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Biden’s DHS Pounces on Fake News, Temporarily Bans Border Patrol From Using Horses

Biden’s DHS Pounces on Fake News, Temporarily Bans Border Patrol From Using Horses

This administration is appalling and embarrassing.

The border patrol can no longer use horses because of fake news. It’s nice to know that Biden’s administration listens to fake news to set policy.

The leftists and liberal media claimed the border patrol agents on horses whipped Haitian migrants.

Everyone easily debunked their hogwash. Anyone with a little common sense knows the border patrol did not have whips. Even this city girl knows how to use the reins on a horse.

Did anyone listen? No, because it deflects from Biden’s border crisis.

The DHS immediately pounced on the fake news, criticized their agents, and put on a show for the elites, who are the only ones who believe the idiocy coming out of their mouths:

“We have ceased the use of the horse patrol in Del Rio temporarily. We’ll prioritize other methods for identifying individuals who might be in medical distress,” the DHS official said.

The official also told reporters Thursday that the department did not have intelligence to suggest there would be a surge of migrants flowing into the sector as has been seen over the last week. As of Thursday, thousands of migrants are estimated to remain at the Del Rio bridge in a crowded makeshift encampment. They sleep in the dirt, surrounded by growing piles of garbage, exposed to the elements and without much food and water, in hopes of being processed by the overwhelmed US Border Patrol.

Administration officials have responded publicly to the widely shared footage of Border Patrol agents confronting Haitian immigrants.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has said he was “horrified” by the situation. Vice President Kamala Harris, who has been tasked with finding solutions to address root causes of migration, expressed horror at the images during a childcare event in DC on Tuesday. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that the White House was seeking more information on the “horrific” viral videos.

MORONS. The border patrol is already fed up with Biden and his cronies. Do they think this will help? Nope.


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“appalling and embarrassing” doesn’t say it: this is treason, and the end of our nation as we have known it.

The reason the Border Patrol can no longer use horses is because they took the asses off and sent them to work at the white house.

They only get away with this because the Dem-media propaganda complex allows it.

Reins are not whips. You cannot whip someone with a rein. But our self appointed High Priests of TRVTH….

1) were too ignorant and stupid to know this and
2) didn’t care because of the propaganda value was too good to pass up.

And evidently their ‘fact checkers’ are too busy still trying to cover up for Hunter’s laptop and explain away all the non-violent video the government was forced to release from the Jan 6 ‘insurrection’.

    tbonesays in reply to JHogan. | September 24, 2021 at 5:21 pm

    Trying to whip someone with the reigns would be like trying to strangle him with your shoelaces still on the shoes you’re wearing.

Mad Maxine and the others are dumb as dirt. TX will tip over if they don’t move people away from the border ASAP. /s

I live in Tx amd I’m just going crazy that our Gov Abbott is useless

No horses because horses were effective. The fake news is just a fake excuse. Understand the agenda. These people are evil. Stupid is irrelevant. The pattern is consistent.

No horses, huh? Time to release the crocodiles?

    Are you kidding? The Biden administration plans to use nurse maids and blankeys. And if any Haitians try to bite they will make them stand in the corner for time out.

Nobody in their right mind would think that a horseback rider could effectively use the reins as whips. I know. When I was a kid I had to ride down to the pasture each day and pry the cows loose from the trees they liked to hide under. If you try to hit them with the reins, it’s useless. You can’t get any power into it, and they can’t even feel it. You either take a long riding crop with you, or better yet, take your border collie.

The Border Patrol officers should stop working so hard. Their top brass and the White House don’t want them to be effective, so they should spend their time in the shade sipping iced tea and eating donuts. If Biden wanted them to be effective, he wouldn’t have canceled Trump’s wall.

That’s what the cops in Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. have all learned. If you go out and work hard at stopping gang-bangers from carrying guns, then you get called a “racist” and hurt your career. Just look at the stats for gang shootings in Chicago and Minneapolis. Shootings have gone through the roof because the cops know the only way to safely do their jobs is stop busting ass and start eating donuts.

Been calling this a load of crap since heard it, but a Leftist lie gets out fast and spread by the Democrats Propaganda Ministry to become fact and now official policy.

Horses work well for this task. Therefore, they must be forbidden.

The Border Patrol will switch to using 4×4 trucks, and I’m *positive* there will be at least one migrant run over and injured/killed where using horses would not have caused the same injury.

The press will, of course, try to blame Trump for the injury.

Too bad longhorn steers can’t be domesticated for riding and wrangling.

Might be a few bargains at the border right now for a guy with an empty trailer. But you’d have to shop well. Horses are like spouses — the cost of acquisition is practically negligible compared to the cost of maintenance.

    Tell me about it, my daughter the equestrian
    Healthy as a horse is absolutely BS

      drednicolson in reply to gonzotx. | September 23, 2021 at 9:03 pm

      Since they’ve been bred to run faster and jump higher, race and sport horses have less bone mass than horses in the wild, putting them at greater risk for fractures and other crippling injuries. Work horses are a bit hardier.

      Also have to watch what and how much you feed them, lest they develop an intestinal blockage from compacted grain and hay.

As border czarina, Harris is directly responsible for supplying the whips and how they were used.

(yeah, I know, there were no whips… but since we’re supposed to pretend there were, that’s what I’m going with)

These must have been high capacity, assault equines. Very unsafe in the wrong hands.

It just gets weirder every day. Who the hell is actually running this country? Is there any possibility of a return to normal outside of secession?

“Biden pounces” is a nice turn-of-phrase, but we all know President Rutabaga barely puts one foot in front of the other.

Let’s just mine the border and stop this invasion. “Mad King” Xiden is a horses ^ss, which is about as close as he’s ever been to one. Split reins are not “whips” although a few Blacksnake whips would have made a lasting impression on those invaders as they charged those riders. The LIEberal Enemy Media is the greatest threat to this nation’s sovereignty; right after this Commie DemoKKKRAT administration. How much longer are Real American Patriots going to tolerate this takeover, I wonder? Where are our real leaders in this crisis?,

The reason the Hatians are in such a frenzy to get across the border is that they are eligible for reparations and are anxious to get their CRT training so they can receive the equity that is due them. Meanwhile little white children have used their white privilege to live in houses and obtain food and clothing and this must be put to a stop immediately. They must turn everything they have over to the Hatians in order to restore equity and establish social justice.

Given Biden’s promise of consequences for the “whippings”, perhaps these 4-legged agents of White Supremacy should be turned into horsemeat. /s

As with the Covington student case, it would be nice if the riders could sue a bunch of people for defamation. They are not public figures and, in view of the pictures, the claims made would appear to be malicious.