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Twitter Removes Hundreds of Fake Pro-China Accounts Used to Spread Propaganda During Olympics

Twitter Removes Hundreds of Fake Pro-China Accounts Used to Spread Propaganda During Olympics

Daily Mail: Investigations “found 3,000 ‘inauthentic’ accounts were likely being used to bolster the communist country’s image.”

Twitter blocked hundred of pro-China bots used to spread Chinese propaganda during the Olympics. Paid influencers and automated accounts flooded Twitter with messages that portrayed Communist China positively and countered criticisms of the regime. Investigations “found 3,000 ‘inauthentic’ accounts were likely being used to bolster the communist country’s image,” the British newspaper Daily Mail reported.

Almost two years after the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, China used the international sporting event to rebrand itself as a powerful and benevolent power. Pro-Beijing bots used the social media platform to counter the critics and polish the image of the Communist regime.

The Communist regime hosted the 2022 Winter Olympics as it holds hundreds of thousands of Uyghur Muslims and Tibetan Buddhists in forced labor camps. Just weeks ahead of the games, many Chinese warplanes violated Taiwan’s air defense zone.

News website Business Insider reported the coordinated pro-China campaign:

Twitter removed hundreds of fake accounts and bots included in a recent New York Times and ProPublica investigation into Chinese Olympic propaganda, a company spokesperson confirmed with Insider.

The investigation found 3,000 “inauthentic-looking Twitter accounts that appeared to be coordinating to promote the Olympics by sharing state media posts with identical comments,” many of which depicted a rosy vision of the Games that glossed over controversies involving human rights abuses in China, the outlets reported on Friday.

A Twitter spokesperson told Insider that hundreds of accounts included in the investigation’s findings were suspended for violating the “platform manipulation and spam policy,” which prohibits “coordinated activity that attempts to artificially influence conversations through the use of multiple accounts, fake accounts and automation.”

“If we have clear evidence of state-backed information operations, our first priority is to enforce our rules and remove accounts engaging in this behavior,” the spokesperson said. “When our investigations are complete, we disclose all accounts and content in our information operations archive.”

Not stopping at whitewashing the Communist regime crimes, the Winter Olympics were used for Chinese militaristic propaganda.

China used the sporting platform staked its claims on neighboring Taiwan, an island nation it regards as part of its territory. “Beijing Games spokesperson Yan Jiarong said on [February 15] that ‘There is only one China’, referring to the country’s long-held stance that Taiwan belongs to China,” Reuters reported.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry rebuked the Communist official for having “openly used the Olympic venue to conduct improper political propaganda.”

Neighboring India was outraged when China picked a military officer involved in the June 2020 deadly attack on Indian soldiers as one of the torchbearers for the games. Chinese troops killed at least 20 Indian soldiers who occupied a key mountain pass near India’s northern tip.

“India’s external affairs ministry spokesperson … said it was regrettable that China had chosen to politicise an event like the Olympics,” the Indian newspaper The Hindustan Times reported.

Despite displays of grandeur by Beijing during the games, no one should be fooled by the Communist regime’s designs of global domination. Last year, the Chinese Communist Party-run parliament unveiled a road map to overtake the U.S. economy in 15 years. The CCP grand plan includes sweeping modernization of China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) by 2027.

In November 2021, China forged a de facto military alliance with Russia. At a joint summit, Chinese and Russian defense chiefs agreed on a “road map for closer military cooperation over the next five years,” The South China Morning Post reported. The bilateral military alliance is aimed at the U.S., the newspaper noted.


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Good timing. Twitter certainly wouldn’t have wanted to do that during the Olympics.

How make places like Twitter the vector of information? Twitter has ALWAYS been a cesspool.

Guess their China Check is still in the mail.

Unimaginable. The checks must have bounced.

Just hundreds?

Screw twatter. Put lipstick on a pig …. you still have a pig.

So they deleted accounts of The NYT and WA PO?

NEVER screw with the bankers of the scumbag sell-outs in this country.

Of course they deleted them. They had served their purpose and were no longer needed. So, Twitter could look good by removing them.
New accounts can be easily created when they need them and they would be tied to the recently closed accounts. So, it makes sense to remove them.
If you think I am cynical about this, you are correct.