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Project Launch: Unmasking National Association of Independent Schools

Project Launch: Unmasking National Association of Independent Schools

You’ve probably never heard of NAIS, but you need to know about it. NAIS is the driving force behind the radical racial and gender programming that has captured most K-12 private schools, particularly the elite schools. In coming weeks I will roll out videos and documents shining a light on NAIS’ mischief.

You’ve probably never heard of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), but you need to know about it. NAIS is the driving force behind the radical racial and gender programming that has captured most K-12 private schools (called “independent” schools) across the country, particularly the elite schools that feed higher education, journalism, politics, and government.

I should know, I use to teach math at one of these places before I became a whistleblower. In this post, I will lay out some background about NAIS. And in coming weeks I will roll out videos and documents shining a light on NAIS’ mischief. Read this background below, and stay tuned in coming days and weeks.

The NAIS Nexus

As Aaron Sibarium explained in a major piece last year at The Free Beacon, NAIS dominates all other private school membership associations in power and influence. Through their approval of 25 regional accreditors, the NAIS sets parameters for board decision-making at 1,600 of the top private K-12 schools. A “commitment to equity and justice” is a critical component of their “Principles of Good Practice” (PGPs), which are essential to schools’ missions. After an audit by NAIS’ “Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism” instrument (AIM)–which inevitably identifies deficits around DEI–a network of CRT-based DEI consultants approved in the NAIS marketplace are on call to sell back a bevy of fixes to the school.

These consultants (such as Pollyanna, The Glasgow Group, Perception Institute, and CARLE) can have substantial ties to the trustees at these schools, which seems in violation of the NAIS’ own Trustee’s Guide to Fiduciary Responsibilities.

Conflict of Interest Defined

From the NAIS publication “The Trustee’s Guide to Fiduciary Responsibilities”, p. 48

Connected search firms like Carney Sandoe offer a chance to increase diversity hires, and NAIS sponsored professional development is also available–for teachers and administrators at the People of Color Conference (PoCC), and for administrators and trustees at the NAIS Annual Conference. Carney Sandoe is also sponsors these conferences and draws talent from presenters and attendees.

The Influence of Radical “Thought Leaders”

Conferences like PoCC are a chance to shine for up and coming leaders in the DEI industry. Keynote speakers at these conferences have included prominent figures such as Bettina L. Love (PoCC, 2020), a Professor of at the University of Georgia and “abolitionist educator” who made her anti-capitalist views clear at an interview that same year.

Rodney Glasgow, Head of School at Sandy Spring Friends School in Maryland as well as President of the Glasgow Group, is one of the founding members and a former chair of NAIS’ Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC). Glasgow was a placement assistant at Carney Sandoe before taking his first school position as a Diversity Coordinator. Last year at the Dalton Conference keynote speech, Glasgow drew an analogy between parents concerned about curriculum in private schools to violent January 6th insurrectionists. 

Promising students who attend the SDLC (which runs concurrently with the PoCC) are groomed to become the next generation of leaders within the DEI industrial complex. Glasgow Group member John Gentile was one such student. Today he is also Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Calhoun School.

Transformative Change

The actual content changes pushed by this nexus of actors include setting up “affinity spaces,” “library diversity audits,”  “anti-racism”/”anti-bias” training, equity grading, and identity-focused curriculum changes to every academic course, including pushing critical gender theory on children using tools like “The GenderBread Person” and the “Gender Unicorn“.

The writings of Ibram X. Kendi (Henry Rogers) and Robin DiAngelo have been staples on required summer reading for teachers for years now. Pollyanna’s influential Racial Literacy Curriculum compels children starting in Kindergarten to focus on skin color and racial identity. Much as activists have succeeded in redefining “racism”, children are led to redefine the common meaning of the word “identity” itself.  The effect is to reinforce socially imposed identity as the main determinant of a child’s experience.

From Pollyanna’s “Racial Literacy Curriculum” for Grade 6

In addition to these kinds of curriculum changes, one parent shared that, as NAIS influence has grown over the past decades, the individual character and personality of their member schools has dwindled. Her case in point: there used to be a difference between traditional St. Alban’s and progressive Sidwell Friends in Washington D. C. Now they are both cookie cutter woke. According to her, NAIS has rendered all privates the same.

Declining Standards, Cowed Parents, Duped Donors

The upshot of all the interconnected relationships described above is that the much vaunted “independence” of member schools is belied by their dependence on NAIS. Alumni who donate to their alma maters are signing checks based on fond memories, but a radicalized and hollowed out stepchild governed by a “successor ideology” is cashing them in. And enrollment contracts are very clear—parents who organize against any of the practices mentioned above can have their child expelled.

An excerpt from an actual enrollment contract illustrating schools’ leverage against parents who raise concerns.

