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List of “Pro-Palestinian” Violent Attacks On Jews In The U.S. and Canada

List of “Pro-Palestinian” Violent Attacks On Jews In The U.S. and Canada

The events of the past two weeks have proven, once again, that for many if not most “pro-Palestinian protesters,” anti-Zionism is just a covering for Antisemitism.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the scores of reported attacks against Jews that have occurred over the last several weeks. While Hamas targeted Israeli Jews with rocket fire and explosives, the “anti-Zionists, not-anti-Semites” of the western world targeted diaspora Jews in America, Canada, and Europe for harassment, destruction of property, and even violent assault.

For the past five years or so, mainstream media and international NGOs alike have agonized over White Supremacy; it has often been claimed that, of all repugnant Judeophobic ideologies, White Supremacy poses the greatest threat to diaspora Jewry today. The last few weeks—peppered with reports of horrific attacks against Jews by ‘activists’ seeking to “Free Palestine” — suggest otherwise.

Indeed, a Tuesday, May 18 article in The Jewish Press reported that anti-Semitic incidents in the U.K. had risen a staggering 438% between then and May 6 alone. As of the article’s publication, 86 incidents had been reported since the 6th, and the perpetrators in all but three of them used “language, imagery or behaviour linking them to the conflict in Israel and Gaza.” Moreover, in the 10 days prior to May 8, there were 16 such incidents reported.

Disheartening though it has been, we’ve been trying to collect and document as many of these reports as we can find. Since Sunday, May 14, we’ve posted about multiple physical assaults in Los Angeles, more in New York, and calls for the rape of Jewish women at “Palestine” protests in London:

Unfortunately, those reports only scratch the surface. So here is a list of some other instances we could find, listed alphabetically by location. We’ve also focused mostly on the U.S., and Canada, there are plenty of attacks going on elsewhere. It’s not comprehensive, because the attacks are so widespread and continuing daily, but it’s a good starting point.


Cleveland, Ohio

Friday, May 14

An anti-Israel protest evoked accusations of anti-Semitism in Ohio when demonstrators at an anti-Israel action reportedly stole and incinerated a Jewish counter-protester’s kippah (yarmulke). On May 20th, the Cleveland Jewish News recounted,

A Cleveland Heights supporter of Israel who attempted to counter-protest at a pro-Palestinian rally May 14 at Crocker Park in Westlake said he and his wife were both assaulted and his yarmulke was burned.

“They burnt my kipah, there’s no equivalency here,” Alec Popivker told the Cleveland Jewish News May 19.

Popivker and his wife, Sarah Nurit Gammon Popivker, who attend Congregation Zemach Zedech in Cleveland Heights, were carrying Israeli flags and video recorded themselves. He called it a hate crime.

Hallandale Beach, Florida

Friday, May 14

A man walking home from a Chabad synagogue in the heavily Jewish neighborhood of South Florida reported to police that a group of teens had thrown and hit him with a rock without provocation.

He said he was walking home from service at the Chabad [synagogue] on May 14 when he felt a pain near his calf. “All of a sudden, I feel a rock at my leg,” he said.

The man said the teens crossed the street to his side, and one of them threw a rock. “I didn’t look at them. I didn’t say anything to them,” he said. The victim said the teens took off.

“Thank God I wasn’t with my kids, and it didn’t hit me elsewhere,” he said.

Friday, May 21

The following week, the same location saw one of the most appallingly foul attacks we’ve heard of this month: a man sitting astride an electric bicycle actually tossed a bag of feces at the Chabad House in South Florida on Friday afternoon, May 21. A local news team reported that police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, as multiple witnesses said the man was hollering complaints about Jews, and had even been at the synagogue earlier that day, spitting at building’s decorative outdoor menorah and screaming at the rabbi.

Cellphone video captured the man on an electric bicycle as he went on a rant outside the Chabad of South Broward, along East Hallandale Beach Boulevard, at around 12:30 p.m., Friday. “The Jewish bastard pulled a pistol on me,” he said at one point during the tirade. He took off shortly after.

