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House Judiciary GOP: FBI Is Tracking Parent Protesters

House Judiciary GOP: FBI Is Tracking Parent Protesters

“An FBI agent provided a copy of the internal email to several Republican lawmakers, citing concerns that it could open the door for the bureau to collect information on parents voicing their opposition to local school policies during meetings.”

We previously covered the disgusting politicization of the FBI and DOJ to put their criminal prosecution weight to silence the parent protest movement.

The House Judiciary GOP has obtained documents showing the the FBI is executing on the plan, specifically monitoring parents. The Wall Street Journal reports:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has set up a process to track threats against school-board members and teachers, moving to implement a Justice Department directive that some law-enforcement officials and Republican lawmakers say could improperly target parents protesting local education policies.

The heads of the FBI’s criminal and counterterrorism divisions instructed agents in an Oct. 20 memo to flag all assessments and investigations into potentially criminal threats, harassment and intimidation of educators with a “threat tag,” which the officials said would allow them to evaluate the scope of the problem.

The internal email asks FBI agents to consider the motivation behind any criminal activity and whether it potentially violates federal law. Agents should tag such threats “EDUOFFICIALS” to better track them, according to the memo, which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

“The purpose of the threat tag is to help scope this threat on a national level, and provide an opportunity for comprehensive analysis of the threat picture for effective engagement with law enforcement partners at all levels,” says the email signed by Timothy Langan, the FBI’s assistant director for counterterrorism, and Calvin Shivers, the assistant director of the bureau’s criminal division, who retired this month.

An FBI agent provided a copy of the internal email to several Republican lawmakers, citing concerns that it could open the door for the bureau to collect information on parents voicing their opposition to local school policies during meetings.

WSJ further reports:

“The FBI has never been in the business of investigating parents who speak out or policing speech at school board meetings, and we are not going to start now,” the FBI said Tuesday in a statement. “We are fully committed to preserving and protecting First Amendment rights, including freedom of speech.”

The claim that they only track “threats” is complete BS, as we have seen time and again, parents raising their voices as school board meetings are called threats. There have been close to zero acts of violence, and any disruptions have been and can be handled by local authortities. There is no reason for the federal government to be bringing its law enforcement weight to bear in monitoring a peaceful protest movement, other than for political purposes.

Nicole Solas saved the FBI the trouble by dropping by today:

Another example of how Merrick Garland is unfit for office.

From the archives:


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Except for parents like that black guy who threatened to bring 1000 other racists with him to the next school board meeting of course 🙄

Burn the whole thing down!!

Remember when the Patriot Act was not going to be a threat to our civil liberties? (Ha!)

I wonder what secret courts are now ruling on Americans being monitored over opposition to CRT.

Remember when Bitch McConnell put Grahamnesty ‘in charge’ of the Senate Judiciary Committee and then he didn’t issue a single fucking subpoena or do a single fucking thing to investigate the blatant illegal behavior by the FBI?

Good times.

    Danny in reply to Olinser. | November 18, 2021 at 10:02 am

    Did you know that the DOJ is an EXECUTIVE agency you idiot?

    By the way Chuck Schumer is glad you endorse him for another term as senate majority leader by lying about his alternative Mitch McConnell.

What precisely is the difference between the FBI and the KGB: other than location?

Organized crime with a badge.

Parents are being given the bipartisan Tea Party treatment.

I’m sure the Black Nationalist grunt in Ft. Worth who actually made some threats is at the top of their list. Not.

But BLM and Antifa are a-okay, right? Didn’t Garland testify before Congress that he hadn’t done/wasn’t doing this?

This is what happens when the FBI becomes the arm of a politicized AG

The Patriot Act must be repealed. And the FBI defunded and disbanded.

The government and politicians have demonstrated they cannot be trusted with this power.

It took about a decade for politicians and the government to start using the Patriot Act to target American citizens doing nothing wrong. To start using it against domestic political opposition.

