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Report: Buttigieg Will Visit Ohio Train Disaster Site on Thursday

Report: Buttigieg Will Visit Ohio Train Disaster Site on Thursday

20 days after the train derailed and spilled dangerous chemicals.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will visit East Palestine, OH, on Thursday, according to Politico, which cited “a person familiar with his plans.”

A train derailed in East Palestine on February 3rd, spilling four dangerous and toxic chemicals.

It took ten days for Buttigieg to acknowledge the disaster. During that time, Buttigieg complained about too many white people working in construction. He also condemned the shooting at Michigan State University.

Now it’s taking Buttigieg 20 days to visit the site. The National Transportation Safety Board will provide Buttigieg with updates “on its probe, which could take as long as 18 months to complete.” He’ll talk with other Department of Transportation officials.

Politico mentioned it’s rare for the transportation secretary to visit a train derailment site without any fatalities.

But this train derailment makes sense because of the national attention and because it might be one of the worst environmental disasters in America:

“The secretary is going now that the EPA has said it is moving out of the emergency response phase and transitioning to the long-term remediation phase,” the person familiar with Buttigieg’s thinking told POLITICO.

Buttigieg said he would visit the site “when the time is right.”

At least EPA Administrator Michael Regan has visited East Palestine twice. He consumed a glass of tap water to show the residents that the water was safe to drink.

East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway described President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine as “the biggest slap in the face.” He said it’s proof “he doesn’t care about us.”

Conaway fumed: “He can send every agency he wants to, but I found out this morning that he was in Ukraine giving millions of dollars away to people over there and not to us … on Presidents Day in our country, so I’m furious.”


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The prime example of how little value formal education can be.

Would that have anything to do with Trump being there Wednesday?

Buttigieg’s only qualification as transportation secretary is that he has been rear ended multiple times.

I know its an old joke – just pointing out his actual qualifications are zero

He’ll either cancel or cut the trip short because of the cold weather sweeping across the area tomorrow.

He damsure won’t be meeting with any of the affected people

Personally, I believe it is BETTER if Buttigieg stays well away from East Palestine, and the crisis overall. We are much better off when the Leftists and/or incompetents are on vacation than when they are “working”.

The same is true for our first Chinese president. We are better off when he is snoozing in Delaware than when he is “on the job” signing executive orders and embarrassing the country.

I imagine Butthead’s visit to East Palestine will run the same script / advance team as Biden’s trip to the border.

Do you suppose like Biden claimed Pete will see Ukrainian flags hanging from every home and window?

Will that give Petey enough “personal time” before he does his empty suit shtick in Ohio?

Mayor Butt-boy made that interview all about himself and his superior intellect. Harvard grad and all.

Such an authoritative and totalitarian style. Tucker is right when he says, (…if anyone in Biden’s Cabinet should lose his job, it is that guy.”

So he can lecture the residents about how RACIST they are?? Seriously, too little, too late. If not for Trump, he would not be going. What a joke he and this administration are.

Wouldn’t it be great if the mayor of Palestine didn’t show up?

Trump drew a pretty decent crowd today.

Bought McDonald’s for all first responders

Like there isn’t a big enough toxic contamination problem in Palestine already. Now Butt Edge Edge has to drop by and toss his weapons-grade balonium to the mix.

Pete will be there…to make sure there are an adequate number of minorities, gays, communists and left handed albinos among the clean up teams.

How long did that “emergency response” take to happen? Was Butt. waiting for it all that time, or could he have slipped in for a visit ahead of it, I’m sure he really wanted to visit ASAP after all

No Pete, you didn’t give a crap, or else for “equity” reasons you wanted to bring that community down to the level of those of “marginalized” groups you prefer.

Probably looking for small children to molest. What a creep.

I don’t fault him for not running there immediately for a photo op like other politicians as that does nothing for anyone. I dislike that nonsense. He should have come out with a statement right after the derailment saying that, though, and that he would visit after the situation had calmed down so as to not take away from the efforts of all the people working on the disaster and pledging full support in the meantime. He didn’t.
The guy is an incompetent fool and let’s face it, if he wasn’t gay and parading his “husband” around DC at every opportunity to show how diverse the Biden Administration was with another First he would never be there.

Trump proved that Democrats only care about the vote and the byline in media that DC showed up to help.

It doesn’t matter the people who have lost and continue to lose farm animals as mentioned by PA Doug Mastriano.

Let’s blame Trump for not showing up earlier to get Buttigieg to leave chestfeeding and at least feign action.

Funny how Trump shows up and suddenly everyone want’s to be there who should have been there a couple of weeks ago. The Mayor of Palestine is right to be mad. Biden is jetting off to Ukraine and showering them with money and ignoring Ohio because they didn’t vote for him. Pure and simple “screw you MAGA Red State”