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No Free Lunch Week in Education

No Free Lunch Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

This week we learned that free community college is no longer in the Build Back Better bill.

That’s good, because half of America is not welcome on campus.

Colleges are just obsessed with being woke.

Some high schools too.

Get woke, go broke.

College is all about learning, right?

These progressive ideas are no longer limited to colleges.

Anyone surprised?

Does the left even care about this?


This should be interesting…

What could go wrong?


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No free lunch, but after looking at Dr Jill’s uppity-smug face I’m not hungry any more.

Smarmy look about her most all the time.
Do you think she keeps that smirk when she is changing Brandon’s diapers????

Riffing on a previous Steely Dan lyrical reference seen in the comments here today by henrybowman, “Can you hear me Doctor… (Jill)?”: Let’s Go Brandon!

You can almost predict the future behavior of someone who wants to push “Dr.Ed.” in your face and pretends that a doctorate in education is any kind of accomplishment.

Add the general “I’m better than you” stance — based on the achievements of others mostly — and you’ve got a real piece of work.

Stupid people will worship her, though.