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Al Sharpton Heckled During Visit to Southern Border in Texas

Al Sharpton Heckled During Visit to Southern Border in Texas

“How much money are you making? Why are you here advocating for violence?”

Al Sharpton loves to insert himself into situations when he thinks he can gain some relevance as a result. This week he visited Del Rio, Texas, but not because the thousands of migrants there have been living in squalor for days.

It was only after the fake news story about Border Patrol agents using whips went viral due to Democrats and our dishonest media, that Sharpton became interested in the situation.

Apparently, some people didn’t want him there because he was heckled.

Anna Giaritelli of the Washington Examiner has details:

Al Sharpton’s border trip descends into farce as he is heckled during 150-second speech

Rev. Al Sharpton was shouted down by protesters while attempting to speak about U.S. Border Patrol’s treatment of Haitian migrants and an incident involving its horse patrol unit.

The civil rights advocate was forced to leave the podium at an outdoor press conference in Del Rio Thursday afternoon after speaking for just two minutes and 30 seconds at the podium.

“We went for an hour and toured the place that we feel is a real catastrophic and human disgrace as people around this world watch the Border Patrol use slave-like techniques — mounted on horses. It compelled us to come and show our voices and our presence,” Sharpton said, fighting to speak over at least two male protesters in the crowd who attempted to drown him out.

“How much money are you making? Why are you here advocating for violence? Del Rio is not a racist city. Del Rio is a loving, caring community,” the men yelled. “We don’t want your racism in Texas. Get out of here. You’re a disgrace. You’re a racist. Nobody wants you in Texas. Nobody wants you in Texas.”

Here’s the video:

Here’s another angle:

Jon Brown of FOX News has more:

“He [incites] violence and riots,” said Kelsey French, the wife of a Border Patrol agent, according to local Fox 29. “He is not pro-cop. Our community is very cop. We support our men and women in the green and the blue and every color that they wear. We love them. We don’t want him here we don’t want his trouble. Amen.”

Sharpton spoke dismissively of the protesters, whom he accused of being “Trump supporters” and “right-wingers” who “can scream all they want.”

Sharpton also said he wanted the Border Patrol to face an investigation while someone shouted that he is “a race-baiter.”

Sharpton is a grifter. He didn’t go there when people really might have needed help. He went there when he thought it would be at his advantage to do so.

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Al doesn’t realize he stepped into one of the most socially conservative spots in South Texas! Those Hispanic families are very, very traditional and they support law and order and hate what the drug cartels and human traffickers have done to their communities. And especially—they hate race-baiting, left-wing Noo Yawk agitating carpetbagging morons like Al Sharpton with a vengeance.

Has this tax cheat ever paid his back taxes? Who paid for his private jet? Clearly, a Legend in his own mind!?!

“Al Sharpton loves to insert himself into situations when he thinks he can gain some relevance…”

Relevance = $$$$

Lucifer Morningstar | September 24, 2021 at 10:53 am

And the sad part is that Sharpton just stands there and mumbles through this racist nonsense oblivious to the hecklers yelling at him. Perhaps it’s time for the race baiter extraordinaire to call it a day and retire in well deserved obscurity.

But I doubt it.

Old fossil Sharpton looks like one of the claymation California Raisins.

Speaking of horse whips…

The civil rights advocate race hustlerwas forced to leave the podium at an outdoor press conference in Del Rio Thursday

“Rev. Al Sharpton was shouted down by protesters….”

The good reverend ought to be shouted down. He obtained the title Rev. when he was nine years old, but has never, in his entire life, been the pastor of a church.

The good part is the lack of a JV bench for these folks. Sure B Crump but his grift if federal lawsuits and AoC/Squad but their grift is getting elected in radically blue districts. Neither of which have even a tenuous connection to the 1960’s Civil Rights movement nor any National appeal.

The end of the road for d/progressive is coming soon. Their party elders are….elderly; Biden, Pelosi, Clyburn, Senators Leahy and Feinstein among others, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton. Who are they grooming and passing the torch to? AoC who is likely to attempt a primary v Schumer? K Harris? Lots of d/progressive in fighting and and sharp elbows coming as they reel from 2022 midterm losses. Not to mention the likely realignment within the base of trading working class voters for woke voters with crazy ideology and green fantasy.

    henrybowman in reply to CommoChief. | September 24, 2021 at 11:32 pm

    I don’t see it. For the fossils who hark back to the Civil Rights movement, that’s not even relevant anymore. None of the new firebrands gives a crap about the content of anybody’s character, and they call you racist if you do. It’s all back to skin, skin, skin now, except the whips are in the other hands. That’s where the new “leadership” is going to come from. Marxists using race to foment revolution.

    Wait until Kendi runs for office. You heard it here first.

      CommoChief in reply to henrybowman. | September 25, 2021 at 11:03 am


      Sure the rapid fire social media environment has created the tweet as the new level of depth and breadth of ‘journalism’. No question the the crazies in the d/progressive party are going for broke this year without any effort to pretend or camouflage their motives. Their media allies pulled out from any pretense of objectivity in 2016.

      However that sort of pedal to the metal transformation is obvious. Average, work a day folks have noticed. CRT/Equity isn’t popular in the heartland. Mask and vax mandates are going to lose steam as cases, hospitalizations and deaths decline in the next few months. Open borders are widely unpopular. Green new deal? Nope. Spend another $3.5 Trillion on human infrastructure? Not popular.

      Couple this with the performance of Biden/Harris admin in reality v in theory and tanking poll numbers show average folks who ain’t political junkies are dissatisfied. Raging inflation, small businesses destroyed, Large Mega corporations record profits, harassment of employees to get the jab. None is hugely popular.

      The bench on the left doesn’t exist. Contrast to our side. Trump then DeSantis and maybe Sen Tim Scott or Sen Cotton as likely series of Presidential candidates. The left? Rerun Warren or Booker? Bernie? VP Harris? Cuomo? Newsome?

      This is their high water mark. Everyday folks are energetic about resisting CRT/Equity in the schools, govt and at work. They are organizing and pushing back. All these grassroots efforts will create the enthusiasm needed to vote. Speaking of which, in red States at least, the mechanics of elections are being hardened against a repeat of 2020 shenanigans. All is not lost. Groundswell coming in 2022.

This beyond arrogant, race baiting hater is such a pompous buffoon. Has been his entire life. A racist and huge antisemite, this irrelevant fool has made a living off of guilt ridden white liberals, who allow this moron to have a show on their network to spew his hate, and who pay him off when he threatens to bring a bunch of black people to the front door of your business, to protest something that usually a lie that he made up… the Tawana Brawley fiasco that leftist tools bought, hook line and sinker.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | September 25, 2021 at 1:27 pm

Al SharpTongue is so beloved, perhaps we can all look forward to a National “Al Sharpton Day” where we can all celebrate the many contributions he has made to further race relations in America.