Police said the subject returned some time later and spit at the menorah located near the sidewalk in front of the building. Hallandale Beach Police Capt. RaShana Dabney-Donovan said the man did not stop there.

“Apparently, a young lady who was picking up her daughter from the Chabad witnessed this Black male dump what appeared to be a large bag or a pillowcase or some white cloth that contained human feces,” she said. The woman who witnessed the incident, who asked not to be identified or show her face on camera, said she was picking up her daughter from school at around 3:30 p.m.

“All of a sudden, I see this man standing there, no shoes. He was wearing a white tunic,” she said. When she started to approach him, the woman said, he put down the bag and walked away.

“I approached to see what was in the fabric, and it was feces,” she said. The woman said she tried to follow the man. “When he noticed I was following him, he started yelling, ‘[Expletive] Jews, you should not be doing this,’” she said. According to the police report, once the man was done emptying the bag of feces, witnesses said he shouted, “Jews should die!”

London, United Kingdom

Saturday, May 15

The weekend of the 15th in London began with a massive anti-Israel protest, reportedly co-organized by the virulently anti-Israel NGO, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). Demonstrators began “at Hyde Park near Marble Arch at noon on Saturday before marching to the Israeli embassy, holding banners and chanting.” The rally, complete with keynote speeches by Jeremy Corbyn and other high level Labour Party leaders, resulted in multiple arrests and physical injuries to nine police officers.

Video footage shows marchers shouting Islamist slogans, including the well-worn “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahud; Jaish e Mohammed sauf ya’ud!” This chant, popular amongst Islamists, translates to “Khaybar, Khaybar, O you Jews; the army of Muhammad will return!” It refers to an epic battle in 628 CE Arabia (the battle of the Khaybar oasis), in which Mohammed and his forces massacred, captured, and/or expelled the last remaining members of the previously robust Jewish population of Arabia. The chant is is generally understood to be a threat of a further Jewish genocide, this time led by the forces of the ummah (the Muslim world).

The PSC claims the London demonstration drew upwards of 100, 000 people; journalists from The Jewish News attended the event and noted that it also featured a protester climbing on a traffic light trying to burn an Israeli flag, demonstrators wearing T-shirts emblazoned with images of Sadaam Hussein, chants of “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” (commonly understood to be a call for the destruction of Israel as a sovereign Jewish nation state), and comparisons of Zionists to Nazis:

One male had wrapped himself in a flag which openly equated Zionism with Nazism. It also clearly bore name of the pro- Iranian Islamic Human Rights Commission name.

Asked why he believed Zionism was Nazism the man initially said: ”I don’t know – you will have to ask the organisers.” But he then added: “It is not antisemitism.  Zionism is not Judaism.”

…Asked if they believed Jews would be safe in a one state, Palestine both [protestors] said they felt they would.

“Look what happened before there was Israel,” they said. “Jews and Muslims lived in peace. It is Zionism that has caused this.”

Four Muslim males from Slough are also keen to stress, after I identify myself as being Jewish, that they do not believe this to be a religious conflict. Like so many on the march they are convinced they are not antisemitic and instead object only to Zionism.

“Jews who are not Zionist, they could live in peace in one Palestine,” says one of the males.

Tuesday, May 16

As we noted in our London post,

a “pro-Palestinian” protest motorcade blasted on loudspeakers calls to rape Jewish women. Via Sussex Friends of Israel:

UNBELIEVABLE! “F**k the Jews” “F**k their daughters” “F**k their mothers” “Rape their daughters” “Free Palestine” Finchley Road, London, this afternoon!

You can see more footage of the caravan below:

The Algemeiner noted that the Golders Green area is “heavily Jewish”; and that one of the members of the caravan “could also be heard on the loudspeaker saying, ‘We have to send a message.’”

In an encouraging turn, the following Wednesday, May 19, The Jewish News reported that “Metropolitan Police made four arrests [amongst the offenders] under racial aggravated public disorder offences at around 6.30pm on Sunday evening.”

Still, subsequent protests in and around London continue to draw Islamists openly advocating for “jihad” and dismissing the authority of the British government over Muslim citizens.

Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels has been particularly hard-hit by a wave of violent attacks on Jews and Jewish communities.

Monday, May 17

As I wrote last week, the end of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot in Los Angeles was punctuated by a frightening incident in which a two-car caravan driven by “Palestine” protesters reportedly chased a lone man on foot wearing Orthodox Jewish dress. Both cars were draped in Palestinian flags, and security camera footage of the incident showed the participants wearing keffiyehs.

Fox News reported,

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, told Fox News he was walking from his home to synagogue on Monday night during the Jewish holiday of Shavuot when he noticed a car speeding toward him.

“I’ve taken this route a million times and I’ve never been afraid,” he said. “I was waiting by the light for it to change and suddenly I saw a bunch of cars coming and I see out of the corner of my eye they were waving the Palestinian flag. They started speeding up and I heard them chanting ‘Allahu akbar.’ That’s when I started running for my life.”

Tuesday May, 18

The following night, multiple social media accounts live-streamed a brawl outside the West Hollywood restaurant Sushi Fumi. A small knot of Jewish diners was reportedly targeted by passengers in a “pro-Palestine” caravan; that day had seen hours of anti-Israeli demonstrations in the area that later spilled onto the neighborhood’s busy roads.

The LAPD arrested a suspect in the attack on Friday evening, May 21. As the Los Angeles Times reported,

Xavier Pabon, 30, of Banning was taken into custody Friday night and booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a news release. Detectives will also recommend additional hate-crime charges, they said.

Pabon was released Sunday after posting $275,000 bond and was next due in court Sept. 23, jail records state.

[An individual who appears to be Mr. Pabon can be seen in this screenshot from footage of recent Los Angeles anti-Israel actions]

His fellow anti-Israel agitators, asserting his innocence, quickly created a fundraising website to collect money for his legal costs, though the page appears to have been removed as of this writing.

Elsewhere in the Los Angeles region, the 18th also saw a well-known kosher restaurant vandalized. Locals posted photos of the doorway of the eatery, whose glass door had been smashed to smithereens.

Miami, Florida

Friday, May 21

The sexual threats against Jews heard in London have also made their way across the pond. Last Saturday, May 22, Fox News reported,

Eric Orgen said he, his wife, and his daughter, 16, had just left a synagogue in Bal Harbour and were walking on the sidewalk when a group of men driving by started shouting and throwing garbage at them.

“They just started screaming some derogatory things towards Jewish people out the window,” Orgen told WPEC-TV of West Palm Beach. “My first thought was just making sure my wife and daughter were behind me so I could take the brunt of anything that was going to happen.”

Orgen told the station the men said things like, “Free Palestine!,” “Die Jew!” “F– you Jew,” and “I’m gonna rape your wife.”

The family was helped by a driver who witnessed the attack and decided to intervene, Orgen said. Armed with a gun, the stranger defended the family and chased the group away.

“The guy in the car behind them saw everything go on,” Orgen told WPEC-TV. “I saw him pull a gun and get in between – I mean he was almost there as our guardian angel, just protecting us. I think once they saw him they just took off.”

Gabriel Groisman, the mayor of Bal Harbor, issued a statement on Twitter and Facebook condemning the attack.

New York, New York

Home of one of the largest Jewish populations in the world outside of Israel, New York City has suddenly seen a massive uptick in reports of vicious anti-Semitic episodes.

Thursday, May 20

Several horrifying stories have emerged in the aftermath of this particularly aggressive day of anti-Israel protesting all over the city. In our post on incidents in New York, we noted that “pro-Palestinian” demonstrators hurled a firebomb at Jews in Midtown, Manhattan. Footage shows

one of several men in the vehicle throwing the “Fourth of July style” device toward the sidewalk on West 47th Street near Fifth Avenue — and celebrating as it explodes. …

Firework packaging and one mortar shell were recovered, according to police sources. Witness Ronen Ijadi, 28, of Great Neck, described the device as “a Fourth of July style firework — it’s something you see in the sky, not on the ground.”

