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Brooklyn College Banned Guns for Campus Cops, Then Had to Call Other Police for Help During Shooter Threat

Brooklyn College Banned Guns for Campus Cops, Then Had to Call Other Police for Help During Shooter Threat

“It is all somewhat ironic”

Disarming police does little more than make woke people feel better about themselves.

The Daily Mail reports:

Woke Brooklyn College that banned campus cops from carrying guns – after official said she was ‘triggered’ by female officer with a Glock – is forced to call for help from OTHER schools during active shooter threat

Brooklyn College’s woke president has banned campus police from carrying guns and during a recent active shooter threat the school was forced to call for help from other CUNY schools which still allow armed patrols.

Top administrator Michelle Anderson, formerly a Yale Law school professor who specialized in rape law, yanked the Glock-19 pistols from peace officers on the Flatbush-Midwood campus in early October last year after a school official said she was ‘triggered’ by the sight of a female campus security officer wearing a firearm.

‘It is all somewhat ironic because this woman peace officer had been personally authorized to carry her Glock on school grounds by Anderson herself several years ago,’ a source told

On February 3, the school issued an ‘active shooter’ threat and at least 10 peace officers from five other institutions were called to respond to the shooting while on-campus security were dispatched to collect their locked up guns from lockers.

While the threat was not acted on, the new edict raises questions of how the school can ensure the safety of students on campus in a city where gun crime has risen 30 percent year-on-year, according to the latest NYPD crime statistics released on Wednesday.

In Brooklyn south alone, where the college is located, gun crimes have risen a staggering 111.1 percent year-on-year.

At least nine institutions of the 25 under CUNY control continue to allow armed patrol guards, including City College of New York in Manhattan, Bronx Community College, Kingsborough Community College and Staten Island College.


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Get woke, and choke

Ideologues are not practical people. They substitute complaints about being “triggered” for common sense.

Or, to put it another way, stupid is as stupid does. And the wages of stupidity are potentially death.

Rupert Smedley Hepplewhite | February 14, 2022 at 12:45 pm

I always heard New Yorkers were “tough”, especially those from Brooklyn. I guess they lied.

When I went to school, the elders in decision-making administrative capacities had typically worked on stuff like the Manhattan Project, or the Sabin vaccine, or the Apollo Program.

Today, the people in those same offices would overheat and break down if they had to think more than zero moves ahead in a game of checkers.

They always forget that the criminals didn’t agree to the rule.