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Iran Threatens Israel With ‘Revenge’ as Satellite Images Show Damage to Iranian Military Site Hit by Drone Strike

Iran Threatens Israel With ‘Revenge’ as Satellite Images Show Damage to Iranian Military Site Hit by Drone Strike

“An AP analysis of the image, compared to earlier images of the workshop, showed damage to the structure’s roof.”

While the Iranian regime continues to downplay the damage caused by the latest drone attack in the heart of its military and nuclear infrastructure, more details emerge on the strike in central Iranian province of Isfahan—home to several key facilities linked to regime’s secret nuclear weapons program.

The satellite images examined by the Associated Press on Friday show that the facility, described by the Iranian authorities as a military factory, suffered damage on the roof. The building was constructed with a reinforced “cage armor,” apparently to protect it from explosive drones, the AP noted. The constructing of the compound suggests that the site was of vital importance to the Iranian military and they anticipated a drone or an aerial strike.

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal claimed Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad carried out the strike on what the WSJ described as “a weapons-production facility.”

“The operation early Sunday morning was executed by Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, and targeted a Ministry of Defense site in Isfahan in central Iran, hitting a building in four different areas with precision strikes, the people said,” the WSJ reported Monday.

Meanwhile, Iran issued threats to Israel, vowing to take ‘revenge’ for hitting its military facility deep inside its territory. “Iran blamed Israel for a drone attack on a military factory near the central city of Isfahan, the semi-official ISNA news agency said on Thursday, vowing revenge for what appeared to be the latest episode in a long-running covert war,” the news agency Reuters reported.

Satellite Images Show Damage to the Military Site

The Associated Press evaluated the satellite images:

Satellite photos analyzed by The Associated Press on Friday showed damage done to what Iran describes as a military workshop targeted by Israeli drones, the latest such assault amid a shadow war between the two countries. (,..)

Cloudy weather had prevented satellite pictures of the site of the workshop since it came under attack by what Iran described as bomb-carrying quadcopters on the night of Jan. 28. Quadcopters, which get their name from having four rotors, typically operate from short ranges by remote control.

Video taken of the attack showed an explosion at the site after anti-aircraft fire targeted the drones, likely from one of the drones reaching the building’s roof. Iran’s military has claimed shooting down two other drones before they reached the site.

Images taken Thursday by Planet Labs PBC showed the workshop in Isfahan, a central Iranian city some 350 kilometers (215 miles) south of Tehran. An AP analysis of the image, compared to earlier images of the workshop, showed damage to the structure’s roof. That damage corresponded to footage aired by Iranian state television immediately after the attack that showed at least two holes in the building’s roof.

The Iranian state TV footage, as well as satellite photos, suggest the building’s roof also may have been built with so-called “slat armor.” The structure resembles a cage built around roofs or armored vehicles to stop direct detonation from rockets, missiles or bomb-carrying drones against a target.

Installation of such protection at the workshop suggests Iran believed it could be a drone target.

PM Netanyahu Vows to Target Iran’s Nuke and Advanced Weapons Programs

While President Joe Biden’s administration has resigned to the fact that Iran will soon acquire a nuke, Israel appears determined to derail Iran’s rogue nuclear program.

In a recently surfaced video, President Biden could be heard saying that the Iran nuclear deal “is dead” and the Iranian regime eventually “will have a nuclear weapon.” The White House did not walk back the president’s shocking admission, The New York Post reported in late December.

Unlike the Biden White House, Israel’s newly-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks committed to stopping the genocidal Mullah regime—which is currently slaughtering its own people and repeatedly threatens to destroy the Jewish State—from going nuclear.

In an interview with CNN aired on Wednesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu asserted his government’s commitment to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power or developing new and deadly weapons technologies, including the attack drones.

The strike could also have been aimed at Iran’s advancing drone program, the Israeli prime minister’s remarks suggested.

“We are attacking not only Iran’s nuclear program – trying to thwart it – but also taking action against certain weapons development that Iran has and, Iran invariably exports them,” Netanyahu told CNN.

The targeted “site was a weapons production facility for Iran’s killer Shahed-136 drones,” Israel’s Channel 12 news reported. Iran-made Shahed-136 kamikaze drones have been widely deployed by Russa in its war against Ukraine.

In keeping with long-held tradition, the Israeli leader did not comment on his country’s role in targeting potential threats abroad. “I never talk about specific operations . . . . and every time some explosion takes place in the Middle East, Israel is blamed or given responsibility. Sometimes we are, sometimes we’re not,” he concluded.


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Uh-oh. Now Iran is really mad. That must mean the fanatics plan to kill Israel multiple times instead of once or twice (along with the planned genocide).

I hope that Iran doesn’t do anything to jeopardize the status it enjoys as foremost among peace-loving nations, with altruistic motives towards all peoples. That would be a real shame.

Were those pictures taken by one of the numerous Chinese “weather balloons” meandering about?

“Mossad carried out the strike on what the WSJ described as “a weapons-production facility.”

Glad to hear we’re not taking out baby formula factories anymore. If Brandon hangs around much longer, we’re going to need them.

BierceAmbrose | February 6, 2023 at 2:49 pm

Realpolitic note to the Mullahs: It yr already doing to them everything you’re willing to, your threats don’t mean much.