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Winning the Battle for the Classroom Week in Education

Winning the Battle for the Classroom Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

It amazing how much influence parents and others have had in education in just a short time.

The battle is real.

Things have gone so far. It’s time to speak up.

Many professors are coming around too.

Most of them, anyway.

Some professors are still dealing with crazy situations.

Free expression is still stifled in many places.

Why was this hidden?

I was told this isn’t being taught anywhere.

How nice for them.

We still have a long way to go.


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“Fight For Schools” (Loudoun County parents) has begun running “Weekly News that Will Give Parents Nightmares.” Volume 1 is now online.

It’s instructive to read all the entries and marvel at how many of them (the ones about administrators who promote this stuff, not necessarily the ones about the deviants who take advantage of it once it’s there) involve Crazy White Chicks™.

(To be fair, the principled County Admin who resigned in protest to all the Wokism was a White Chick™ too, so your country thanks you!)