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World Health Organization Monitoring New “Mu” COVID Variant

World Health Organization Monitoring New “Mu” COVID Variant

COVID infections driven by Delta appear to have peaked in U.S.

Based on the history of the 1889 global coronavirus pandemic, we expect waves of COVID-19 infections to strike various populations for several years.

We now have enough data that specific patterns associated with COVID-19 outbreaks are becoming apparent. It appears that stretches for an outbreak in a region last approximately eight weeks.

The Covid Delta variant may finally have started to peak in the US – amid speculation it has followed the same two month trajectory as other prior mutations.

While cases in the United States are still rising, the rate has slowed in recent weeks, leading many experts to believe the variant that devastated the nation is running out of fuel.

Cases grew by 67 percent from August 2 to August 16, from 85,000 per day to 142,000 per day, and only 15 percent, 139,000 per day to 160,000 per day from August 17 to 31.

…Previous surges have often last around two months, though, and with Delta first erupting in the Midwest at the end of June, this peak could represent the mutation following the same schedule as prior variants, which began to fall after two months.

Cycles of the Delta variant have also lasted around two months in many countries that were struck by the virus earlier than the United States.

Earlier this week, I explained that the World Health Organization identified two types of variant classes. We have “Variants of Interest” whose mutation may cause therapeutic issues or may have enhanced transmissibility. Then we have “Variants of Concern,” which are mutant viruses known to have higher transmission rates, pose therapeutic challenges, and cause more severe disease). Once identified, classified variants get a Greek letter designation.

WHO has now added the “Mu” strain to its list of COVID-19 “variants of interest.”

The strain, also know as B.1.621, was first documented in Colombia in January 2021 but didn’t receive an official designation until Aug. 30.

According to a WHO report, the mu variant shows signs of evading COVID-19 vaccine protection.

“The Mu variant has a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape,” the report said.

The strain originated in Colombia and has since been detected in the United States and Europe. It is being reported that 2000 cases of the Mu variant have been identified in the United States.

The WHO report said: ‘Since its first identification in Colombia in January 2021, there have been a few sporadic reports of cases of the Mu variant and some larger outbreaks have been reported from other countries in South America and in Europe.

‘Although the global prevalence of the Mu variant among sequenced cases has declined and is currently below 0.1 percent, the prevalence in Colombia (39 percent) and Ecuador (13 percent) has consistently increased.

‘The epidemiology of the Mu variant in South America, particularly with the co-circulation of the Delta variant, will be monitored for changes.’

COVID-19 in all its various forms is here to stay. Wise health officials will make plans around having hospitals prepare for two-month cycles, ramping up healthcare and treatment efforts around those cycles, and educating the public about how they can take personal responsibility for being healthy.


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The Friendly Grizzly | September 4, 2021 at 4:05 pm

What is that I hear? “Wolf! Wolf!!!”

Thought so…

    What’s that I hear? Another variant? The people must be catching wise to their B.S. if they’re trotting out another alleged variant to try to scare people with. Wonder if they’ll try to justify yet another “booster” for this one, too.

As the Biden* junta’s poll numbers collapse, the “concern” over this-or-that variant of the Wuflu will grow.

And they ARE obsessed with poll numbers, despite the fact that the massive voting fraud machine they used to steal the 2020 presidential election is still largely in place and will be protected by the sewer known as the Federal judiciary. It is not enough that they will probably control the country until economic collapse or civil war finally dislodge them. No, the galaxy-sized egos of the incompetent buffoons running the Biden* junta dictate that they be LOVED by the proles whom they hate and feel superior to.

    That is why the Joseph Goebbels media is pushing Wuflu panic pr0n. The want the junta to “save” the proles from something they don’t need saving from. So what better way to divert the proles” attention from the junta’s massive incompetence on the economy, the border and Afghanistan with yet another fake crisis that they “solve?

Oh yes. The lost continent of Mu. I remember reading about that. The Chinese had a biological warfare laboratory before it was destroyed. Refugees from that catastrophe then fled to regions throughout the earth carrying the virus with them.

They can’t even prove the Delta variant even exists since there seems to be no test for it

    Colonel Travis in reply to geronl. | September 4, 2021 at 6:35 pm

    Yes we can prove the variant exists. You do this through genomic sequencing. Following variants in populations has been happening since last spring. These overused and abused PCR tests cannot do this. A lab can.

      Yes. Fairly simple these days. It takes some time and it is kinda pricy (or it was about 1p years ago). I doubt it happens much, but it should be happening some.

“While cases in the United States are still rising, the rate has slowed in recent weeks, leading many experts to believe the variant that devastated the nation is running out of fuel.”

I really disagree with the variant “devastated” any nation

Saw this on another site and thought it was fitting:
Who’s On First?, modified to fit Covid.

