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Biden Hosting Second Global Covid-19 Summit in Possible Bid to Stop Hemorrhaging Poll Numbers

Biden Hosting Second Global Covid-19 Summit in Possible Bid to Stop Hemorrhaging Poll Numbers

The only thing the summit is likely to achieve is another opportunity to embarrass himself on a national stage in front of the press.

As I noted in a previous post, Biden is hemorrhaging support, and the disaster for the Democrats this November may be “biblical” in its proportions.

In a move to stop the drop in poll numbers, Biden is turning to the issue of Covid response, where he had the most success early on in his term. The White House has now announced a second global COVID-19 summit in hopes of ending the pandemic response phase and preparing for future health threats.

The previous summit was hosted in September 2021. The upcoming global COVID-19 summit will be held virtually May 12.

The summit has the following goals:

  • Getting shots into arms
  • Deploying tests and treatments, especially for the highest-risk populations
  • Expanding and protecting the health workforce and minimizing disruptions to routine and essential health services
  • Enhancing access to medical countermeasures, including research and development and scaling and diversifying local and regional manufacturing
  • Generating sustainable financing for pandemic preparedness, health security, and health systems

It appears the main thrust of this summit will be pushing vaccinations on everyone….despite the fact the US Senate recently curtailed plans by the Biden administration to subsidize vaccines for other countries. It seems Republicans preferred American tax dollars be spent on Americans for available vaccines.

Still, the international bureaucrats persist.

Efforts to subsidize more global vaccinations stalled in the United States after lawmakers stripped $5 billion from a pandemic relief package that could come up for a Senate vote in the next few weeks.

When lawmakers announced an agreement earlier this month on the $10 billion coronavirus aid package, which is centered on domestic coronavirus testing, vaccination and treatment, they turned away a push from the Biden administration and from some members of Congress to reinforce the nation’s global Covid-19 commitments, which some public health experts said were already lacking. Republicans had demanded that any new aid be financed in part by repurposing previously approved but unspent Covid-19 relief.

That is likely to have broad consequences for efforts to eventually stamp out new variant-driven waves of the pandemic around the world, federal health officials have said. The Agency for International Development has warned that without more funds from Congress, the agency will probably have to curtail a new program to vaccinate more people in countries with low vaccine coverage.

Not only is Biden’s responses being challenged by the Senate, but the limited effectiveness of the covid vaccines as well as concerns about side effects are now causing Americans to question all vaccines.

Public health experts, pediatricians, school nurses, immunization advocates and state officials in 10 states told POLITICO they are worried that an increasing number of families are projecting their attitudes toward the Covid-19 vaccine onto shots for measles, chickenpox, meningitis and other diseases.

That spillover of vaccine hesitancy may also be fueling an uptick in religious exemption requests from parents of school-aged children and is making it more difficult for states to catch up with children who missed immunizations during the pandemic’s early days when families skipped doctor’s appointments, they say.

That has pediatricians, school nurses and public health experts worried that preventable and possibly fatal childhood illnesses, once thought to be a thing of the past, could become more common.

“We just want to keep measles, polio, and all the things we vaccinate against out of the political arena,” said Hugo Scornik, a pediatrician and president of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Public health authorities squandered nearly all their credibility by trying to contain an highly infectious airborne virus through a myriad of policies that clearly didn’t work. People clearly are no longer impressed by their statements, and are reassessing the level of risk they are comfortable with going forward.

Biden will soon discover covid-response is not the political life-preserver he is seeking. The only thing the summit is likely to achieve is another opportunity to embarrass himself on a national stage in front of the press.


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“The summit has the following goals:
Getting shots into arms…
Deploying tests and treatments, especially for the highest-risk populations…”

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Senator Biden…
I just have a few short remarks, as I have to leave here in about a half hour to MC for the International Buggywhip Braiders conference…”

    Peabody in reply to henrybowman. | April 19, 2022 at 7:11 pm

    “I’ll have to talk fast because I see the Easter Bunny is coming this way.”

