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Xi Jinping Calls on China to ‘Make Preparations for Military Struggle’

Xi Jinping Calls on China to ‘Make Preparations for Military Struggle’

China’s Xi: “We must persist in strengthening the overall planning of war and make preparations for military struggle.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the country to prepare for a military conflict. The Chinese leader demanded more power and resources for the country’s armed forces, the People Liberation Army (PLA).

The PLA “must be placed in a more important position, and the consolidation of national defence and a strong military must be accelerated.” the Communist dictator declared on Friday. “We must persist in strengthening the overall planning of war and make preparations for military struggle,” he added.

Friday’s statement comes amid series of threatening remarks aimed at the United States and the West made by the Chinese leader since President Joe Biden took over the White House.

In early July, Xi threatened that China’s adversaries will “have their heads cracked and bleeding” in any future confrontation. They “will find themselves on a collision course with a great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people,” he warned in a televised speech marking the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Hong Kong-based newspaper South China Morning Post reported the Chinese leader’s comments:

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for a greater focus on national defence and the military in a speech given on the eve of an important military anniversary and as the nation faces a growing range of security risks.

After giving a spirited speech on the achievements of China’s Communist Party during its centennial celebrations earlier this month, Xi said on Friday: “On the path of completely building a modern socialist country and realising the second centennial goal, national defence and the military must be placed in a more important position, and the consolidation of national defence and a strong military must be accelerated.

“We must persist in strengthening the overall planning of war and make preparations for military struggle.”

Xi’s comments on the military’s development were made two days before the PLA’s 94th anniversary and come at a time when China is facing heightened security risks.

These are not empty threats from a raving Maoist tyrant. Since President Donald Trump left office, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has come out even more openly about its plans for global domination. In February 2021, the CCP-run parliament unveiled the road map to overtake the U.S. economy in 15 years. The Chinese Communist grand plan includes sweeping modernization of its military by 2027, to coincide with PLA’s 100-year anniversary.

Under Xi Jinping’s watch, the Communist regime has come to possess the world’s largest navy in terms of ship numbers. Beijing “has the largest navy in the world, with an overall battle force of approximately 350 ships and submarines including over 130 major surface combatants,” the U.S. Defense Department’s 2020 military assessment said.

As China builds up its military might, it is also setting the stage for the next armed conflict. The CCP leadership makes no secret of its intention of annexing the neighboring island nation of Taiwan. In recent months, Chinese fighter jets have repeatedly invaded Taiwanese air space, as Beijing demands Taiwan accept “One China” policy, which will turn the independent country into a Chinese province.

“China’s Communist Party warns the West of ‘bloodshed'” 


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2smartforlibs | August 1, 2021 at 2:02 pm

What struggle? The regime will fold like a cheap suit.

    NYBruin in reply to 2smartforlibs. | August 1, 2021 at 8:13 pm

    I think the expression is “to fold up like a cheap suitcase”

      There’s also the opinion that it’s not “suit”, but “suitcase”:

      Collapse easily. Expensive luggage was made, as now, from well-constructed leather or fabric. Cheap ones used to be made of cardboard with little or no structural reinforcement, not very sturdy especially when manhandled by baggage handlers or hotel porters. A sports team with no defense or a poker player with a losing hand would both fold like a cheap suitcase. You’d also hear “fold like a cheap suit,” but since fabric folds easily, whether it’s cashmere or polyester, “suitcase” presents a better connotation of a losing proposition.

      The earliest written example we’ve found for the “suitcase” version is from All Out, a 1988 novel by Judith Alguire: “She folded like a cheap suitcase.”

    From what I read, “wargames” over the recent past have had the US getting its rear end kicked every time.

    I think that when China moves on Taiwan, there will be ‘strong messages” sent, a few more CCP functionaries will be blocked from shopping sprees in the US, but somehow we will be occupied elsewhere.

I’m old enough to remember the guy standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square.

It’s a struggle when you send the military to different parts of the world. China has influence in Africa and Afghanistan. Two places I like the USA to avoid. let China defend their interests for awhile.

    They have an population almost FIVE times our population. Nor do they have the dead weight of a generation of useless idiots whining and burning for free sh-t. If they have idiots, those idiots will be disposed of in battle, just like Stalin did of Russians in WW2.