“I started running,” Ijadi said. “It exploded right behind me … I was less than two feet away … I couldn’t hear anything after.” Ijadi said he witnessed a parade of cars as people screamed, “F–k you, you Zionists” and “F–k you, you pigs.”

That same day, noted The New York Post,

An Upper East Side teenager said he was beaten up by pro-Palestine protesters after he had his Israeli flag yanked away at the demonstration, telling The Post he was hospitalized with a concussion and injured jaw after the attack.

“They surrounded me, and by the time I realized what was happening, I was punched in the face twice, once in the jaw and once in the temple,” the 17-year-old boy said, adding that, “This is another example of a rise in hate crimes in New York City, especially anti-Semitism.”

But aggression was not limited to teenagers; professional soccer star Luca Lewis wrote of being accosted suddenly by a group of hateful, ostensibly Palestinian men, who threatened him while brandishing knives.

Professional soccer player Luca Lewis said he was the victim of a terrifying anti-Semitic threat in New York on Thursday night.

The New York Red Bulls goalkeeper described the scene on his personal Instagram page, writing that the incident occurred while he was walking with a friend.

“A group of 6-8 Palestinian men walk up to me and asked me where I was from,” Lewis wrote. “I responded and said ‘New York.’ Than one guy asks me if I was Jewish. I pause for a moment in confusion and thought about it, then I saw them withdrawing knives.”

“The guy looked at me with such disgust in his eyes and said ‘Good.’ As I started walking away, I got extremely angry and felt like I had to say something,” Lewis continued. “So I turned back around and said ‘what if I was Jewish?’”

Lewis then writes the group of men walked up to him and the person who asked the original question threatened the soccer player, “I’ll beat the f*ckin sh*t out of you and kill you.’”


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Elsewhere, Twitter videos showed “Palestine” protesters throwing more fireworks, starting brawls with Zionist rally-goers, and spitting at Jewish restaurant patrons.

A day full of violent street protests, Thursday May 20 also saw the reported beating of a Jewish man by a] 23-year-old Brooklyn resident Waseem Awawdeh. The New York Post reported,

Joseph Borgen, 29, an accountant from the Upper East Side, said he was walking to the rally when multiple people ganged up on him on Broadway near West 49th Street.

“There was a rally at this location last week, which I had gone to,” Borgen told The Post. “I wore a yarmulke last week, and nothing big happened. I showed up for the same rally this week. I got off the subway at 6:30 and started walking to the rally, and before I could even make it to the rally, a few blocks away, a guy started chasing me.”

“I tried to get away, and the next thing I knew, I was surrounded by a whole crowd of people who proceeded to kick me, punch me, beat me down,” he recalled. “I felt a liquid being poured on my face and at first I thought I was getting urinated on, but it tuned out I was getting maced and pepper sprayed. My face was on fire. That pain was worse than the concussion and all this other stuff that followed.”

…“I have a concussion,” Borgen said. “I had an X-ray on my wrist. It’s not broken but it’s messed up. Every time I move it it’s in pain, probably sprained. I have bruises all over my body. I have a black eye. My face is banged up. I’m just sore all over my body. They were kicking me in my ribs, my stomach.”

Another New York Post article reported that a second suspect was arrested in connection with the crime on Monday, May 24.

Faisal Elezzi, 25, of Staten Island, was busted Monday and charged with three hate crimes in connection to the attack…Elezzi was charged with assault as a hate crime, menacing as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime.

Later, photos of the Jewish man healing in the hospital were posted online. They show him with a swollen, bruised face, wearing a neck brace to support his head.

[Awawdeh’s public court records]

Astonishingly, after the attack, Awawdeh brazenly and publicly bragged that he didn’t regret it; he reportedly,

proclaimed from his jail cell that he would “do it again,” prosecutors said on Saturday. Waseem Awawdeh, 23, was held on $10,000 bail in the Thursday attack…

“If I could do it again, I would do it again,” he told one of his jailers, according to a prosecutor at Awawdeh’s Saturday arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court. “I have no problem doing it again.”

The attack was unprovoked, said prosecutors, who told Judge Kathryn Paek that Borgen was walking near Broadway and West 49th Street when Awawdeh “jumped him and attacked him.”