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to henrybowman. | April 19, 2022 at 7:17 pm

    When he starts issuing statements saying “blargle gleeben brewph phohphphph-thubph-glingah errrrrr…”, something will be done c

    MattMusson in reply to henrybowman. | April 20, 2022 at 11:33 am

    The Idiot in Charge needs to be hosting a World Famine Summit. We are in year one of what will be the Worst Starvation Event in human history.

    70% of Crop inputs are Energy products. A shortage of Energy means a shortage of Food.
    The Great Famine of the 2020’s will last until production and distribution of Natural Gas returns to pre-lockdown levels.

So long as Bill Gates continues to obsess about how there are far too many people on the planet while dreaming up new ways to secretly vaccinate everyone, and so long as the Google boys keep pushing for transhumanism (you are a “species-ist” if you don’t accept that humanity is doomed to extinction soon) where humans give way to a new race of AI machines, and the Malthusians that populate the World Economic Forum keep pushing their Big Reset where “you will own nothing and be happy” a world where robots do everything and humans do….. what?, I am not interested in their global “vaccines”. These people hate us and want us gone. They need to be destroyed.

Colonel Travis | April 19, 2022 at 7:17 pm

I need to wash my hair that day, sorry

This cannot have any valid purpose. The idea that it would help Biden’s poll numbers is ludicrous. More likely there was some leftist NGO that needs a boost to its fund raising and expects the attendees to pony up a lot of money (with only a small kickback to “the big guy”)

Cozy up with a bunch of globalist elites who want to run the world while relegating all of us to poverty and slavery?

Yeah, that ought to get the old lying, retarded grifter’s number up!

Let’s go Brandon.

And oh yeah, FUCK JOE BIDEN!!!

Why is “getting shots into arms” a goal? That is a means not an end, and a problematic means at best if you’re talking covid-19 vaccines. The fact that they’re treating it as an end should really, really bother people.

“Sustainable financing for health systems” is obviously a euphemism for socialized health care.

‘Getting shots into arms’ is utterly fucking idiotic.

At this point everybody that WANTS one, has gotten one. Enough with this bullshit that the so-called ‘vaccine’ is going to do a goddamn thing.

    taurus the judge in reply to Olinser. | April 20, 2022 at 9:45 am

    No its not but you have to look at it for what it really is and remove all the propaganda based thinking.

    This is not significantly different than Pavlov’s dog from a Psy ops perspective.

    Its about crowd and control of the masses to simply “obey” edicts from your superiors.

    Its a learned response born from continuous practice.

    The primary goal is to condition you to fetch on command.

    There may be secondary goals with the vaccine proper ( depopulation or even a genetically created “whatever”) which could run in parallel with your obedience conditioning but the primary objective is obedience.

“’We just want to keep measles, polio, and all the things we vaccinate against out of the political arena,’ said Hugo Scornik, a pediatrician and president of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.”

Sorry, bud. Polio and “all the things we vaccinate against” belong smack dab in the middle of the political arena as exhibit A that these mRNA jabs are not vaccines. Polio vaccines eradicated polio. Small pox vaccines eradicated small pox. Because they provide immunity. Now small pox only exists in laboratories, with polio also almost entirely eradicated but for a few, remote parts of the globe. But these mRNA jabs don’t provide immunity. You can still catch and transmit the Wuhan Flu after getting “fully vaxxed and boosted” per Psycho Psaki. The idiot has caught Covid twice after being on the proverbial “fully vaxxed and boosted” end of the needle.

Safe and effective my ass. It clearly isn’t effective, so if they’re willing to lie to me about that I’m sure they’re lying to me about the jabs being safe.

“It seems Republicans preferred American tax dollars be spent on Americans for available vaccines.”

I’d rather they be refunded to the taxpayer rather than spent to line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies that will simply “recommend” more and more frequent “boosters.” What a racket they have going. Their vaccines are not vaccines, and no one knows what the effect of your “boosters” #4 through #7 will have on your immune system. But you have to admire the sheer genius of the scam. Get the government to mandate that you must have their concoction injected into your arm every six months for life at taxpayer expense. Brilliant! We are going to be compelled by our government to put an ineffective product in our bodies. Why, you’d almost suspect the government is in on this scheme to hand the pharmaceutical companies a license to print money.

