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College Republicans at Vanderbilt U. Protested for Hosting Debate on Gender Transitioning

College Republicans at Vanderbilt U. Protested for Hosting Debate on Gender Transitioning

“[It’s] potentially opening up the space for bigotry”

The left does not want to debate issues. They want anyone who disagrees with them to be silenced.

FOX News reports:

Vanderbilt Republicans attacked for hosting a debate on gender transition for minors: A ‘space for bigotry’

Left-wing students protested the existence of a debate on the legality of transgender procedures for minors, claiming such a discussion could be offensive to the LGBTQ community.

Vanderbilt University’s College Republicans (VCR) hosted the debate on April 4, taking up the issue of a Tennessee bill which effectively prohibits healthcare providers from administering gender transition procedures to individuals under the age of 18. The contentious bill, signed by Gov. Bill Lee, R., on March 2, takes effect on July 1.

Chandler Quaile, a junior at the university who also serves as the community relations director of the LGBTQ awareness group Vanderbilt Lambda Association, was among those upset about the debate being held.

Quaile used a megaphone to protest before the debate began, arguing it was offensive to the transgender community and “the audience was complicit in the spreading of hatred,” according to The Vanderbilt Hustler. He was later escorted out of the building by a campus police officer.

In the weeks leading up to the debate, several other students and organizations spoke out against it.

“[It’s] potentially opening up the space for bigotry,” Kendelle Grubbs, a junior at Vanderbilt, alleged of the VCR-hosted discussion during a student government elections debate in March, The Hustler reported.

Shane Mumma, president of Vanderbilt College Republicans, had a different take on the topic.

“I don’t think it’s productive to denounce debates,” he said, according to The Hustler. “I think debates like this are very important on college campuses, especially a school like Vanderbilt, where we value free speech so much.”


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Chandler Quaile should be made to work as a dishwasher.