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Iran’s Military Threatens to ‘Annihilate’ Israel as Biden Admin Restarts Nuclear Talks With Tehran

Iran’s Military Threatens to ‘Annihilate’ Israel as Biden Admin Restarts Nuclear Talks With Tehran

Iran’s military spokesman Brig.-Gen. Abolfazl Shekarchi: “We will not back off from the annihilation of Israel, even one millimeter.”

As President Joe Biden’s administration resumes nuclear talks with Iran, the Iranian military has threatened Israel with total ‘annihilation.’ 

“We will not back off from the annihilation of Israel, even one millimeter. We want to destroy Zionism in the world,” the senior Iranian military spokesman, Brig.-Gen. Abolfazl Shekarchi told the country’s state-run media

On Monday, the Biden administration restarted formal negotiations with Iran at a European Union-sponsored summit in Vienna, Austria. China and Russia, both key allies of the Iranian regime, are also participating in the talks. 

Iranian general “Shekarchi’s genocidal antisemitic remarks come just days before the nuclear talks are set to restart in Vienna Monday on curbing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s illicit nuclear program,” The Jerusalem Post’s Middle East correspondent, Benjamin Weinthal, noted. “The United States and other world powers are seeking to provide Tehran with economic sanctions relief in exchange for temporary restrictions on its atomic program.”

Ahead of the talks, Iran demanded that the Biden White House lift all sanctions placed on the regime by former President Donald Trump. 

Since President Biden took office, Washington has lifted a series of sanctions on Iran, including an international weapons embargo. Media reports suggest that the Biden administration may make further concessions in the hope of coaxing the regime back into the Obama-era deal. “EU, Iranian and Russian diplomats sounded upbeat as Iran and world powers held their first talks in five months on Monday to try to save their 2015 nuclear deal”,” CNN reported.

Jerusalem Post‘s Benjamin Weinthal reported the remarks made by the Iranian military spokesman: 

The spokesman for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces, Brig.-Gen. Abolfazl Shekarchi, on Saturday urged the total elimination of the Jewish state during an interview with an Iranian regime-controlled media outlet.

“We will not back off from the annihilation of Israel, even one millimeter. We want to destroy Zionism in the world,” Shekarchi told the Iranian Students News Agency.

The Iranian general also blasted Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates for normalizing diplomatic relations with Israel, terming the diplomacy “intolerable” for Iran’s clerical regime. “Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and other countries considered as Muslims, for us they part of the Zionist regime and this is very important,” said Shekarchi.

Shekarchi has previously lashed out at Israel, saying that Iran’s regime can “level Haifa and Tel Aviv in the shortest possible time.”

While the Biden administration is busy appeasing the Mullahs, a senior Iranian official revealed that the Shia-Islamic regime has detailed plans for developing offensive nuclear weapons.  

He disclosed that the blueprint for such nukes was created by Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the slain Islamic Guard (IRGC) general known as the “father” of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Last year, Fakhrizadeh was killed in a roadside ambush, an operation attributed to Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad. 

Fereydoon Abbasi-Davani, the former head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, also admitted that Tehran intends to extend its ‘nuclear umbrella’ to other Arab states that may fall under its sphere of influence, such Syria and Iraq.  

The Israeli TV network Channel 12 reported Iran’s aggressive nuclear strategy: 

In a dramatic change, senior Iranian officials have admitted that Iran has plans to build offensive atomic weapons. The plans were prepared by Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the head of Iran’s nuclear program, who, according to foreign sources, was assassinated by Israel a year ago. A senior Iranian military official said that Iran has the ability to build a military nuclear weapon but supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei must approve it.

In addition, former head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Fereydoon Abbasi-Davani said that Fakhrizadeh had prepared plans for an offensive weapon, not just to defend Iran but also to serve other nations threatened by Israel, such as Syria and Iraq.

At the nuclear talks in Vienna, the Iranians will announce to the world: “We have the ability and knowledge to make the bomb.” In addition, they will say that the factory making advanced centrifuges at Karaj is out of bounds and international inspectors will not be permitted. (Translated from Hebrew by the Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs)

The Israeli government has alerted Washington to Iran’s heightened efforts to acquire a nuclear arsenal. “Israel has been sharing intelligence with the United States showing that Iran is preparing to enrich uranium to weapons-grade 90 percent purity,” The Times of Israel reported on Monday, citing Hebrew media sources. 