…The Midtown attack was a hate crime, the Manhattan assistant district attorney told Paek, adding Awawdeh called Borgen a “dirty Jew” and said, “F–k Israel, Hamas is going to kill all of you.”

Somehow, Awawadeh’s associates still managed to blame Borgen for the attack:

Friends of Awawdeh’s who refused to give their names claimed Awawdeh was attacked first. “They picked somebody that was weak, that was on crutches,” one claimed to The Post.

The NYPD are still searching for the other three perpetrators of the attack.

Saturday, May 22

ABC News 7 documented the first of two assaults on Jews last Saturday by what could be the same perpetrators in both cases.

The first incident took place in front of a synagogue in Borough Park around 7 p.m. Saturday. Three males inside a blue Toyota Camry parked outside the synagogue yelled anti-Jewish statements, according to authorities. Police say they yelled “Free Palestine! Kill all Jews!” at four male victims standing outside the location.

The four victims then entered the synagogue and locked the door, at which point two of the males exited the Toyota Camry and began to bang on the front door of the synagogue. They were unable to get inside. On the way back to their vehicle, police say they kicked and destroyed the side mirror of a car parked near the synagogue. They then got back into the Camry and drove off.

A local Brooklyn news station described another terrifying Saturday attack on two Jewish teens shortly afterward, by a group of thugs with a baseball bat. Bystanders apparently saw a blue Camry fleeing this scene as well.

Two Jewish teens were assaulted in Brooklyn Saturday evening by a group of people who demanded the victims yell antisemitic statements, police said Sunday.

The 17-year-old and 18-year-old victims were walking on Ocean Avenue, near Albemarle Road, around 7:45 p.m. when they were surrounded by a mob of people, according to authorities. The suspects demanded the victims chant and yell antisemitic statements and then beat them when they refused, police said. The teens were repeatedly punched in the head and one of the suspects put the 17-year-old in a chokehold, according to police.

The suspects then chased the teens with a bat but the victims got away. They reported the incident to police and were treated for injuries at the 66th Precinct, according to the NYPD.

…The suspects took off in a blue Toyota Camry that was later seen near the Agudath Israel of Sixteenth Avenue synagogue in Borough Park, police said. The occupants of the Camry yelled anti-Israel and antisemitic statements at worshippers before driving off, according to police.

Monday, May 24

As if all this were not enough, kosher restaurants continue to be targeted:

Saba’s Pizza on the Upper East Side of Manhattan had a brick thrown at one of its windows overnight Sunday-Monday, according to a local group that supports kosher restaurants in New York City.

“Saba’s Upper East Side location was vandalized today, when a brick was thrown through the glass windows on the exterior of the restaurant,” says On Mondays We Eat Local co-founder Jonah Rosen in an email to members.

Skokie, Illinois

Sunday, May 16

The Chicago area, home to thriving Jewish community, has also seen troubling incidents. The beginning of the Shavuot holiday on Sunday May 16 was marred by an instance of synagogue vandalism. Israel National News reported,

The vandalism this week of a synagogue in Skokie, Illinois is being investigated as a hate crime by police, reported NBC Chicago.

Surveillance video from Sunday at 12:15 p.m. shows a man putting a sign saying “Freedom for Palestine” on the door of the Persian Hebrew Congregation. Another suspect gets out of a grey Honda Pilot SUV, approaches the building and uses a stick to smash a front window. The stick was left at the scene, according to police.

When police arrived they discovered the window shattered and the stick broken.

The first suspect had on a black t-shirt with the word “Icon” on it in red. He was also wearing a white, red, black and green keffiyeh on his head and a similar patterned black and white face mask. He had on black jeans and black shoes.

The stick wielding suspect was described by police as having dark brown hair. He wore a multi-coloured keffiyeh as a headband. He had on dark sunglasses, a black mask and a blue hoodie. He wore a red t-shirt and a blue hoodie along with faded jeans and red running shoes.

