to the stillborn fetus about 29 weeks and five days into her pregnancy. She was 17 at the time, but prosecutors charged her as an adult.

Burgess, now 18, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of concealing or abandoning a dead body and prosecutors dropped two misdemeanor charges. The fetus was found buried in a field north of Norfolk in northeast Nebraska.

Also, Celeste’s abortion would have been illegal before the Dobbs decision, mainly because the crime happened BEFORE the Dobbs decision.

The crime happened in the spring of 2022. We didn’t even know about Alito’s opinion until May 2022. The decision came out in June 2022.

Nebraska made it a felony for doctors to perform abortions after 20 weeks.

That was BEFORE Dobbs.

After Dobbs, Nebraska made abortion illegal after 12 weeks.

Celeste’s mother, Jessica, pleaded guilty to “providing an illegal abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, false reporting and tampering with human skeletal remains.”

Disgusting behavior. The documents say that Celeste told her mother, “I will finally be able to wear jeans.”


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Dolce Far Niente | July 21, 2023 at 1:06 pm

At 7 months of life, even the most cold-hearted abortionist like this girl and her mother would look at that tiny corpse and see a baby.

chrisboltssr | July 21, 2023 at 1:16 pm

It’d be great if more women were prosecuted as the murderers they are for killing their own children. That would stem the tide of abortions happening in this country.

    Mary Chastain in reply to chrisboltssr. | July 21, 2023 at 1:53 pm

    Yes, the mother and child got off WAY too easy! Murder. Flat-out murder.

    gonzotx in reply to chrisboltssr. | July 21, 2023 at 4:31 pm

    And fathers

    Many young girls fall prey to psyops from men who tell them they must abort or they will leave them

    It’s a sad truth that so many are fearful and have no compass in life and are easily led

    A society without God is where the lives of babies are heaped upon to be cut up amd sold for organs or cells

    Just ask planned parenthood…

      CommoChief in reply to gonzotx. | July 21, 2023 at 6:28 pm

      Some young women do fall for the psyops of men. Usually this occurs when they choose to chase after or be caught by the flashy/sexy bad boys who these sorts of women seem to prefer to solidly average, but stable, nice guys.

      Even before that happens these same young women fell for the psyops of feminism which told them they could engage in sexual activity in a carefree manner and ignore the potential for the far heavier burden that biology imposes for women; an unwanted pregnancy. Whatever else a ‘bad boy/eff-boy’ may do one thing they never do is become pregnant.

        gonzotx in reply to CommoChief. | July 22, 2023 at 12:47 am

        But they can sure impregnate a lot of naive girls

          CommoChief in reply to gonzotx. | July 22, 2023 at 8:15 am

          Bad boys can and do. One answer would be for the young women to emphasize dating with the intention of marriage, meaning date people who are marriage minded not hook up culture minded.

          Heard a stat last week on some podcast from a survey about college age women and dating/relationships; the average college age young woman has 3 separate sexual partners per year while in college. Some far more.

          That’s 12 before graduation plus whatever count they racked up in HS. Many of these young women, not girls, don’t seem naive so much as behaving like men of past generations in terms of sexual activity.

          These young women, those 18+ anyway, are not children. They make the deliberate decision to engage in this libertine lifestyle. They don’t involve their Parents in selection of suitors. The advent of mostly effective birth control kicked off the idea that women could be just a carefree about sex as men. That’s not true, women face a much higher potential consequence. 3rd wave feminism has much to answer for.

“Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.” ~ Voltaire

2smartforlibs | July 21, 2023 at 1:40 pm

The Aperachik Press only tells a story never the story.

Amazing attempt at deflection by the NYT; ‘Hey everybody, this a story about abortion’. Not. Sure there was an abortion conducted but the charges are related to concealing/abandoned human remains, which the Mother and Daughter pled to.

Another example of how some choose to see and hear only what they want to see and hear. Then the selectively deaf and blind try to convince the rest of us that we saw and heard the same thing. All b/c these arrogant, self righteous hacks refuse to admit to the truth. More and more people have caught on to their ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ framing and are refusing to play along anymore.

I wonder (since their reasoning skills appear to be inadequate) if they thought the pro-abort activists would ride in to their defense? Enough to get their sentences reduced to nothing. (I don’t think the NYT story will be adequate to that… in Nebraska.)

    Lucifer Morningstar in reply to GWB. | July 21, 2023 at 4:01 pm

    Celeste Burgess copped a plea deal to one count of removing/concealing/abandoning a dead human body and the whole issue of her getting an abortion past the 20 week limit in Nebraska was ignored. She is going to jail for what she did to her child after her chemical abortion and not for the abortion itself.

    And Jessica Burgess, her Mother, also took a plea deal, where she pleaded guilty to three charges: Removing, concealing or abandoning a dead body, performing an abortion at 20 weeks and false reporting.

Who is the victim here? The one who was killed or the one who did the killing?

It appears to me that the NY Times is attempting to pull the heart strings for the killer rather than the innocent baby who was killed.

What a terrible world we live in that a mother would do this to her grandchildren

Half-truth is about 50% better than NYT usually does. It is showing real improvement.