Maybe when you all are on your 11th booster you may suspect I’m right.

Still, I’m going to enjoy watching Biden host the second annual Kung Pau Flu global summit in as many years of his presidency. Yeah, that’ll burnish his image. No better way to remind us of Beijing Biden “leadership” than to shove his lie that he was going “shut down the virus, not the economy” into our faces every year. Maybe the administration can make these Covid Global Summits an annual event like the Superbowl or the Oscars.

Maybe Peter Doocy can ask Psaki how the plans for Biden’s third annual Covid Global Summit are shaping up, and if American cities can bid to host them like in the Olympics. With a follow up question on how Biden’s cure for cancer is coming along.

“Possible Bid to Stop Hemorrhaging Poll Numbers’

Newsflash Joe – Covid was last year’s crisis. You can ask your puppet masters to invent a new one or just stick to massive inflation, skyrocketing energy costs, impending food crisis, crime tsunami, etc., You know, actual current fiascos that the voters give a damn about.

‘Public health officials squandered nearly all their credibility..’? No. The way it works is when people intentionally lie then no one trusts them about anything else except fools.

Medical Science died on or about March 15, 2020. Everything since has been pure propaganda. Science is still real, there just hasn’t been any applied to the WuFlu.

Why does anyone think it would help the retarded pedophile’s polling? He was, and is, a complete and utter failure on every issue including the kung flu. Hell, he lost more people than Trump did and that was WITH the benefit of these so-called vaccines that don’t grant immunity and MIGHT abate symptoms and avoid serious disease.

2smartforlibs | April 20, 2022 at 10:55 am

To all the globalists that think you leading, turn around and see what if anything is following.

“Biden hosting…” is pretty accurate. The secret wizard is using Biden’s body as a host while making him appear to speak and act. His mind was already gone so easy mark..

“In a move to stop the drop in poll numbers, Biden is turning to the issue of Covid response, where he had the most success early on in his term.

Has anybody in this klown kar administration noticed it’s no longer early in Beijing Joe “I’ll shut down the virus, not the economy” Biden’s term? Biden may have gotten above 50% support for his handling of the “pandemic” a year ago, but his poll numbers have been going downhill ever since. Already in February a Politico – Morning Hill poll found that only 39% approved of pandemic performance, while 41% disapproved (with 16% rating his job performance only fair.

If I were Joe Biden (and thank God I’m not) and my job performance on handling of Covid 19 was my only polling “win,” and it hasn’t been a win for a long time I think I’d tear a page from my 2020 campaign strategy and hide in the basement. Not draw attention to the fact that the one and only bright spot a year ago is no longer a bright spot. Now there are no bright spots.

This was a bad idea a week ago. Between then and today, unbelievably (or not), the Biden administration has made it worse.

There are things I might do if I were in Joe Biden’s political position. There is one thing I definitely wouldn’t do.


Who in their right minds looks at the videos of airline passengers ripping off their masks and cheering in midflight, one flight attendant weeping tears of joy as she announces the ruling, and has an epiphany: “Hey, you know what we should do to boost our poll numbers? Let’s appeal to reinstate the mask mandate.”

Genius. Remind the electorate that having claimed to discover a “pandemic exemption clause” in the Constitution that the left will never let what we were told would be temporary “emergency powers” to deprive us of our rights will be with us forever. That they’ll never let this go. NOW, let’s host a Wuhan Bat Lung Global Summit and really rub our noses in the mess that is the Biden administration.

America was tired of eating the sh*t Sundae they were serving all day every day. Just when there was a glimmer of hope on the horizon what they do? Plop another steaming scoop of sh*t into that Sundae bowl.

I never thought Roger Stone would make a comeback and return to politics but clearly someone in the WH has put him in charge of Policy and Strategic Messaging.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Another Voice | April 20, 2022 at 5:16 pm

It’s all theater now…nothing more than optics.
As Ferris said at the end, “It’s over, Go Home!”