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New Conservative Spanish Language Network Has Democrats and Media in a Panic

New Conservative Spanish Language Network Has Democrats and Media in a Panic

“Democrats took Hispanics for granted for too long, and no one thought to create a home for us in conservative media. There is an appetite for this.”

The Republican shift of Hispanic voters is real, and we’re already seeing evidence of it. Now a conservative Spanish language network is about to launch and the left is in a state of panic.

The language the media is using to describe it is very telling.

This NBC News article by Marc Caputo includes the term ‘Defcon 1’ in the title and warns of disinformation:

‘Defcon 1 moment’: New Spanish-language conservative network fuels fresh Dem fears over disinfo, Latino outreach

The nation’s first Spanish-language conservative network launches Tuesday morning on satellite radio, opening a new front in the political information wars targeting Latinos in the United States and beyond.

The network, called Americano, arrives during a crucial inflection point in U.S. politics, as more Hispanic voters show signs of drifting right and Democrats continue to sound the alarm about Spanish-language right-wing disinformation on social media and local radio, particularly in Miami, which is also Americano’s home base.

It’s scheduled to launch first on SiriusXM radio, then on streaming TV this summer, offering a mix of news programming and commentary. The network has close ties to former President Donald Trump’s campaign, as well as to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who now represents the more moderate wing of the Republican Party…

Americano’s founder and CEO, Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo, bristled at the notion that the privately funded network is going to purvey disinformation or misinformation, and accused Democrats of trying to cancel speech they don’t like.

“They’re scared. And they should be,” Garcia-Hidalgo said of Democrats in an interview. “Democrats took Hispanics for granted for too long, and no one thought to create a home for us in conservative media. There is an appetite for this. You see it on social media. You see it in elections.”

The network hasn’t even launched yet and liberals are already casting doubt on it. A pollster who worked with the Obama campaign says:

“For those concerned about the disinformation problem harming Democrats’ chances with Hispanics, this is a Defcon 1 moment. We should worry,” Amandi said. “The Democrats’ response to all of this Hispanic outreach from Republicans — whether it’s disinformation or conventional campaigning — is to do the bare minimum. Unfortunately, some Democrats are deluding themselves. The ultimate act of disinformation is to pretend that this is not a big problem.”

Spencer Brown of Townhall suggests that Democrats are just trying to make excuses before the midterms happen, and wonder where all the concern about disinformation was from 2016 to 2020:

…this feigned worry over disinformation was missing during four-plus years of disinformation about the Russia collusion hoax and a litany of other Democrat-planted stories that the rest of liberal media — including mainstream Spanish-language outlets — happily parroted. Univision’s Jorge Ramos has engaged in selective reporting that dishonestly depicted migrant caravans headed to Biden’s open border. And what about Robert Francis O’Rourke who decided to rename himself? “Beto” is just more Dem disinformation.

And yet Democrats are pretending that the launch of a conservative Spanish-language network is somehow beyond the pale of what should be acceptable — likely because to them, it is unacceptable for minorities to be conservative…

The choice of words says it all, doesn’t it?

As Rush Limbaugh always said, the left will tell you who they fear. He said that in relation to candidates, but I think it applies here, too.


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henrybowman | March 8, 2022 at 5:07 pm

“Democrats took Hispanics for granted for too long, and no one thought to create a home for us in conservative media.”

Conservatives create our own homes, we don’t wait for others to provide them.
But I see you caught on quickly.
So welcome, hermanos y hermanas.

When we have an opinion or a point of view that does not align with their ideology, they call it disinformation.
This condescending shite is extremely irritating.

drednicolson | March 8, 2022 at 5:38 pm

The fuel price hikes haven’t curbed their gaslighting any.

The first thing disinformers do is accuse the other side of disinformation. Who smelt it is who dealt it.

D/prog – in Cartman voice ‘Mom, the r are trying to take MY voters’.

Americanos and Americanas. No Xs, hyphens, pluralisms, diversity dogma, or emanations from penumbras about it.

We all live under a Declaration and Constitution.

    fscarn in reply to n.n. | March 8, 2022 at 8:34 pm

    We pretend to think we live under the Constitution. If the document were followed as written, fedgov would be one-tenth its present size. Were I to run for federal office my platform would be one of repeal, repeal, repeal of oodles upon oodles of federal statutes and federal offices.

    Remember, the Constitution is a document of LIMITATION which is the exact opposite of what Congresses have been doing over the years.

Miami has been a hotbed for conservative spanish radio going vback to the Castro revolution and carried on by the Cuban refugees. The only difference now is they will have a worldwide voice.

Viva Americano!

I don’t see how this is possible. Don’t they have to have permission from the FCC before they broadcast? If they expect to use SiriusXM as their vehicle to get around that, won’t they risk being silenced if they stray from the Corporate/Democrat talking points?

Wait a sec, you’re saying that people who largely grew up in traditional Catholic families don’t want to get lectured to about abortion or that Billy wants to cut his pee-pee off and become Suzie? Who woulda thunk it?

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Paul. | March 8, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    I don’t think it’s even so much the Catholicism. The Hispanic people that I have dealt with over the decades have struck me as a commonsense bunch.

We are getting a lot of defections due to the culture war, however there are a lot of issues that are Republican weaknesses, and I think we need to work on fixing them.

Steven Brizel | March 9, 2022 at 9:44 am

This is proof that the Hispanic vote is moving away from the Democrats

madisonian_123 | March 9, 2022 at 2:39 pm

“The left will tell you who they fear”. Absolutely. They fear this new network. I say it is about time conservatives reached out to Hispanics like this. They are not a monolithic group, and there is plenty of opportunity to bring them into the GOP camp. The more hysterical they are, the more over-the-target we are. Hispanic support of the GOP may even make possible a sane approach to immigration in this country–Hispanics don’t as a rule favor unlimited immigration. They understand economics too, and get that pumping supply of labor at the low end of the labor market only hurts everyone else at or near entry level jobs.

My fave is “Latinx.” Exhibit A in “progressive” racist stupidity.