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Financial Reality Week in Education

Financial Reality Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

Higher education is on a collision course with financial reality. Compare these two stories.

There is much more of this to come.

This is not the solution.

Why is this happening? It’s a real mystery.

The left won’t even allow debate.

Biden is making things worse.

This issue must also be addressed.


Didn’t we just go through this at another school?


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A financial reckoning is coming to higher education for sure. There is a demographic decline in simple numbers of this and future generations available to even apply to college. Then look at HS graduation rates and rates of student performance at grade level, both are scary.

Add in the way too high price for a college degree leading many students into massive debt. Then consider the ideological indoctrination v pursuit of academic inquiry going on at many campuses. The normal, everyday taxpayer looks at this and wonders why a college needs a dozen administrators for DEI and numerous courses and degrees that end in ‘studies’. Support for public finance of higher ed is waning.

I love learning. I have interests in political theory, law, languages, theology, history, anthropology, etc. Yet, as i survey what is happening to higher education, I wonder if the current model of tertiary education is worthwhile for anything other than the STEM disciplines. A young man today is probably better advised to learn a skilled trade, plus some computer know-how.

    CommoChief in reply to Kepha H. | April 16, 2023 at 9:37 am

    Honestly the meat of a classic 2yr liberal arts + trade and some business classes on the practical mechanics of running a business would be ideal for the majority.