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Australia Ending Its Insane ‘Covid Zero’ Policy

Australia Ending Its Insane ‘Covid Zero’ Policy

Singapore ditching the “Covid Zero” goal as well, while New Zealand bitterly clings to this elusive number.

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Perhaps it was the moment the rescue dogs were shot.

Then again, perhaps it was the optics of using the military to lock down its citizens.

Or maybe officials are now more open to new scientific and historical information, such as the experiences during the global coronavirus pandemic of 1889.

But whatever the reasons are, Australians are being freed from the bondage of the nation’s current “Covid Zero” policy….slowly.

Australia is set to end its “covid zero” policy after Prime Minister Scott Morrison determined that the country’s approach is not “sustainable” in the face of the more infectious COVID-19 delta variant.

Australia has maintained a strict policy of restrictions and lockdowns to stamp out any outbreak, but the government over the weekend laid out a new plan that marks a sharp change in policy.

The government will drop most restrictions once 80% of adults are vaccinated, which the government believes could happen by the end of the year, The Economist reported. Any further action would occur only after hospitals reached a point at which they could no longer cope with new cases, but will otherwise handle what they can.

The delta variant provided a new challenge for a nation that The Washington Post once labeled a “pandemic success story.” The nation responded to the variant by instituting what it called “circuit breakers”: any detected cases would result in a lockdown to stop the spread “at the beginning.”

However, Morrison on Aug. 23 said the current course of action was “not a sustainable way to live in this country.”

And while vaccines certainly aren’t the magic bullet they were initially portrayed to be, at least accepting the fact that “Covid Zero” is not reasonably achievable is a sane step in the right direction. The timeline suggests the virus spread globally after the exposure occurred in the fall of 2019 during the World Military Games in Wuhan.

Suppose Australia can also pursue an early diagnosis, the development of effective and readily available treatments, and getting the population to embrace healthy eating and lifestyles. In that case, it will go much farther in halting severe illness and death when outbreaks inevitably occur.

Australia isn’t the only one ditching “Covid Zero” as a goal: So is Singapore.

Singapore has decided to give up on the dream of covid-zero and will instead learn to “live with the virus,” according to the country’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday. The decision comes despite the fact that Singapore has one of the highest covid-19 vaccination rates in the world, with 80% of the adult population fully vaccinated—second only to the country of Malta’s 82%.

Singapore, a country of roughly 5.7 million people, has been among a handful of countries that have pursued a strategy of completely eliminating covid-19, rather than just suppressing the virus. Other covid-zero countries over the past year have included New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Australia.

“It is no longer possible to bring covid-19 cases down to zero, even if we lock down for a long time. Therefore, we must prepare for covid-19 to become endemic, like the flu or chicken pox,” Lee said on Sunday during a speech to commemorate the country’s National Day, according to a transcript from the Strait Times.

Finally, let’s take a look at “Covid Zero” New Zealand. It’s being reported a woman’s death is linked to the Pfizer vaccine.

The information was released by the health ministry following a review by an independent Covid-19 vaccine safety monitoring board of the death of a woman after receiving the vaccine. The ministry’s statement did not give the woman’s age.

The board considered that the woman’s death was due to myocarditis, which is known to be a rare side effect of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, the statement said. Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle that can limit the organ’s ability to pump blood and can cause changes in heartbeat rhythms.

The country now has 107 COVID-19 cases.

There are 35 new cases of Covid-19 in the community, bringing the total number linked to the Auckland outbreak to 107.

Of these, 99 cases are in Auckland and eight are in Wellington. All the cases have been or are being transferred to a managed isolation facility.

Fewer than half of the 13,000-odd contacts linked to the outbreak have been tested, the Ministry of Health said.


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Managed isolation facility?

Who ever thought that zero cases was a sustainable goal? Diseases don’t work that way. Australia has half the vaccination rate of the United States, and virtually no one in the country has natural immunity. COVID is going to tear through Australia as soon as they relax even a little bit.

All they’ve done is push the date back.

    mark311 in reply to Evil Otto. | September 1, 2021 at 1:00 am

    Don’t they? How many cases of polio are there in the US, or maybe rubella . There are a number of examples where diseases have been handled in such a way that the rate is practically zero.

    CaptTee in reply to Evil Otto. | September 1, 2021 at 9:31 pm

    Question: “Who ever thought that zero cases was a sustainable goal?”
    Answer: Utopians.
    Comment: Utopian societies either get realistic or they die out.

Ironic that those screaming the loudest about following The Science™️ didn’t do so themselves and destroyed the credibility of health institutions in the process.

