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Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud Week in Education

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

People on the left have been letting the mask slip, lately.

The left refuses to even hear the opposition.

More police on campus?

Who is listening?

Good for her.

Forced speech?

So edgy and brave.


Who is this helping?


The cause is a real mystery.


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This will eventually come to a head. A very very bad one.

This morning, I read this over at Insty: Students of color allowed ‘safe space’ without white males at Pomona College

I’m confident they’ll hang out a ‘Colored Only’ sign.

I remember ‘white’ ‘colored’ bathrooms, water fountains, and even entrances to public buildings. Lester Maddox, G. Wallace, Orval Faubus etal would be dumb founded by all this if they came back alive.