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Psaki Won’t Apologize for Lying About Border Patrol Agents ‘Whipping’ Haitian Migrants

Psaki Won’t Apologize for Lying About Border Patrol Agents ‘Whipping’ Haitian Migrants

The narrative has been debunked numerous times and the agents won’t face criminal charges.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki won’t apologize for falsely claiming border patrol agents whipped Haitian migrants at the border in September 2021.

The Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Personal Responsibility (ORP) finished its probe into the alleged whippings. The office has not released the report.

The agents will not face any criminal charges. But if the office found they broke policies they could lose their jobs.

Fox News correspondent asked Psaki if she or Biden will apologize for their comments:

DOOCY: We’ve been told that the mounted border patrol officers the president accused of whipping migrants have been notified they will not face criminal charges. So, when is the president going to apologize to them?

PSAKI: There is a process and an investigation that’s gone to the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t have any update on that.

DOOCY: The president said that they were whipping people, which would be a criminal offense, and they’ve been told they’re not gonna be criminally charged.

PSAKI: And there was an investigation into that and I’ll let the Department of Homeland Security announce any conclusion of that investigation.

DOOCY: You accused these officers of “brutal and inappropriate measures.” Now that they’ve been told they will not be criminally charged, will you apologize to them?

PSAKI: And Peter, there was an investigation into their behavior. So, that investigation is playing out. Whenever it’s going to be announced, the Department of Homeland Security will announce that and I’m sure we’ll have a comment on it after that.


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He needs to call what she is

A liar

Great, now let’s have an investigation into the grifting retard and his crack addled spy-fucking dotard son.

    henrybowman in reply to Paul. | April 19, 2022 at 12:44 am

    Sisters-in-law, surely.
    Grammar-school nieces? Quite possibly.
    Spies? Are you perhaps thinking of a different famous Democrat?

      I’m pretty sure the young Chinese ladies seen cavorting with Hunter in the laptop videos were employed by the Chicomm intelligence services. It was likely all part of a blackmail operation.

Real Bitches don’t apologize. Don’t expect them to.

Still taking everything but the blame, since 1851.

Never explain, never apologize. All lies followed by gibberish.

I am sure they knew from the outset that there was no whipping. Per Harry Reid, the lie worked and they were successful. It helped turn public opinion against the border patrol and for the illegal aliens. They will never apologize for a successful political ploy.

What is the point of these press conferences? I cannot bear to watch her.
They may as well have an AI on a screen… certainly she is not human.

If she started apologizing for lies she would never get finished.

Typical Dumb-o-crat apparatchik callousness, arrogance, narcissism and smugness. These idiots flippantly and gleefully slander people when it suits their political interests and advances a narrative, no matter how manifestly false their demagoguery, or, how destructive and harmful it is to the victims.

In this case, the narrative to be advanced was that our allegedly evil, racist and sadistic Border Patrol agents were whipping illegal aliens — the aliens representing the perennial, alleged “victims” in the Dumb-o-crat socioeconomic narrative — and the agents must be punished for their wickedness. And, when the entire episode is revealed to be utter bunk — as was obvious to any person possessing a scintilla of common sense and rationality, at the time the news story broke — the obnoxious Dumb-o-crats who peddled this slanderous rubbish can never even proffer a pro forma apology, because to do so would be to concede wrongful conduct, and, we know that the vile Dumb-o-crats never concede to being wrong, or, to acting wrongfully.

Make a list of things Psaki is willing to do and things she is not willing to do and see which one is longer.

It’s always interesting that the WH is more than willing to make pronouncements initially and attempt to create wedge issues in an emotional manner but when the facts turn against their initial propaganda message they won’t make any effort to walk back their initially inflated, misleading emotionally charged claims.

Another Voice | April 19, 2022 at 3:28 pm

She’ll be a perfect fit at MSNBC as she has shown herself to be ethically compromised,

To Quote the N.Y. Post Editorial Board,
” Her record is unmatched as a deft diver into deep denial and utter bull to defend the indefensible and deny reality — which is MSNBC’s purpose.”

“As for Psaki, she’ll no doubt enjoy a new gig where no one ever asks her a difficult question.”


No repercussions. Forward!