    In a war with China, if no nukes were used, we’d lose after a week of American casualties: not only would the public not tolerate it, we would not have the replacements in our population. (Who are you going to draft, BLM and Antifa clowns? Metrosexuals? Bill Gates’ son? ANY democrat’s son?)

    Besides, Biden is so thoroughly corrupted, he’d stand by and do nothing if China invaded Taiwan. If Harris was the president, being a useless tool, she’d do no differently. Japan and Austraila and Taiwan would be on their own.

What a difference a weak American President makes 🤣

Xi is panicking. His shiny new navy is NOT as good as he boasts while the window of opportunity to invade Taiwan is closing. I keep reading that the USS Reagan alone could defend the South China Sea. Who knows? They only have 3 aircraft carriers and none match our many counterparts which includes the massive USS Gerald Ford. Their latest has been described as “an elevator without a motor” since the advanced fighter jets they boast about haven’t yet been designed and the launching capabilities are non-existent anyway. It’s a floating storage facility.

I have also been noticing for months the increase of US propaganda appearing on YouTube boasting about our own new weapons. My take is that we are showing off prototypes to keep China guessing about which war we are planning to prepare for. Certainly not the one they wasted all of their Obama “shovel-ready jobs” handouts to fight. It’s all guessing until the war starts but we are probably in good shape to quickly prepare for a war China cannot possibly fight by itself.

Also, India moved 40,000 more troops to the China border over the last few days so with Russia making their own border moves, China has bigger problems than confronting the US. And I haven’t mentioned the continuing infrastructure and natural disasters that keep plaguing them.

China is also very concerned that Japan has improved their own navy while becoming more bellicose regarding Taiwan. China’s threats to nuke Japan are likely nothing but bluster and a sign of weakness. They sound more like North Korea than they do a major superpower and so are probably not operating from a position of strength. It may all be typical Asian chest-beating but it is effective propaganda for the homeland.

I think our biggest weakness is the sad shape of the Western economies which continue to slide into socialism. But our economies are still better than theirs. It is becoming a race between the world dis-investing in China before the collapse sucks everyone down the vortex. The US is doing very badly in this area as Biden surrendered our energy independence while reversing Trump’s crack downs on the trade imbalances. We are setting ourselves up for China beating us to the punch when they decouple the Chinese Clam from the US Dollar. Stupid beyond belief.

And diplomatic relations are a shambles under Biden. Germany is taking the EU into the Russian orbit while Australia has become a disarmed penal colony. So if you look at the China Sea map, the only real opportunity I see for China would be to try to seize Taiwan while they think they still can.

I believe China preparing for war is more a strategy for keeping the increasingly restless natives cowed in the face of a likely economic collapse. Most of their military troops exist to maintain domestic stability. China cannot deploy the millions of troops they have. They don’t have the ships and couldn’t protect them even if they did and deployed them.

Just my opinion but it looks to me like Emperor Xi’s power is slipping from his grasp and he needs a domestic crack down to shore up his power.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Pasadena Phil. | August 1, 2021 at 4:41 pm

    I’m not one to be a black helicopter / tinfoil hat type, but I do find myself wondering something: how much of the Chinese technology we have in our everyday lives have shut-down commands of some sort where, if the right signal comes in, say, over a trans-oceanic fiber optic comms line, stuff shuts down?

    Not just cell phones, but cell phone tower equipment, the servers that head up the POST systems in retail stores; medical database server farms, etc?

      Shut stuff down? Shoot, hackers from Russia can do that.


      So here is one scenario. China goes at Taiwan. US attempts to intervene. Then China unleashes:
      1. Cyber attack v electric and pipeline + financial
      2. Dirty nukes in selected ports (uses conventional explosives to spread radioactive materials)
      3. uses pre positioned cells to launch kinetic attacks v selected key refineries, pipelines, electric plants
      4. Attacks our Pacific satellite network
      5. deploys half a dozen low yield nukes at altitude to create an EMP from the Rockies to the Pacific

      Then they threaten follow on attacks if we don’t stand down. Just to prove a point they hit an east coast or a gulf port with a dirty nuke or conventional strike.

