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Progressives Can’t Handle Debate Week in Education

Progressives Can’t Handle Debate Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

There seems to be a trend of progressive students staging walkouts when faced with arguments they don’t like.

Sometimes, opposition prompts violent threats.

Or completely insane behavior.

Here’s another ugly trend in higher education.

Some words are too triggering, even in context.

There are consequences.

So this happened, if you can believe it.

So true.

The nonsense never ends.

Beyond parody.


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“I have found from many observations that our liberals are incapable of allowing anyone to have his own convictions and immediately answer their opponent with abuse or something worse.”

—Dostoyevsky, The Idiot

The aim of every liberal policy / action seems to be instilling insecurity and fear which establishes them as arbiters of all things.

Progressives can’t handle debate? I suppose it’s because they haven’t progressed enough. If fact, since their inception, it appears they haven’t progressed at all.

The monotony of being liberal.

Gutless and brainless is no way to go through life, son…