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Is She Running? Clinton Global Initiative To Reconvene In September, Just Ahead Of Midterms

Is She Running? Clinton Global Initiative To Reconvene In September, Just Ahead Of Midterms

She’s baaaack.

The Clintons have resurrected from the ashes of the Clinton Foundation their Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

The Clinton Foundation, you may recall, suffered immeasurably amid a flurry of pay-to-play allegations and Hillary’s second loss in a presidential race.  The latter was most devastating because it meant that there was no play to be had for their donors’ pay.  Donations dried up, and their speaking fees all but vanished.

Nothing a geopolitical crisis and a Clinton-friendly White House can’t fix, though.

The AP reports:

The Clinton Foundation is planning another Clinton Global Initiative – a high-profile gathering of business, political and philanthropic leaders – this September in New York, according to a letter former President Bill Clinton sent to the foundation’s supporters Friday.

. . . . Bill Clinton said he wants to bring back the initiative because the kind of “cooperation and coordination” it created is urgently needed. “The COVID-19 pandemic has ripped the cover off of longstanding inequities and vulnerabilities across our global community,” Bill Clinton wrote in the letter Friday. “The existential threat of climate change grows every day. Democracy is under assault around the world, most glaringly in Ukraine where Russia has launched an unjustified and unprovoked invasion that has put millions of lives in grave danger.”

. . . . Clinton said the meeting, which will coincide with the United Nations General Assembly in September, will likely look different than it has in the past, perhaps in reference to new health and security concerns. However, he hopes the spirit of cooperation it fostered will return.

“It seems that all across the globe, people are pulling away from those who are different from them—putting our future at greater risk and making it harder to solve the challenges and seize the opportunities in front of us.”

. . . . “While the challenges our world faces today are steep, CGI has always been about what we can do, not what we can’t do,” Clinton wrote. “And by bringing diverse partners together to take action and achieve real results, we can create a culture of possibility in a world hungry for hope.”

“Bringing diverse partners together” is rather chilling given that Black Lives Matters just got subsumed into Clintonworld. Call me paranoid, but all of this has unsavory implications that evoke to my mind the “well-funded cabal of powerful people” who conspired to ensure that President Trump was not reelected.

Fox News has more:

“A new chapter of the Clinton Global Initiative is beginning,” a video teasing the restart of the charitable effort said Friday. “And the need for cooperation and coordination has never been more urgent.”

More urgent than the “cooperation and coordination” it took to ensure doddering Gropy Joe ‘won’ the White House in 2020? That’s some kind of urgent. Who knows what these power-hungry dangerous fanatics have in mind? The “Great Reset” getting off course? Hillary running for president (again) in 2024? Piles of money and power they can use to wreak havoc on their enemies? One thing is certain when the Clintons are involved, there is nothing aboveboard, humane, or good in their motives or goals.

People, of course, are speculating (via Twitchy).


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henrybowman | March 5, 2022 at 6:07 pm

I guess there has to be at least one place where you can order up a hit at no legal risk to yourself.

It didn’t hurt that BLM mysteriously abandoned their hideout and left all the drugs and money on the table for the first person to show up… and Hillary was the first. I mean, what are the odds?

So does this signal the end of the Biden/Harris admin; neither of whom is likely capable of securing the nomination? Mayor Pete is gonna be mad as is Dr Jill.

Obama in a pantsuit.

I suspect that Brandon is going to ruin it for all politicians of that generation. Also, by the time Clinton is taking donations again, the potential donors may be short of cash.

This “initiative” is just begging for the James O’Keefe treatment.


    Fatkins in reply to gonzotx. | March 6, 2022 at 1:08 pm

    That night be a bad idea if your Trump fan, after all he did exactly what he accused H clinton on doing.

Of course, she is running. With John Durham closing in on her trail, she thinks she can escape prosecution by running for president.

    Bruce Hayden in reply to Ghostrider. | March 6, 2022 at 11:36 am

    I think that you may have cause and effect mixed up. One thought is that the reason that Durham has been allowed to continue is that it essentially is an attack on Clinton, by Obama/FJB. The investigation is essentially showing that the Clinton campaign, through its Elias attorneys, lied to get US intelligence agencies to discredit Trump and his campaign. Durham doesn’t seem to be going after any Obama people, whatsoever. Just the Clinton people.

We already have the Davos Masters of the Universe in the WEF doing what CGI is purported to be doing. Maybe Chelsea is getting suicidal over her only job vanishing in the CGI wreckage so Hillary and Bill are sparking speculation to get the donations rolling in again? Otherwise, it’s too early to announce a run for president. Does she really want the humiliation of reliving 2016 with even worse results?

    Is it just me, or does everyone read “CGI” and think fake Hollyweird simulations (computer generated imagery)?

      henrybowman in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | March 5, 2022 at 9:11 pm

      Not just you. In fact, I had to search to figure out what else it stood for. When I found out, my first thought was, “figures — just more smoke and mirrors.”

      nordic_prince in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | March 6, 2022 at 1:22 am

      Yes, that was my exact thought – how fitting that they refer to their racket as CGI, since everything about them is FAKE!