      That’s not too far fetched. That’s the sort of asynchronous warfare we should and do expect and plan for. At that point we can either stand down or launch nukes on a use or lose basis.

      Take out the dirty nukes and not many casualties but huge damage that blunts our economy and ability to respond. Does our current leadership panic and use nukes or simply give up or something else?

        All China has to do to take Taiwan is brush aside the non-nuclear powers in the area (Japan, Australia, etc.). Biden will do nothing, because he has been paid to do nothing.

        And we thought Obama and Clinton were traitors???


      I have a long and serious acquaintance with computers and semiconductors. I keep a plentiful supply of tinfoil hats on hand.

      A story from way back when. IBM was the king of the mainframes. “Computers”, the size of buildings, but technically very inferior to your smart phone, today. A BIG system had a MEGABYTE of main storage. Their main operating system was called “OS.” IBM was the king of the world, technologically speaking. They were a generation ahead of anyone. I know, I was a competitor of them, in a very minor way. Minor to them, major to us. Once you became no longer ‘minor” to them, they cut off some vital parts of your anatomy. Again, I know.
      OS had what we would call a “virus”, today. Very rarely–maybe once or twice a year in the service area of the IBM maintenance techs, a console would print out “THE PHANTOM STRIKES” and the whole system would go into an orderly shut down. Nothing was destroyed, but the shutdown/reboot process would take 30-45 minutes. The bank’s or whoever’s, computer system was off line for that long.
      The existence of this was hush-hush. ALL the hardware and software was designed and maintained by IBM. They took it VERY seriously.
      They may have eventually found it and fixed it; I don’t know. I DO know that it was around at least a couple years. The belief, almost certainly correct, was that some member of the development team had created it. Just a prank, not ransomware, no data was got lost.

      Keep in mind, this was in an era where IBM had total control. And, they were very, very good.

      If you are in need of a tinfoil hat, I have a supply.

    madisonian_123 in reply to Pasadena Phil. | August 1, 2021 at 5:31 pm

    The comparison of China to NK seems about right to me. Still, China could do a lot of damage if they miscalculate and start something. What exactly would we do in response to a Chinese attack on Taiwan? Militarily, my guess is absolutely nothing. China doing this, though, would be a huge poison pill. Swallowing Taiwan would give them quit a bit of indigestion as it will not be quite as easy of a target as Hong Kong will be to suppress and bring under control.

    NYBruin in reply to Pasadena Phil. | August 1, 2021 at 8:18 pm

    I suspect China has already stolen most of the technology it needs from American (and other) defense contractors. Their rapacious IP larceny will enable them to close the gap sooner than we expect.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to NYBruin. | August 1, 2021 at 10:47 pm

      Why steal? None if the “American ” companies are American anymore. Hughes, Lockheed, Boeing, GE… they will sell – and in some cases have sold – us out. Anything for a buck.

      How do you know that? Their latest aircraft carrier is a perfect example proving that even with their stolen technology, they can’t complete the puzzle. We innovate. They don’t. Maybe we are allowing them to steal the technology we want them to steal so they can commit to a military that is guaranteed to lose to whatever military we deploy once they have built it?

      We may be politically stupid but the Pentagon spends more on military innovation than the rest of the world combined. We probably have more prototypes available to deploy than anyone would believe. And despite our having given away much of our low-tech manufacturing and assembly capabilities, we still maintain the most advanced high-tech manufacturing capability of anyone and can ramp up production very fast for whatever we commit to.

      Another thing to remember is that when you look at the numbers reported for ships, aircraft etc… on active duty, they don’t include the massive inventory of equipment mothballed. If numbers matter, we could probably put together the largest naval flotilla in history. Or sell/donate that mothballed inventory to our allies (like Australia particularly) as they by necessity would be keeping China at bay. We have a huge pilot “shortage” right now. We could never deploy all of the aircraft we already have. But the new fighter jets are drones capable of performing feats that would kill a pilot.

      We have the luxury of time from being almost impossible to invade. Neither China nor Russia could amass the military might fast enough to overcome that advantage. We would see them coming with their outdated forces and be ready to counter them with forces specifically designed to defeat them as currently configured.