“You can’t come in here.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re not vaccinated.”
“But I’m not sick.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“Well, why does that guy get to go in?”
“Because he’s vaccinated.”
“But he’s sick!”
“It’s all right. Everyone in here is vaccinated.”
“Did you say that everyone in there is vaccinated?”
“So why can’t I go in if everyone in there is vaccinated?”
“Because you’ll make them sick.”
“How will I make them sick if I’m not sick and they’re all vaccinated?”
“Because you’re not vaccinated.”
“But they’re vaccinated!”
“Yes, but they can still get sick.”
“So what does the vaccination do?!”
“It vaccinated.”
“So, vaccinated people can’t spread Covid?”
“Oh, no. They can spread Covid as easily as an unvaccinated person.”
“This is crazy!. Look, I’M NOT SICK!”
“And everyone in there can still get sick, even though they’re vaccinated?”
“That’s right.”
“So why can’t I go in again?”
“Because you’re unvaccinated.”
“I’m not asking who’s been vaccinated or not!”
“I’m just telling you how it is.”
“Never mind. I’ll just put on my mask.”
“That’s fine.”
“Now can I go in.”
“Absolutely not.”
“But I’m wearing a mask!”
“Doesn’t matter.”
“I was able to come in here yesterday with a mask.”
“I know.”
“So why can’t I come in here today if I’m wearing a mask? If you say ‘I’m not vaccinated’ again, I’ll break your arm.”
“Take it easy, buddy!”
“So the mask is no good anymore?”
“No. It’s still good.”
“But I can’t come in.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re unvaccinated.”
“But doesn’t the mask prevent the germs from getting out?”
“Yes, but people can still catch your germs.”
“But they’re all vaccinated!”
“Yes, but they can still get sick!”
“How?! I’m not sick!”
“But you can still get them sick.”
“So then masks don’t work.”
“Masks work quite well.”
“So how can I get vaccinated people sick, if I’m not sick and I’m wearing a mask?!”
“Third base.”

As if the vaccines were effective against the current ‘variants…’

    Dathurtz in reply to rduke007. | September 5, 2021 at 7:39 am

    Don’t you know? Every official source says 98% effective. You can’t doubt official sources! They are reported on the news!

Stepson and his best friend both got the virus (he thinks it was Delta) two weeks after their JJ vaccination. I am not drawing conclusions.. Nope.. just sayin….

PS… Early on, Laura Ingraham interviewed virologists that discussed Muller’s ratchet.
I took some time to look it up.. Virology 101

PersonofInterests | September 5, 2021 at 12:10 pm

We must NEVER lose sight that all the decisions and mandates are predicated on Covid Case and Death Data and that “data” is derived from a PCR “Test” that isn’t a “test” but instead, per its inventor Dr. Kary Mullis who won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for inventing it, a laboratory process and tool THAT WAS NOT TO BE USED AS A CLINICAL TEST.

The reality is that the PCR Process was derived to “photo copy” if you will, what may be found in a sample too small to investigate. The PCR Process increases the size of a subject material that may be found, for example, in a human body and a human body has lots of materials. The RNA of a now defeated common cold infection; benign viruses and bacteria that cause us no harm or make us sick. Imagine those found in our mouth, stomach, and digestive tract that even aid in the digestion of food that we eat AND THEY DON’T MAKE US SICK.

And yet as of this writing not one lab has successfully isolated purified samples of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus said to cause the COVID-19 disease. SO HOW DO THEY KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR AND DEEM IT THE CAUSAL AGENT WITHOUT APPLYING “KOCH’S POSTULATES” TO PROVE IT’S THE CULPRIT?? The answer is they don’t know and cannot honestly say.

In fact, the CDC recently abandoned the use of the PCR “Test” for Covid:

So if the PCR “Test” is invalid, so too is the Case and Death Data derived from them that is being reported; a “Test” that is not testing for a specific causal agent, i.e. viral RNA and disease, but instead is testing for a specific RNA PATTERN being present or not from a swab inserted into your nasal passage.

The fallacious PCR “Test” and resultant data claim is the lynchpin to the hysteria and fear mongering that is going on. IN OTHER WORDS, IT’S A BIG FRAUD!!!

How can any of these so called “Scientists” truly say whether the Covid is not just a variation of the Annual Flu hyped to promote a despicable attempt to change political outcomes and advance tyrannical juggernaut to neuter civilized institutions and governance and replace them with an Authoritarian and Totalitarian Dystopia having no freedoms or ability to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Like the 1967 Vietnam Era song by Buffalo Springfield, “There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear” and we better start pushing back hard until we find out or curse ourselves for failing to have done so.

And wouldn’t we know that with the CDC casting aspersions on the PCR “Test” that has been in use from over one year, Bill Gates and George Soros are buying a company involved in testing so that THEY will control via their intellectual property rights secrecy the key in determining who is “infected.”

To be clear, the WHO, for all its problems, has placed this variant on the variants of interest list only. That means keep monitoring it, and of course, clickbait journalists will do what they do in their rush to be “first”.

But those of you mocking should at least read the article where it says nothing about designating it a variant of concern just yet…it’s just being monitored right now, that’s all.

Whoever the replacement Rush Limbaugh show host is, he refers to it as the “moo” variant. Perhaps this is a reference to the original vaccine being for cowpox but I doubt it. It’s just ignorance of Greek.

Mad magazine had a strip on “The Planet with 24 Sexes,” with one letter for each, and a growing crowd going from bar to bar trying to pick up a missing sex, until they had everything but a mu. “Mu’s are so stand-offish” complained one. “I’ve never gone to a mu-house in my life,” said another.

Think of the mu variant as the female in the stable of variants.

Delta is still dominant in the USA. No other current variant can compete with it. While the Delta surge is running out of steam in FL and TX, it hasn’t yet peaked in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states. I expect Delta to peak in the northern US in late Fall to Winter. Mu (or Mew) needs a lot more evolution to have a chance of competing with Delta.