And the FBI has been used as a political weapon since Hoover.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to JHogan. | November 16, 2021 at 7:19 pm

    And Citizens United, which has greatly helped bad business players like social media and Amazon.

      Milhouse in reply to JohnSmith100. | November 17, 2021 at 2:09 am

      Huh? Citizens United stands for the simple and obvious proposition that people don’t lose their freedom of speech just because they pool their resources and form a corporation in order to exercise that right.

      The 0bama administration’s position was that the government can ban any newspaper, book, or movie that is published by a corporation, i.e. almost all of them! Including this blog, which is published by WAJ Media, Inc., and therefore without Citizens United would have no rights. Surely you don’t agree with that position!

        The United States government has an interest in enforcement of fair elections and preventing the ability to fix them by among other things control of airwaves, the public square, requirement of funding disclosure (see end of any political add) to preventing coordination between people and campaign.

        The public square is public and the government has always had a say (via laws) in what can and can’t be allowed there.

        Citizens United was a narrow ruling on a law that went a step too far which was defended poorly by the Obama administration not a decision that government can’t regulate corporate political speech which it can and still does.

Anacleto Mitraglia | November 16, 2021 at 5:45 pm

So in the end there was ONE good guy in the FBI.
Soon to be purged, to be sure.

While the FBI agent who provided the documentation of this to Republican Lawmakers is clearly a principled man of law I fail to see how at best the FBI isn’t a malevolent organization with some good people in it that is in need of a good disbanding and replacing.

    MattMusson in reply to Danny. | November 17, 2021 at 7:18 am

    Right now there are FBI shows on CBS – FBI, FBI Most Wanted and FBI International.

    Here are three more shows I would like to suggest: FBI Schoolboard, FBI Patriot Rally and FBI Coverup.

She has MILF in her twitter title. That seems odd to me.

Meanwhile, House and Senate Republicans… do nothing.

Speaking as a high school social studies and government teacher, I praise these parents and condemn the School Board Association and the DOJ for tracking parents whose only offense is to challenge a liberal POV in a public forum by exercising their First Amendment Rights.

On the one hand, we are rightly concerned about the sexual exploitation of our young; on the other, we encourage them to “explore” their “sexual/gender identity”. Our encouragement of gender dysphoria is equivalent to telling an anorexic girl that she really is morbidly obese. The girl in Loudoun raped by a boy in a skirt is a real victim of a real assault.

Advice to these protesting parents: even if you hate their guts, wear Mao buttons and Che Guevara t-shirts next time and speak of “bourgeois decadence”> They’ll have to hear you.

There’s been a Gramscian “march through the institutions”, and the institutions are all the worse for it.

I’ve been calling for the elimination of the FIB for years. Finally many of you get it. The FIB’s only job is to keep the elite in power.

    Arminius in reply to Barry. | November 17, 2021 at 8:46 am

    No, only part of the current elite. It’s real purpose is help bring about the revolution. Then there will be a new elite. Only portions of the old elite will be retained.

These parents are dangerous counter revolutionaries, comrades. They must be crushed. Remember Terry McAuliffe saying he didn’t think parents had a right to interfere with their children’s education?

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Because under Marxist dictatorships children belong to the state. The state merely allows parents to raise them for its own convenience.

So remember folks, the FBI doesn’t even track Antifa/#BLM violence. And if these noble members of vanguard of the revolution happen to get caught up in the legal system, the DoJ/Soviet Ministry of Justice will ensure they are released, uncharged, and their identities will be concealed.

“Joe Biden and other Democrats turned a blind eye to the violence for political reasons in a stunning show of hypocritical double standards. In too many cases, Democrats even encouraged more leftist violence. As it turns out, the Federal Bureau of Investigation turned a blind eye to those carrying out the riots and looting too.

In a congressional hearing last week titled “Confronting Violent White Supremacy (Part VI): Examining the Biden Administration’s Counterterrorism Strategy,” FBI Assistant Director of Counterterrorism Timothy Langan said that the Bureau doesn’t consider Antifa to be an “organization,” and as such does not have specific information on the group’s activities.