As Iran races towards a nuclear weapon, Jerusalem is readying plans to strike its rogue WMD sites. The media reports suggest that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have ordered several U.S.-made aircraft, reconnaissance drones, and weaponry for a possible covert operation. 

Israeli Prime Minister Bennett ahead of Biden-Iran talks: “Do not give in to Iran’s nuclear blackmail”


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Trump did more for Israel than any president in 50 years but Jews voted for and donated to the candidate who was very clear about making a deal with Iran.

    So, 20% did not. That said, no diversity, no color blocs (e.g. people of Jewish[ness]), principles matter.

      Ben Kent in reply to n.n. | November 30, 2021 at 6:34 pm

      @ n.n. you missed my point. It’s not a religious thing. It is the hypocrisy of voting for a person whose policies are so different from what you profess to believe. It means voting as a bloc without consideration of the policies that can harm you and your community. Granted, Jews were not the only demographic group who voted for Biden- many others did too. But this article clearly illustrated this point. True, about 20% did not vote for Biden. But nearly 80% is one of the highest rates of any group to go for Biden.

      The contrast between the large number of Jews that voted for Biden and the existential threat to Israel that he is enabling is astonishing.

      I hope people will focus more on the fact that we have a problem in America with people voting in blocs without considering the policies they are enabling.


    Jewish liberals are a far worse existential threat to Jews than any Iranian nuke.


Biden is just doing what he said he would do. He is continuing down the road Obama started. A Nuclear-armed IRAN.

Blame the people who vote for him and donated millions to his campaign. Who is that ? If your a Jew – 80% chance you just have to look in the mirror.

    alaskabob in reply to Ben Kent. | November 30, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    When they look in the mirror they see someone in America, far from the pointy end of the spear. Sure, an occasional Muslim will run you down, stab or shoot you…. but this is rare. Those that look in the mirror, as a whole, never have seen true suffering although a trip to the Holocaust Museum can allow them to interpret what it felt like to be in really bad straights. Israel is not their only refuge right now. They don’t see the Jewish State as their Biblical insurance policy. Just my two cents.

    Stuytown in reply to Ben Kent. | November 30, 2021 at 1:59 pm

    Thanks for your support, Ben. sarc

      Ben Kent in reply to Stuytown. | November 30, 2021 at 2:10 pm

      I hope to prompt people to have conversations that question the herd mentality that seems to pervade politics these days. People seem to turn their brain-off and to just vote for parties and people without really thinking about the policies that could impact them and their community.

        guyjones in reply to Ben Kent. | November 30, 2021 at 2:16 pm

        Plenty of Leftist Christian Americans reflexively Dhimmi-crat are in this “herd” that you refer to, Ben. Spread the blame more widely. You need to cast a bigger net if you’re going to assign blame for the Dhimmi-crats’ electoral success.

          Ben Kent in reply to guyjones. | November 30, 2021 at 3:15 pm

          Yes. Lot’s of blame to go around. But this story was focused on one aspect of Biden’s agenda and so I wanted to highlight the hypocrisy.

          As for others – FIRST, let’s stop the focus on voting machines and vote counting. Not saying that isn’t an issue – but the REAL ISSUE is the media. That is where there was undeniable election meddling. The media because a partisan propaganda machine and that should disturb everyone who believe in democracy. They censured bad news about Biden and relentlessly attacked Trump. They put their Thumb on the scale. Remember, a change of only about 60,000 votes in key states would have meant a second term for Trump. If there were an unbiased and honest media — Biden would not be president.

        thetaqjr in reply to Ben Kent. | November 30, 2021 at 6:53 pm

        “…the herd mentality that seems to pervade politics these days.”

        Isn’t herd mentality the very definition of democracy under majority rule?

        And majority rule doesn’t even have to have the backing of the “majority.”

        Quit talking about voting resulting in some abject superiority. Just quit.

        That there exists a majority is fake. It s a figment. It is a fake notion, It is a political faux pas. The notion that we, here, in the U. S. are governed by majority is a major faux.

