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‘Safe Space’ Created for Theater Students at Fordham University

‘Safe Space’ Created for Theater Students at Fordham University

“Through effective learning and action, we strive to dismantle the systemic racism within our theatre program”

This is not the creation of theater. This is political ritual.

The College Fix reports:

‘Safe space’ for white theatre students set up at Fordham University

Fordham University continues to host a group for white theatre students to examine how they can fight racism.

The White Anti-Racist Working Group at the New York Catholic university “is a safe space for white allies to educate themselves and actively fight against racism within themselves, their peers and their community,” according to an introductory social media post.

The February 20 meeting ended with a reminder for everyone to read the BIPOC Alliance Demands list from August 2020 before the March 3 meeting.

“Through effective learning and action, we strive to dismantle the systemic racism within our theatre program,” the student group wrote in an Instagram post.

The group appears to exclude non-white students. “Caucusing often feels divisive, especially at first and especially for White People,” a document posted within the group’s Google Drive states.

The explanation documents, taken from an organization called Roots of Justice, explains why it’s important for whites to separate themselves from racial minorities to learn about racism. “Caucusing allows People of Color freedom from responsibility for White People’s education, placing the responsibility instead on the White People themselves,” the document states.

“The purpose of a White caucus is to provide a space where White People can share struggles and challenge each other as they seek to uncover the depths of their internalized racist superiority,” the document states.

The theatre club did not respond to multiple email requests in the past three weeks. The Fix asked for examples of white supremacy in the theatre department and if non-white students were allowed to come to the meetings.

A note from the February 17 meeting minutes said participants should “[e]ncourage other white theatre students to join!”


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This is possibly brilliant. Form a “whites-only” group that is protected from criticism because they state that their mission is anti-racism. Chalenging them is therefore racist. The group actually has to do absolutely nothing that is ant-racist in nature. They just need to state that that is their mission, you know, like BLM does, even though BLM functions to create more racism as a means of self-perpetuation. Of course, BLM will complain about this because whitey is obviously culturally-appropriating “their” grift.

    henrybowman in reply to MajorWood. | March 6, 2022 at 5:23 pm

    I don’t follow. This group’s charter seems to be self-criticism, not outreach. It seems to have been created so that the participants could “safely” dhimmi* themselves… as if anyone else were going to stage an intervention for them.

    *Danny: feel free to substitute “cuck.”

I see a parallel here with Mao’s Red Guards.

“To bolster their contention that they were the true revolutionaries, students from “bad” or “impure” class backgrounds often exhibited behavior that was more radical and destructive than that of their “naturally red” cohorts, who were under less pressure to prove their revolutionary merit.” (Great Courses)

In the Woke mythology, white students are the “impure” class, and “people of color” are the “naturally red” group. We should expect the “impure” white students to gather together and try to show that they are even more radical and destructive than BLM or anyone else.