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ABC’s Jonathan Karl: Isn’t Name Of Inflation Reduction Act “Almost Orwellian” Since It’s “Not Gonna Bring Inflation Down?”

ABC’s Jonathan Karl: Isn’t Name Of Inflation Reduction Act “Almost Orwellian” Since It’s “Not Gonna Bring Inflation Down?”

Random act of Journalism in questioning White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: “Isn’t it almost Orwellian? How can you call it the Inflation Reduction Act when the nonpartisan experts say it’s not gonna bring inflation down?”

Yes, we live in a time when it is actually post-worthy when a legacy “journalist” does actual journalism.  This is mainly due to their actual role as Democrat propagandists and apologists.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl is incredibly biased and wears his ideology on his sleeve, though apparently he’s the only one who doesn’t see it.

Yet even Karl has some remnant of an inkling of what actual journalism is supposed to be and do, and that last vestige of his journalistic instinct raised its head on Sunday.

The Manchin-Schumer middle-class tax hike, IRS expansion, and green boondoggle bill will do absolutely nothing to decrease inflation and is likely to make it worse while burdening the working and middle classes with IRS harassment in the name of filling the nation’s coffers for more boondoggles and an endless list of wasteful spending.

CBS News reports:

The Inflation Reduction Act is aimed at tackling a host of problems, from climate change to catching tax cheats, but there’s one issue it may not solve: reducing inflation.

That’s the conclusion of the Penn Wharton Budget Model, a group of economists and data scientists at University of Pennsylvania who analyze public policies to predict their economic and fiscal impacts. Its analysis, published Friday, comes as inflation remains near a 40-year high, crimping the budgets of consumers and businesses alike.

The Inflation Reduction Act would invest nearly $400 billion in energy security and climate change proposals, aimed at reducing carbon emissions by approximately 40% by 2030. It also would allow Medicare to negotiate with drugmakers on prescription prices, and would limit out-of-pocket drug expenses for seniors to $2,000 annually. The bill also directs $80 billion in funding to the IRS, aimed at helping the underfunded agency hire more auditors and beef up its customer service and technology.

. . . . The Penn Wharton Budget Model isn’t alone in predicting that the Inflation Reduction Act won’t measurably affect inflation, with the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluding last week that the changes would have a “negligible” impact on inflation this year and next. However, the CBO expects the bill to help lower inflation in later years.

. . . . In theory, lower deficits can reduce inflation. That’s because lower government spending and higher taxes, which help shrink the deficit, both reduce demand in the economy, thereby easing pressure on companies to raise prices.

Karl acted almost like a journalist here . . . the act’s name is definitely Orwellian, not “almost Orwellian.”


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Wasting $750 billion of deficit spending will without doubt make inflation worse.

More printed money to feed the trough of the well connected and the favored alongside a hugely expanded IRS to collect more tithes for Capital City to dispense to their friends and supporters.

Rare footage of a professional journalist committing journalism.

Of COURSE it will bring inflation DOWN! (/sarc)

Why, all you need is control over the keepers of the books and order them to get cooking. As proof that figures don’t lie but liars sure can figure – inflation was just claimed to be 0% for the month. And here we are 2-1/2 months out from the election and gas prices are going down down down.

“Told you it was transitory”.

“Biden policies are turning the economy around and we’re on the threshold of the greatest comeback ever!”

And when the numbers are improved – through the accounting equivalent of the hockey-stick climate graph – they’ll tout the inflation reduction act.

Sadly, some will believe it and vote for more of the same.

    DSHornet in reply to MrE. | August 14, 2022 at 11:03 pm

    And calling their attention to the obvious timing of reduced gasoline prices, their response will be the usual braindead deer-in-the-headlights look. And nobody will “notice” that diesel fuel prices aren’t tracking lower with gasoline prices.

    I swear, if you give some people a piece of paper with 2+2 on it and ask for the answer, they’ll just sit there sweating. Duuhhh …

      henrybowman in reply to DSHornet. | August 14, 2022 at 11:43 pm

      “Not… in this context. I’m not an accountant.”

      Dimsdale in reply to DSHornet. | August 15, 2022 at 9:12 am

      And home heating oil is a nightmare right now, nearly as much as Diesel, even though the heating oil is allegedly taxed lower.

      Don’t worry: I will be burning lots of smoky wood this winter!!

In later years, it will be a place to take and find more money to rob from the Treasury so no it will not reduce inflation.

Naming it the “Inflation Reduction Act” is like labeling a can of gasoline “Fire Extinguisher”.

The lie is the POINT.

E Howard Hunt | August 15, 2022 at 8:30 am

Karine responded that it can’t be Orwellian because there is no funding for a Martian invasion.

Perhaps “Carpet” Karine could define the word “fair,” and we could all go from there.

I am sure that word does not mean what she thinks it means…

Man is that term “Orwellian” getting beaten to death. If there is one thing reporters are all guilty of, it’s banality. There is always a short list of popular words that everyone has to get into there reporting. It used to be “quintessential” or “exquisite” or some other word that makes them sound erudite.

That is why AI is gaining traction fast. It’s not replacing anything essential.