      Who knows how truly powerful our military is. But I am very confident Area 51 is not spending trillions on UFOs and junkets. Let’s hope we don’t have to find out.

    This whole idea of China ‘collapsing’ is scary wishful thinking. If China is anywhere near ‘collapse”, Xi will start a war to distract the population, and he’ll be successful in looting Taiwan. He could also turn North Korea loose on the South.

    With the likes of Biden and Harris in high office, they’d slaughter after all our missle supply – if not our limited supply of soliders – is expended.

    China is not Iraq. Or Vietnam. Or Korea. A better analogy would be the Nazi and Imperial Japanease axis in World War Two. Or the USSR during the Cuban missle crisis.

      Here is America’s supply of replacement soldiers, after our frontline troops are casulaties:

        We are not preparing to fight WWII again. There will be no D-Day or other major amphibious landings. We are already deploying “ghost” ships that can operate independently and make decisions. Robots and AI are replacing lots of human tasks.

      China is not Iraq but their economy IS collapsing. Everyone is pulling out to decouple their economies to China’s. Anyone still dependent on China when it happens will be going down with them. Japan has already pulled over 1100 companies out of China. Even Biden has restored Trump’s policy to impose tariffs on US companies who contribute to our dependency on China’s supply chains. The US in racing to accomplish independence before China decouples the Clam from the USD. Believe it. China’s economy is collapsing.

A lion can win even if it is leading an army of donkeys.

An army of lions will lose if lead by a donkey.

This is especially true if its an army of lions focused on equity and transphobia.

    lichau in reply to Andy. | August 1, 2021 at 8:14 pm

    Good analogy.
    the only problem is that donkey’s aren’t really all that stupid. Comparing some of our current crew of “leaders” to donkeys is an insult to donkey’s.

I really can’t figure out that lead photo. It looks like a hologram of Xi materializing out of the top of a car. I would think Photoshop, except there appears to be a reflection of Xi and his mikes on the top of the car.

This is all the more dangerous because Xi knows that China is the last, best hope for 20th century totalitarianism.

China’s level of aggression hasn’t moderated at all. Which means war with China is still coming because the situation in the South China Sea cannot be resolved any other way. China wants all the islands claimed by Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Japan and will not give them up without a fight.
Communist China has aggressively initiated this trouble all by itself by refusing to resolve its disputed claims in a manner civilized countries are accustomed to. China has aggravated this situation and should not arbitrarily set its own policy of illegally taking control of disputed territories and militarizing them. Beijing’s unlawful and excessive claims in the South China Sea has demonstrated China cannot be trusted or relied upon as an honorable partner or country. China has angrily rejected the recent verdict by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, a court ruling that nullified most of China’s claims. China’s claims in the South China Sea by an arbitral tribunal under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea in 2016 only accelerated Beijing’s continued bad-faith efforts to construct features, militarize them, and extend administrative control over others’ presence and activities to the furthest reaches of the nine-dash line. In fact, the ruling decisively rejects both China’s claims to many rocks and maritime features and the idea that these islands can generate territorial seas and exclusive economic zones. China needs to face the reality that Countries are not recognizing China’s preposterous and illegal claims in the South China Sea. They need to settle their claims and be a responsible county rather than act like a renegade and irresponsible regime. Their actions if not curtailed and controlled could lead to a large regional war and vast destruction of their country and people. The United States must respond to China’s belligerence with greater strength, unyielding determination, and more vigorous diplomatic and military measures. President Trump has indicated and Biden should endorse that he would understand if South Korea and Japan acquired nuclear weapons and the US needs to accommodate their needs by providing a strong nuclear deterrence to China’s illegal and threatening actions. Perhaps Taiwan should be included. If communist China understands that any offensive force will be met with equal destructive force, perhaps their aggressive actions will be controlled short of a surprised attack. Any surprise attack should automatically assure the carpet bombing of nuclear bombing of the Communist Chinese party and leadership along with their military targets.

    ConradCA in reply to jrcowboy49. | August 2, 2021 at 11:11 pm

    I wouldn’t expect Biden to do anything of significance against China. They bought Biden with millions of dollars in bribes.

I hope that Taiwan has nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to every major Chinese city and military base.