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Another Weekend of “F*ck Joe Biden” Chants Suggests #FJB Is Here To Stay

Another Weekend of “F*ck Joe Biden” Chants Suggests #FJB Is Here To Stay

What started this trend? Inflation, Afghanistan, draconian WuFlu measures, Biden’s clear lack of fitness for office? Backlash against CRT? All of the above?

Last week, Mike blogged that chants of “F*ck Joe Biden” (FJB) were heard in college football stadiums across the nation, and this past weekend, the trend continued . .. and spread to other venues.

#FJB trended on Twitter, and there are many outlets from which people can purchase their very own FJB hats, tees, bumper stickers, etc. I find this hilariously ironic and very fitting in the wake of the Democrat media propagandists breathlessly proclaiming Biden the next FDR, LBJ, and even JFK. Biden’s got his very own historical three-letter name now, and . . .

It’s glorious.

And in other venues:

I’ve read a lot of  articles on right-leaning sites that whinge at the language used (while admitting to enjoying the latest resistance trend).  I have no such qualms.  After watching the way the left treated President Trump for every second of his presidency (even talking about impeaching him before he took office), I think the rules of decorum regarding presidents were reset.  And they were reset by the left. I’m happy to, would even be grateful to, a return to some semblance of national unity after a presidential election, but I will not comply until a Republican president is treated with the respect the outraged left is now demanding be accorded Biden.

In fact, if such a chant were to start wherever I am, I will enthusiastically chime in. Given that I don’t attend college football games or go to concerts or go to street protests, such a thing would have to happen at the grocery store or in the gardening section of Home Depot, so I’m not holding out much hope that I get to join in venting my rage at Biden and his incompetent, America-hating commie administration.

It’s not really clear why college kids started this trend, though  Nick Arama over at RedState offers some solid ideas.

There are so many things that the people chanting could be upset with Biden about, from inflation to COVID restrictions. But this followed the Afghanistan debacle, with Americans service members getting killed and Americans being stranded there; so, I’m thinking that’s likely at least part of the impetus that kicked it off.

I think it’s all that, but also, these are college kids who are being treated to daily doses of Critical Race Training in their classrooms and across their campus and online culture. They are being told that they are evil, their nation is evil, their parents are evil, and I’m pretty sure they don’t believe one word of it. At least not the ones chanting at college football games.

Biden’s a privileged, Christian (Catholic), heterosexual white male, and as such is a member of the oppressor class, the exact description of all that is wrong with America and its racist white supremacist blah blah blah.  If these kids are “evil” for being born white, how much more evil is the face of whiteness in the White House, wielding seemingly unlimited power over every aspect of our lives while not just condoning but actually forcing the teaching of anti-white racism across the government, including the military, and in bed with the Department of Education and teachers’ unions that have now enthusiastically declared that they are indeed teaching this divisive, hate-filled, shaming and shameful Marxist ideology.

So yes, it’s rising prices on everything, it’s the draconian and utterly useless WuFlu measures, it’s Biden’s Afghanistan stain that was directly responsible for the deaths of 13 of our service members and for leaving Americans behind enemy lines, but it’s also, I think, a direct response to and vehement rejection of what they are being trained to believe. Or at least are being forced to regurgitate in order to get through college.

If this were Trump, they’d be getting extra credit in their courses—from maths to history and everything in between, but as it’s Biden and the racist “antiracist” movement isn’t (yet) ready (or able) to topple white power on its own side, these students will likely be punished by their woke colleges and universities.  If called out for their chants, these college students should just claim that they are putting their CRT training into action, speaking truth to white supremacist oppressor power and working really hard to “be less white.”


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You don’t really see much of this around here outside of an occasional “Buck Fiden” yard sign. We were on board long before it became a fad.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to txvet2. | September 13, 2021 at 9:38 pm

    “Buck Fiden”. Sounds like a good name for the main character’s sidekick in one of those old singing-cowboy movie serials that ran in movie houses before WWII.

      Who was that maked man that roamed the west and when he said something he shouldn’t they cut off his audio feed? I dunno but his sidekick isn’t Tonto. And anyway Kamala Harris can’t pronounce Kemosabe with a full mouth. “Hiyo Imbecile! Away!”

“ I’ve read a lot of articles on right-leaning sites that whinge at the language used”

It’s good to know who the weak-kneed cowards and next round of turncoat conservatives are going to come from

If you after the last 12 years you are going to start talking about “decorum”, then you aren’t watching the same fight I am.

Sorry, not sorry, but that’s the truth. Anyone worried about the decorum of an FJB chant isn’t in this fight.

FJB was chanted this morning by the “welcoming committee” of about 2,000 souls at Boise airport. As you said, “glorious”. I cringed a bit as there were kids there, but it’s their future that Biden is destroying. So #FJB away!