        Abortion? What majority? I don’t know, 5-4?

        On all the major political disputes today, how to treat Covid, what % support BLM has in the 40m+ black community, what % of black folks in Mississippi ever heard of BLM,.

        Whether Mississippi should be bound indefinitely to the Union, whether the stats of democratic poolsters are reliable, whether they are poltroons, whether NY should alleviate crime in upstate NY by releasing SIngSingers directly into Buffalo and Syracuse and NYC.

        I deny that a plurality exists on the court-defined conflicts of this day, much less a consensus of some nonexistent majority.

    guyjones in reply to Ben Kent. | November 30, 2021 at 2:13 pm

    What you’re stating may be statistically accurate, but, I find your line of rhetoric of “blame American Jews” for Xi-den’s election to be distasteful and unfair. There are plenty of conservative Jews and many of them live in key states such as Florida.

    American Jews are still a statistically insignificant portion of the American populace. Bottom line — without substantial support from American Christians, Xi-den doesn’t get elected.

    As a Jew myself, I’m frustrated by American Jews’ support for Dhimmi-crats, but, there is plenty of blame to assign across all segments and faiths of American society, and, I resent your exclusive focus and blame on Jews — it’s statistically unwarranted and myopic.

      Ben Kent in reply to guyjones. | November 30, 2021 at 3:25 pm

      @ guy – I think you misunderstand. I am not blaming Jews for Biden’s election. I’m not sure how you got that from my Post. I am simply highlighting the irony, yes even hypocrisy, of one group that voted overwhelmingly for Biden. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

      Biden was elected by many groups that conveniently over-looked his policy proposals which were adverse to them and their interests. I have family members who simply decided they would vote for anybody except Trump – they never even looked at – or cared about – Biden’s policies. It’s madness. Now, my family complains about Biden’s administration policies on Iran, on pushing CRT and attacking parents, on military, on China, on the economy, on the border. BIDEN did not hide these policies. Anyone who cared to look would have known what was coming. Now, everyone wants to complain and Biden has the lowest approval ratings of any president in 80+ years. Even so, Biden just pushes ahead – because his sycophants tell him will be the next FDR and he has a mandate to upend America.



    Ben, you are 100 percent right.

    Jewish liberals are lemmings, happy to take down all of Jewry with them.

Israel won’t let them get far. I remember a mysterious explosion of centrifuges. The next step may be more extreme.

Don’t worry.
It will be a mostly peaceful annihilation.

    jagibbons in reply to Exiliado. | December 1, 2021 at 8:20 am

    It is my prayer that Israel has the stones to deal with this threat. It is nothing less than an existential threat to Jews (both religious and cultural) worldwide and to the legitimate nation of Israel.

    If Iran is allowed to proceed, their goal of wiping out all Jews will be one step closer.

“Peace for our time.”

I’m pretty sure Israel could wipe out much of Iran without breaking too much of a sweat.

    texansamurai in reply to UJ. | November 30, 2021 at 4:20 pm

    these iranian lunatics are dangerous enough with conventional weapons–imagine the destruction they could(and will, given the opportunity)cause with nuclear weapons

    bluster/signalling is one thing–all-consuming hatred/delusion is quite another–agree that israel will vaporize these fools if need be and at israel’s time and choosing–fortunately for the middle east, israel needs no support/consent/advice from fjb, the un, etc.

As always you don’t even have to look up to know that Bite Me’s chief Iran honcho – leading proponent supporter to give Iran nukes – is a Jew. That being the big Bernie fave Robert Malley.

Biden is just dumb, dumb, dumb………

Perhaps we can reorder some more legal claims, and redistribute some change with the hope that they don’t (do?) coordinate and progress transnational conflicts.

Paging Mr. Samson…Mr. Samson, line two…

The US has become a childish country.

Biden continues to pussy-foot around Iran. This is when we need a leader with a backbone, one who will stand up to Iran and North Korea. The ISA needs Donald Trump back in the Whitehouse.

    JohnBH in reply to JohnBH. | December 1, 2021 at 9:15 am

    Biden continues to pussy-foot around Iran. This is when we need a leader with a backbone, one who will stand up to Iran and North Korea. The USA needs Donald Trump back in the Whitehouse.