      SuddenlyHappyToBeHere in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | March 7, 2022 at 10:22 am

      You wrote: “that evoke to my mind the ‘well-funded cabal of powerful people’ who conspired to ensure that President Trump was not reelected.”

      If you ever expect a Republican in the White House again, you need to drop the Trump delusions. Trump lost 2020 for one simple reason. Himself. He was delusional during the campaign, following Election Day, and all the way through January 6 and thereafter. He is delusional today as he makes idiotic statements about bombing Russia with US jets flagged with Chinese emblems. Really unreal. But some folks just can’t seem to get over their perverse obedience to him.

        What are you talking about? That is a quote from Time who did a lengthy (and very illuminating) article on the vast left and #NeverTrump conspiracy to work against Trump’s reelection. I link to it in the piece (well, to my piece on that piece, so you can either follow the links or just do your own search.). Nothing right-wing about it; it was a victory dance article in a leftie publication that hammered Trump for four years.

    randian in reply to Pasadena Phil. | March 6, 2022 at 1:08 am

    Does she really want the humiliation of reliving 2016 with even worse results?

    I think she assumes that the election will be fortified.

      jmccandles in reply to randian. | March 7, 2022 at 9:20 am

      Perhaps the Witch can’t wait to become a three time loser,she just refuses to understand the only thing the American people want to see her run head long into is a wood chipper.

      CapeBuffalo in reply to randian. | March 11, 2022 at 4:22 am

      Oops. Meant to
      Be an upvote, fat fingers

“CGI… It’s the Griftiest!”

Americans hate her guts. She is nothing to America, never has been, never will be. That she “held” office or appointment is merely emblematic of how degraded democracy has become.

The founders did not contemplate the pervasive and insidious degradation that comes from having “long serving” elected cretins.

Mandatory term limits are essential to refreshing a compromised Congress of malignant personalities who have to die in office to be rid of them.

    @NotKennedy, you write: “The founders did not contemplate the pervasive and insidious degradation that comes from having “long serving” elected cretins.”

    If only they had! FDR’s hideously destructive four terms in office prompted voters to support presidential term limits before he was cold. The problem with Congress is that being a representative (or senator) is not only a full-time job but a career at which they go from bartenders to multi-millionaires while “serving” the public. What a freaking joke. These people were supposed to act in federal government as a secondary service, not as a get-rich-quick-and-stay-powerful forever boondoggle. They were intended to meet a couple of, few times a year to take care of the people’s business and then go back to their real jobs as farmers, businessmen, bankers, whatever.

    That is best. But it won’t happen. What Congress is going to vote to cut off the wealth and power they generate (often by means that would get the rest of us thrown in prison for decades)? Not one. Well, the first Congress might have, if they had known what was going to happen.

The Dems have such a laughably thin bench, Clinton would likely become the presumptive nominee by the Super Tuesday…if Michelle Obama doesn’t get in the race.

And that is exactly what I anticipate happening. Obama is the only one they know won’t lose. I hope I’m wrong. I hope she’s so allergic to work she won’t run. We’ll see.

One of four principles in the Obama, Biden, Clinton, McCain, Biden Spring series, including Slavic Spring from 32 trimesters ago, in progress.

Oh no! Will we ever be rid of this woman? I thought we had put her out to grass in 2016.

    Lucifer Morningstar in reply to gary fouse. | March 6, 2022 at 9:59 pm

    Oh no! Will we ever be rid of this woman? I thought we had put her out to grass in 2016.

    We did. But like a bad rash this woman always comes back.

It’s almost hard to come down on street criminals when the likes of Hillary Clinton and Biden Inc. steal at the top.

angrywebmaster | March 6, 2022 at 5:42 am

Felonia von Pantsuit’s bank accounts must be running low. I wonder. Does she know there is no statute of limitations on espionage?
(Espionage would be the charge for her mishandling classified documents)

Then there is sedition and conspiracy. (the fake Russian dossier)

Uranium one.

Interesting how she was all for Russia when it came to getting money for herself.

Hillary will run for office in hopes of avoiding prosecution by Durham.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Petrushka. | March 6, 2022 at 8:27 am

    I’m cynical enough to think she doesn’t have to. Nothing will come of any of these investigations.

2smartforlibs | March 6, 2022 at 9:54 am

HELL YES she’s running and she also running out of money. This is about cash not running for president.

The shrillster has learned nothing and forgot nothing. Durham? Durham?

If the contributions for future favors start coming in I’d say she wants to.

Someone, quick, order a couple of pallets of boxed Chardonnay. Seems there’s no limit on poor taste or chutzpah.

I think she is convinced whomever gets the “Democrat” nomination will get all the fraud as well so will get 100,000,000 votes tossed their way.

Hillary Clinton’s three-card Monty game is back on the street.

Are there really people with bribe money who think this wreck can become president? Or is there something in the works that we don’t know about? (Like Kamala Harris committing suicide?)

Somebody bring up the padded van and throw this beached whale into the back before everyone notices her flip flopping out of control like the time she ran against President Trump!

She has officially announced She has access to the biden corruption scheme and will pass 10% to the big guy and appoint Hunter to the board of directors.

Is she running? Hillary doesn’t run. She doesn’t even walk. She staggers.