Declining standards are another major concern for Parents Unite and Undercover Mother. As NAIS has been refocusing their priorities away from academic rigor and towards “wellbeing”, “feeling good about yourself”, and “creating a better society”, according to Donna Orem, NAIS President, dropping numbers of National Merit Semifinalists suggest that academic standards are suffering. A major question is, how long can these schools whose brands signify excellence continue down the primrose path of “belonging”, “social transformation”, radical “equity”, and an obsession with “whiteness” and white supremacy at the expense of their core value proposition, all while dividing the student community and creating an intellectual monoculture?

Resource Guides and Handbooks

NAIS also offers a suite of best practices through their resource guides for school trustees, and heads. The book “Hopes and Fears: Working with Today’s Independent School Parents” has many tips for how to keep parents at arm’s length, including training teachers in managing parent relations.

The book also makes clear that administrations should NOT treat parents as co-equals. Rather the school should assert dominance as the “senior partner” in the relationship with parents, and be willing to sacrifice the former respect, cooperation, trust, and confidence parents had for these schools.

From “Hopes and Fears: Working with Today’s Independent School Parents,” page 79

The same handbook blatantly urges administrators to make assumptions about parents based on race, claiming that “colorblindness doesn’t work”, “race is always in the room”, and Black parents specifically “can never fully trust their child’s school”.

From  “Hopes and Fears”, pp. 55-57

NAIS also advises stonewalling any perpetually unsatisfied “5 percenters”, pathologizing them as possibly “mentally ill”. This offers a convenient rationale for humoring or silencing any dissent. As a consequence, parents who persist in asking pointed questions find themselves being pigeonholed.

5 percenters

Mental Illness of Parents

From the section “Parents: A Typology” in “Hopes and Fears”, pp. 48-49


Fighting Leviathan

Parent pushback against the onslaught of critical race and gender theory in public schools continues to gain steam. Groups like Parents Defending Education, No Left Turn in Education, and Moms For Liberty organized to fight against divisive practices have achieved major election victories and legislative changes. While most national media attention focuses on public schools, smaller organizations like Parents Unite and Undercover Mother have been garnering attention as they push for change at the nation’s prestigious privates, called “independent” schools.

Undercover Mother

Undercover Mother started their Substack in August 2021.

So are these nascent organizations pushing back in the private school market having an impact? At their “Diversity of Thought in K-12 Education” conference last October, Parents Unite brought together an A-team of educational thought leaders, lawyers, school choice advocates, concerned parents, dissident teachers (such as myself) and four brave students, to share knowledge and experiences. Undercover Mother continues to expose misdoings at member schools, and the flow of leaks is turning into a torrent. In response, NAIS has had to make multiple edits of their website, scrubbing their pages of almost all of their resources related to the PoCC, after leaked videos shared online exposed teacher training in indoctrination. Twitter removed many of the clips I personally shared after Myra McGovern, NAIS’ Vice President of Media, submitted a complaint, although I maintain they were clearly fair use. It seems we are on NAIS’ radar. And at the most recent PoCC conference, three leaders of SDLC were very aware of the pushback against CRT and reasserted their commitments, albeit rather lamely in this video.

More to Come

We will stay tuned as the fight heats up this spring. This is the first in what will be many stories about the kinds of practices that are common among NAIS schools. I’ll be tracking the progress of parent resistance organizations like Undercover Mother and Parents Unite. I’ll also be sharing more curriculum from schools such as those listed in Legal Insurrection’s Critical Race Training in Education Database, as well as more NAIS teacher training videos, as well as statements of board members. I will also guide readers through how DEI pushes through to the youngest students, show how it is carefully sequenced across all subjects in elementary, middle and high school, and share how these materials impact the well-being of children.

Insiders can email me information at [email protected].

Paul Rossi is a high school mathematics teacher, tutor, and writer. In April 2021, he went public about the impact of Critical Race Theory and pedagogy on his students at Grace Church School, where he had taught since 2012. He is currently an advisor to the Educational Liberty Alliance and a co-host of Chalkboard Heresy (launching soon) Please send tips and stories to [email protected] or DM on Twitter at @pauldrossi.


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Looking forward for what you will present Mr. Rossi. I am sure it will be interesting.

    Massinsanity in reply to donewiththis. | February 10, 2022 at 11:06 am

    I have two kids at private schools and have been noticing this trend for several years now. At my younger child’s school parents have pushed back and seemingly tempered the radical shift to the extreme left. I think it’s easier to do when the kids are younger and more open and parents are more engaged. It is more difficult at the high school level where there is generally less parent engagement and the kids themselves are less likely to share news about whats happening at school

    Two takeaways from the article… the push for “equity grading” is a natural extension of affirmative action and other woke policies. When a high caliber school admits students who are not equipped to succeed at said school two things can happen… the student fails or the school lowers the standards for success. There is the potential for a death spiral here among “elite” schools if they choose to lower standards then parents will become less likely to shell out $50-60k per year or more to send their kids there. The second takeaway is the move to characterize recalcitrant parents as mentally ill. This is the first time I have seen this in writing and is shocking. These NAIS people are truly evil.

nordic_prince | February 9, 2022 at 9:37 pm

Homeschoolers are looking more and more prescient.