In response to a question about how much violence or domestic terrorism Antifa committed in recent years from Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), Langan had nothing to offer.

“Under the anti-government category or subcategory of domestic terrorism — would that include groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter, folks who commit violence or acts of domestic terrorism?” Mace asked.

“Well, we don’t identify groups but individuals’ actions,” Langan responded. “So if individuals are committing actions that would be in furtherance of anti-government or anarchist ideals then they would fall into that category.”

“So would you quantify Antifa as an anarchist group under then that subcategory?” Mace pressed. “I mean, it’s an anarchist group, right?”

“The director has previously described them as a ‘movement’ and there have been individuals that have associated or identified with Antifa that have conducted violent acts that we would categorize as anarchist,” was all that Langan could offer of the mere “movement” of Antifa….”

Ignore the word salad vomited up by this Logan dude. Bottom line is that Antifa/#BLM are the paramilitary field/street operations wing of the anti-American left. Of course they don’t track them; they’re working together. Just like subpoenaed emails revealed that when Ben Shapiro spoke a few years back at UC Berkeley, City Hall was working with Antifa/#BLM to ensure the BPD didn’t interfere with the violent leftists.

What do you imagine we’d find if we got our hands on the emails from, say, the DoJ’s civil rights division?

    Arminius in reply to Arminius. | November 17, 2021 at 9:44 am

    “Joe Biden and other Democrats turned a blind eye to the violence for political reasons in a stunning show of hypocritical double standards. In too many cases, Democrats even encouraged more leftist violence.”

    We need to open our eyes. These people have an agenda. If you understand the agenda than there is nothing hypocritical at all going on. As if the left is dedicated to the concept of equal justice. No, They want to bring about the revolution. Whatever brings it about they’ll cheer on. Just like people still fall for the notion that the left has its “heart in the right place” because their stated goals sound so benevolent. But, gosh darn it, sometimes their policies have negative impacts which, they’ll claim, nobody could have foreseen. They’ll call those “unintended consequences.”

    Does anyone imagine they could have imposed those policies if they had been honest and said those negative impacts were the intended result all along? The stated goals were just a smokescreen?

    How to tell who is on the CCP’s payroll.

    This article was published just one month ago.

    “Four more Arizonans die from West Nile; hospitals see ‘fairly significant’ amount of patients
    by Cole Lauterbach, The Center Square
    | October 04, 2021 03:00 PM

    Public health authorities announced Friday four more Arizonans have died from complications of the West Nile Virus.

    The Arizona Department of Health Services updated its data on West Nile Virus instances Friday, showing the new death total for the summer and fall mosquito season has risen to 14. ADHS also increased the state’s probable and confirmed West Nile Virus case count to 256.,,,”

    You can talk about West Nile virus (a province in Uganda), Zika Virus (a forested region in Uganda), Ebola Virus (a river in what used to be Zaire, but now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), or hell Lyme disease (a town in Connecticut), Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (do I really need to tell you), etc., all day long. But say Wuhan virus and the leftists leap to their feet and shout, “That’s rayciisss!!”

    Because they’re not working for Uganda, the DRC, and let’s be honest, the United States.

thalesofmiletus | November 17, 2021 at 8:44 am


So now Nicole Solas calls herself a MILF? Does that woman have a single brain in her head? How is she going to rake them over the coals on promoting pornography in schools when she calls herself a porn person? What an idiot.

We really need to get rid of this Administration as fast as we can. The FBI is out of line here and its because their boss is out of line. Its time for the Scotus to get involved and FAST. we need a huge red wave and start making people accountable. This whole ROGUE FBI thing is not looking good with the Durham case who is basically going to prove the FBI went rogue in 2016

A strong case can be made that Garland perjured himself when he testified to the contrary under oath to a Congressional committee