    How young is too young to question authority of government.

      gran2ten in reply to r2468. | September 14, 2021 at 3:58 pm

      train them up in the way they should go and they will not depart from it, young as they can comprehend, my family never sat me down n said love your country, respect servicemen & women, work hard, live by the principle don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you, these always made sense to me. I modified some slightly! For me and my house we can and as early as possible value THINK FOR YOURSELF!

I wonder how many college admins are trying to pick faces out of the crowd and expel their students at this time?

I had no idea.
I’m buying the face diaper right now. Triple-threat activism.

I wanted to start the chant during the company Video meeting when they announced VaX mandate but I didn’t and I still have my job. Maybe I’ll watch a college game and chant at home.

I’m not one for expletives, but the elite truly is Fucking the rest of us. The unwashed are beginning to wake up. Yes, a chant like this is harmless, but it shows displeasure with the establishment as well as an old, crusty man pretending to be president. Besides, Demented Joe does not like it so I am all for it.

    gran2ten in reply to natdj. | September 14, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    We chanted to protest Vietnam war, it seemed to have an impact, but it was overwhelming young people Check out Connecticut Liberal Arts College they are tired of their overlord’s lockdown!

I try not to be a karen about it but, in this case, let ’em go for it.

BTW, there might have been some drunks participating at some stadiums, but alcohol isn’t sold at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn – so they were probably sober. That makes it even better.

Love it! Keep it coming, folks!

i don’t fuck trash, i bury it… 😎

Fuck Joe Biden is socially liberal and inclusive.

Plan Joe Biden is a forward-looking human… humane rite.

Well what do we do?

The liberals turned the athletic arena into a political arena. I see the choice as

– accept the disadvantage and refrain from politarding during sports.


-drop down to their level and ruin the football game.

i’m still going with a FWIW, someone reply if he knows of an option C.

I am sure SecDef Austin and General Milley are chomping at the bit to start droning these “white nationalists”.

No, I am not joking. Austin, Milley and the woke generals and admirals at the Pentagon have made no secret of their hatred of the “white nationalists” they hallucinate about.

I prefer the more 1960’s style chant:
Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho,
Joe and the Ho Have to Go

My contempt for Biden is unbounded. I believe he is corrupt, senile, and malicious.
I can express these sentiments without profanity.
In the unlikely event I ever go to another sports stadium for an event, I would like to know that the crowd won’t assault my wife, daughters, or grandchildren with this kind of language.

    charlesw04 in reply to johnny dollar. | September 14, 2021 at 8:40 am

    What world do you live in? They hear this language everyday in the school yard. I don’t agree with the profanity but it’s out there. Council your children well on how bad this stolen administration is, while counseling them on the proper language to use.

    get ear muffs! Are you a silly silly silly silly too sensitive for a necessary chant with a curse word? don’t need you in my fox hole!

Are the FJB hats and tee-shirts available yet?

They only need ‘FJB’ printed on them.

Are you sure these aren’t supporters of Brooklyn Boynie, or people who’ll cheer when Kamelto Harris steps into the Oval Office?

Biden is likely unaware of the significance here. But, his handlers (Obama, et al) are panicking. Damn that 2A say they.

We need something similar for the RINOs/eGOP.

Has anybody noticed that Bill Gates seems to have vanished?

I don’t normally go to football games. But I would if I was promised a few rounds of #FJB.

    But you will most likely never go. More likely, thousands of Ds will stop attending and cancel their season tickets. this is bad for one of the few conservative entertainment venues and must be stopped.

Great stuff. #FJB

Oh, and #FuckDC (or, if you prefer, #FuckCongress. Or at least #FuckDEMs and #FuckRINOs.)

Now let’s play a little catch-up…
#FuckObama. And #BuckOfama.

Hope this spurs some entrepreneur… and the economy, by extension.

Joe Biden is validly baptized, we may assume. He is clearly not acting as a Christian let alone Catholic if we only look at his hell-bent effort to promote every single abortion he can.
While I dislike the language and lament that it has come to this, I do like that for once people seem to wake up ot the evil represented by the Democrats. And if a false friend like David French, after whom Frenchism is named, wants to faint over it, all the better.

#FJB is appropriate for football games and other large meetings. The sooner we get rid of Joe and the ho the better.

I thought that when they go low, we go high.


My guess is Alabama won’t get invited to the WH if they win the NCAA championship.

I dropped in specifically to see Millhouse’s comments about how this didn’t really happen, didn’t really matter, and/or didn’t really change anyone’s mind.

I’m disappointed.

Nice to see there is some popular movement against this communist buffoon. Once a President starts getting ridiculed in public his authority diminishes. He may be unable to govern in a year. Let’s hope Nov 2022 turns the house

I vote for “ruin the game”.

SEC football is a huge cash cow.
Disrupt the game and make ESPN et al lose revenue.

Hit them in the wallet

Wonder how ESPN is going to deal with this?

FJB is so much better and more visceral than variations on that old brain-dead chant “Hey hey, ho ho, Joe Biden has got to go.” Keep up the good work, sports fans.