    SirDiesAlot in reply to Paddy M. | September 2, 2021 at 12:56 am

    That’s because its really not about the science or the virus, In fact they don’t believe it themselves and it simply being used as a vehicle to more control.

Did the Australian government actually end the policy? It seems that it is still in full force. There is only a vague promise to think about lifting restrictions at some indeterminate point in the future.

American Human | August 31, 2021 at 8:32 am

The thing is that 99.6% of the people infected will recover and that will be that. The Media, the government, and most other official institutions are equating being infected with death, i.e. if you get infected, you will die. It is a scare tactic, that’s all.
I hate wearing a mask, I just hate it, every second that it is on my face, I hate it. The instant I walk out of the airport, I rip it off my face. There is no rhyme or reason to believe that six-foot “social distancing” or masks will stop the spread of this measly virus. they haven’t so far.
Stop the madness.
In my county here in MD, there are about 270,000 people, since this thing started last year, fewer than 350 people have died. That’s 0.12%. The total number of people who have tested positive is fewer than 19,000. That’s 7.5%
I may not know about biology but I do understand probabilities. I’m willing to take my chances and if I catch the virus, I’ll be sick for a while and then I’ll recover.

Antifundamentalist | August 31, 2021 at 8:35 am

It was only ever the willfully ignorant who ever believed that a virus could be eradicated once set loose upon the world. Viruses don’t work that way. As for the politicians, well, you know they are lying when their lips are moving.

Remember everyone 15 days to slow the spread

The Chinese communists must be rolling on the ground, laughing at their successful deployment of the Wuhan virus bioweapon. Tally the fruits of this effort — successfully deposing President Trump (with the aid of gleeful and vengeful Dhimmi-crats and their media lackeys); installing dim-witted, tottering, feeble, emasculated and easily-manipulated dotard/vassal/puppet/dhimmi, Xi-den; watching western powers impose brazenly totalitarian Wuhan virus edicts, destroying lives, economies and personal freedoms; cozying up to Iran and the global Muslim terrorist outfits; threatening Taiwan even more explicitly than usual; all achieved without any threat of reprisal from the countries that have been victimized by this attack.

It seems all these overeducated idiots are finally letting it dawn on them that mankind does not have the power to eradicate viruses. And don’t even mention smallpox being “eradicated”; First of all, people not getting the virus is not proof it was “eradicated” and second, the American government still has strands of the virus in laboratories in the event we have another smallpox outbreak. If it were eradicated there would be no need to keep the strand around. Lastly, we already had a case monkeypox coming to the country; last I checked monkeypox is a strand of smallpox.

All of this madness just to ensure Trump didn’t win reelection (he still did) and to try to keep control over people’s lives.

Let’s wait and see. I have difficulty believing the tyrants (feudal Lords) who rule / control Australia’s government would give up so readily. Don’t they need the Queen’s permission, they are a member of the “Five Eyes” ?

And, why should we believe that a population that has bowed in voluntary servitude and relinquished so many of their freedoms over decades prior to the plandemic/scamdemic with all its scariants (just this morning it is reported South African scientists with help from the UK have used PCR (had to discard all replications that did not look at least 80% like what they were searching for) to create “hyper infectious” C.1.2., Greek letter to follow) have over less than a fortnight evidenced such commitment to restoring their freedom as to force “their (lol)” government’s capitulation. …

Let’s wait and see what comes next.

Colonel Travis | August 31, 2021 at 11:04 am

Epsilon, hello? Wake up, Epislon. Zeta, your brother won’t get up, help me, this is an emergency!

“The government will drop most restrictions once 80% of adults are vaccinated”

That should still be enough to depopulate the next generation sufficiently to keep their Global Reset masters from being displeased with them.

The data has never been more screwed up. Even the CDC doesn’t have any accurate data about hospital admissions, covid deaths and they admit it.

We are just being played for fools.

Subotai Bahadur | August 31, 2021 at 8:25 pm

I have to admit that my opinion of Kiwis and Aussies has gone drastically downhill. There seems to be a submission gene that is suddenly being expressed.

Subotai Bahadur

It’s the truckers’ strike. They’ve been warning the people to stock up on essentials for several days ahead of the strike. On August 31 thousands of truckers shut down their rigs and many of them blocked main highways into the cities. They’re demanding an end to all government mandates.

Israel has already reached a vaccination rate similar to Australia’s goal, and in no way did that help Israel. Gene therapy The vaccines have failed. The fact that the vaccinated are required to wear masks and booster shots (in just a few months?) are being prepared is a manifestation of their as-yet-unacknowledged failure.

Jo Bei Den’s next speech….
My fellow Americans; You F’ed up. You believed us.
Thanks for playing.