    Considering this is a time in our history when the DUMBEST people are being placed into the highest positions, homeschooling is a recipe for success.

    Speaking of the dumbest people in high positions: Kamala Harris finally goes to Europe, kneepads and all! —

    White House sends Kamala Harris to Europe to ‘reassure’ allies:

    WasTaiwanese=NowFullAmerican in reply to nordic_prince. | February 10, 2022 at 12:27 pm

    I never intended to home-school. I more or less fell into it. The reading wars was the start. I knew that phonics was a tried-n-true method, So I reasoned that there was no need to use anything else. The whole language / whole word approach just seemed off. English has 26 letters and 44 sounds. That’s it. Any kid can learn that.

    Just before his 4th birthday I began a phonics program; by 5 he was a reader; by 6 he could read/pronounce (though certainly not understand) a medical textbook. As the reading went rather easily – and I came to see that kids would, if given the right setting, amaze you with their memories – I introduced him to numbers and counting. That too went well, and I just continued on.

    He graduated from RPI at age 20 (mechanical engineering).

    Absolutely. Our children are grown, and I still receive compliments on how well they interacted with adults when they were children. Their math skills are were off the chart, and they are firmly rooted in Christianity. They are appalled at what is happening in the public schools now. All three want to homeschool their children.

Thank you for this informative post. I am genuinely scared by how far this has gone, how evil it is and how much power is wielded by the people behind it. This is so infuriating and makes me feel so helpless. Normal people are on the defensive and will stay on the defensive for a long time; this is going to be a very long fight.

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors hear an earful from the public
The public is outraged with the unjustifiable, draconian COVID policies put in place by Public Health Director Dr. Sara Cody. I propose 9 questions that the Supervisors should have asked but didn’t.

The meeting featured public health officer Dr. Sara Cody.

Public testimony came from the Santa Clara firefighters and others in the community who are all outraged about the draconian measures instituted in Santa Clara County by Dr. Cody.

The short story is that Dr. Cody doesn’t cite a single piece of evidence justifying why Santa Clara County has to have more restrictive measures than the State. She assures everyone she is studying whether we can align with California’s guidelines but has no timeline for providing an answer.

At no time does she identify a single intervention she has instituted that she credits for the amazing mortality numbers she shows in her mortality chart (@3:45:13 and shown below) which is not normalized and thus misleading. But it fools the Supervisors (especially Supervisor Simitian) who think she’s awesome.

It’s not clear that anything will change since the Supervisors only went as far as suggesting that she should look into aligning the County policies with the State policies to eliminate confusion.

This story is of special interest for those in Santa Clara County, but for those living in other areas, it helps to illustrate some of the techniques that your public health officials will use to keep you in a state of emergency. It ends by highlighting key questions your local government officials should be asking and probably aren’t.

“every school community includes a small subset of people with serious mental health problems.”

That includes teachers, administrators and the folks at the NAIS as well.

If you can’t get on board being “an American”, then get the fuck out. There are plenty of places in the world already FAILING with your idiotic ideology. Just. Go. There.

This has never been about raising the standards of the rest of the world. It has always been about bringing American standards down to the shithole world’s level, and it’s working…

So, if their numbers are accurate, and 25% of American adults have a mental illness, can’t we also assume that 25% of educators have a mental illness? And how does the NAIS propose to address that?

Comment 1:

Our school district declared the first week of Feb to be BLM in ed week. They really do it for the entire month and beyond. The district and the community are full throttle on it, so not much we can do.

We always take a week vacation during this week and noticed at least one other family did the same, though they won’t admit that it was due to BLM. I doubt it was coincidence.

Another family just kept their kids at home during that week.

Some people in the area removed a bunch of the BLM propaganda from the street facing view of the elementary school. The school district continues to call them white supremecists and hate groups so they can further advance their narrative that racism is real.

    It’s a national scandal what’s going on. Stay tuned because one of the upcoming articles in my series is going to focus on how teachers sequence the BLM curriculum (called “BLM at School”) in elementary school.

Comment 2:

We made the decision to home school starting next year until we move. While the BLM and political stuff was the catalyst, it was really a much bigger issue of the public school system churning out kids with ZERO life skills. With the masking stuff it dawned on me that all they are really learning is “compliance” to the orders of a nebulous, nameless, unaccountable institution who demands compliance w/out reason, without questioning and zero tolerance for those who won’t bend the knee. The result is generations of kids who are worthless to the job market when the leave school and who have to be re-taught everything when they are lucky enough to land in a place in life where they are mentored by a productive member of society. Those who don’t get mentored later pretty much stay worthless.

The fact that these radicals will no longer receive the 17k/year to brain wash my kid is icing on the cake. The state still takes the money from tax payers and will likely find a way to funnel to these despots anyway, but they won’t have access to my kid anymore.