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Threats to National Security Week at Legal Insurrection

Threats to National Security Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

It’s difficult to imagine something like this happening on Trump’s watch.

Just unreal.

There’s more than one?

What’s happening on our borders is the other big threat.

This is what we get for letting people in?

Interesting things are happening in the House.

That’s nice.

You don’t say.

This is not good.

Compare and contrast.

So this is still happening.

2024 news.

This is getting absurd.

The left is still not over this.


What’s going on here?

Fifteen days to slow the spread.

World news.

Sounds like science fiction.

They just can’t get over him.


What could go wrong?


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The main threat to national security is Joe Biden.

“President Biden, when did you give the order to shoot down the balloon?”

“Hell, I didn’t give no order. I wanted to take a ride on it with Cornpop and they shot the damn thing down.”

The Chinese balloon experiment was a tremendous success. China wanted to determine how long it would take the Biden Administration to make a decision, respond and what kind of response it would be. They found out everything they wanted to know.

Before this gains traction among our Never Trumpers, the reports that Chinese balloons flew across America under Trump have been exposed to be lies pushed by the WH. Two former Trump DNIs Richard Grenell and John Ratcliffe are denying the lies:

It never ever stops. Of course, this is the “baggage” that our Never Trumpers insist disqualifies him for running again.

    You may find it helpful to look up the definition of “straw man” and avoid making such arguments. They don’t help you in any way.

      I disagree. Your “baggage” is a straw man argument too. You need to take a few steps back and see the big picture. Tossing Trump off of the boat so easily to chase yet another unproven shiny object. Trump has proven his mettle and doesn’t need to change. The best president in our lifetimes and that isn’t just me but Mark Levin. What exactly do you people want? Let Trump finish what he started! He is the ONLY ONE who has the means, drive and to do it. He rescued us from Hillary and is now trying to rescue us from the Deep State and Uniparty. And now you are trying to convince us that a RNC and their globalist billionaires and Club for Growth-backed governor is the smart choice?

      This is our last chance. How stupid are we anyway? How many times do we have to make the same mistakes? Most of America is waking up to this now. They may not be “conservatives” but they are patriotic Americans who finally grasp how close we are to being a dictatorship. So when are the “conservatives” going to wake up? Your visions of a purely conservative America will never happen. We can sort out those petty differences after we win the big war. Trump is fighting the big war and practically by himself.

      It’s like I’ve been saying for many years, the only way we will ever defeat the Democrats is to first defeat the GOPe. THAT is what DeSantis is standing in the way of. If he is NOT a RNC stooge, he needs to make that clear very soon. Start with explaining the money. Does that help you understand the money part?

      DeSantis’ arms-length relationship to his campaign money is only adding to the suspicion and it’s only going to get worse. You know Trump doesn’t bluff when he goes after his opponents. At some point, he is going to drop a hammer of truth. But it would be so much better for everyone were DeSantis to clear the air and just endorse Trump and be part of a historic victory. That would clear the decks of all of these GOPe retreads and Deep State losers.

        Phil, you specifically set up a straw man argument (that people who do not support Trump this time around will jump on the questionable “reports” that CCP spy balloons did the same thing under Trump; no one here did that, and I know for a fact no authors here even pitched it as a topic). You can ramble on all you want (when did I ever mention Trump’s “baggage”? Most bizarre.), but that’s what you did, and it’s not helpful to your case (whatever that might be).

        (To be honest, I didn’t read past the first few sentences of this comment–couldn’t even finish the first paragraph, so if you back off that later, my apologies in advance, I just find your long screeds unreadable these days. I miss the old Phil.)

Good day everyone. Since I don’t watch much news I can’t say for sure but reading the comments, articles and radio talk on this balloon, I haven’t heard/read someone mention the potential for an EMP attack. Worst case scenario that “should” have triggered a response within seconds of crossing into “our” airspace. No threat, said military spokesman? I would say absolutely unbelievable, but in these times we live in that phrase is unusable anymore. Unbelievable, sorry that just slipped out.

GP: “Now the US military is concerned they may not reach the balloon wreckage before China can. The balloon was shot down 6 miles off the coast of Carolina.”

Clown World just can’t stop turning.

Maybe the Pentagon didn’t want to shoot it down over land because the balloon’s payload could have a nuclear power source or an RTG?