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Mike LaChance’s Top 10 Posts of 2022

Mike LaChance’s Top 10 Posts of 2022

What a wild year.

As 2022 comes to a close, it’s a good time to look back at the past year and remember some of the big stories.

Here’s my top 10 stories list based on how they impacted me and our readers.

The list is chronological, from oldest to newest.

This one made me laugh.

1. Alabama Gas Station Manager Says He Removes Five Or Six Biden ‘I Did That’ Stickers From Gas Pumps Each Day

Remember how quickly this folded?

2. Twitter Mockery of the Downfall of CNN+ is Comedy Gold

I still laugh at this video. Classic.

3. VIDEO: Beavis and Butthead Learn About White Privilege

And no one has missed her.

4. ‘Full Frontal’ With Samantha Bee Gets Canceled by TBS

This was long before the TwitterFiles.

5. Victor Davis Hanson on Mar-a-Lago Raid: “I never thought I would say this… The FBI is beyond redemption”

Did he call it, or what?

6. Tucker Carlson Sounds the Alarm About Republicans Blowing the Midterms

Never forget how the media ignored this.

7. Man Admits Running Down and Killing Teenager, Claiming He Was a ‘Republican Extremist’

It’s important to remember history.

8. And Now… A Thanksgiving Day Lesson About Why Socialism Doesn’t Work

After this story, I watched dozens of YouTube videos about this breed.

9. Brave Guard Dog Fights and Kills Eight Coyotes to Defend Flock of Sheep

This was gratifying.

10. ‘Welcome Back’ Trends as Twitter Restores James O’Keefe and Dozens of Other Banned Accounts

We all owe Tucker for this.

Honorable Mention – Tucker Carlson Apparently One of the Main Reasons Chris Wallace Left FOX News

And now on to 2023!


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“Tucker Carlson Apparently One of the Main Reasons Chris Wallace Left FOX News”

Anybody here shedding any tears over Baba Wawa?
I already spent mine on Gilda Radner, who deserved them more.

A two year-old Great Pyrenees named ‘Casper’

I kept wondering, your watching your dog take on EIGHT coyotes and you don’t have a gun?

What an idiot

A two year old Gp isn’t even full grown.

The rescue zoo in Austin, use to have 2 of them
That roamed at night, they were in the country outside the city, took care of business

Barbra Walters gave us the view

For that she is not forgiven… ever

Without Tucker, Fox would not be solvent

It was an easy decision

” Wallace will now host a show on CNN’s new streaming service CNN+ ”


i keep waiting for you to start your own college.

Outside the U.S.


Where merit and high test scores are valued.

Where silly unproven Theories are treated as such.

Perhaps on an English-speaking island in the Caribbean.

Maybe you have the $$$$ or you know some folks who do.

– – –

In the meantime,thank you for your good work in 2022.

Two thumbs up! Thanks Mike!

Such good stuff, Mike! I think my favorite is the one on CNN+ . . . though the FBI is beyond redemption. 😛