Toronto, Canada

Sunday, May 16

As in other cities, “Pro-Palestine” demonstrators in Toronto were revealed to have committed an outrageous series of attacks against Jews during a rally on May 16—including, reportedly, the sexual assault of a Jewish counter-protester. The Algemeiner reported,

A video of one incident at the Toronto demonstration  that was shared on social media showed young pro-Palestinian demonstrators, their faces wrapped in keffiyeh scarves, savagely beating a lone middle-aged Jewish man as he attempted desperately to flee the blows.

Another victim of the same attack said she had been sexually molested during her ordeal. The pro-Palestinian assailants “threw rocks, water bottles and glass bottles at us,” the unnamed victim was quoted as saying.  She explained that the police had been “escorting us to the parking lot where our car was.”

“At the parking lot I saw an elderly Jewish guy getting jumped,” she said. “They pulled his hair and as he turned around they jumped. They beat him with sticks.”

She continued: “Then I yelled at them and one of them kicked me while another grabbed my breasts and made kissy noises. Then he ran off.”

Toronto police separately confirmed that they had charged three demonstrators for violent and disorderly behavior at Saturday’s rally.

The three were named as Tarik Khaled Elzaabalawi, 24, of Mississauga, Hamza Alkiswany, 22, of Thornhill, and Connor Campbell, 29, of Toronto.

On the other hand,

new video surfacing Sunday evening appears to tell a different story from the initial footage. In it, a group of what appear to be Palestinian supporters are seen walking in one direction as another group approaches, at least one of whom is armed with what looks like a bat or stick. “You’re a tough guy!” shouts one of the men from what appears to be the pro-Israeli side. Seconds later a scuffle breaks out with members of the two groups trading blows as more bats or sticks come into view.

The Canadian branch of the Islamist so-called “civil rights” group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has asked police to investigate and says the tussle may have been instigated by the Jewish Defense League (JDL).

Tucson, Arizona

Tuesday, May 18

News of the vandalism of a Tuscon, Arizona synagogue broke on Wednesday morning when Arizona state representative Alma Hernandez tweeted her sorrow; she is a member of the targeted congregation. AZ Central reported,

The vandalism happened at Congregation Chaverim at some point between 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and 8 a.m. Wednesday, according to the Tucson Police Department.

The department said the synagogue’s front door was damaged, leaving a “rock-size hole not big enough for anyone to enter.”

Hernandez told The Arizona Republic the synagogue is “fairly small” and tucked inside of a community, making it unlikely that the incident was accidental.

“Someone deliberately, purposefully went to do this,” she said. “That’s what’s so unsettling and makes us feel so unsafe.”


Believe it or not, the awful assemblage of assaults listed above is only represents a small sample of what Jews all over the world have faced over the past several weeks. There have been dozens more reports of intimidation, harassment, threats, vandalism, and even brutal physical assaults; in Germany, in Manchester, in Montreal, and even more in New York. Meanwhile, the internet has been flooded by thousands of comments advocating a second Holocaust or praising Hitler and exhorting Muslims everywhere to unite for a violent jihad.

In fact, there have been so many instances that the Combat Anti-Semitism organization launched a standalone database exclusively for tracking “Palestine”-related incidents since the beginning of May.

And through it all, has the life of even one Palestinian under Hamas or the Palestinian Authority rule improved at all? Has even one Palestinian tangibly benefited from the overwhelming typhoon of hate threatening to drown world Jewry? Doubtful.

No amount of assaults on Jews thousands of miles away from Israel will ever “free Palestine”—not from (egads!) having Jewish neighbors, and not from the corrupt, oppressive regimes that are ultimately responsible for much of Palestinian-Arab suffering. If anything, the constant, organized violence against diaspora Jews only serves to further emphasize the absolute indispensability of a sovereign Jewish state in Israel.

Samantha Mandeles is Senior Researcher and Outreach Director at the Legal Insurrection Foundation. You can contact her on Twitter at @SRMandeles.


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Yes, these people are animals. But their handlers and inciters are no less guity, including Pelosi and Schumer and Harris.

    guyjones in reply to | May 27, 2021 at 7:04 am

    These vile, goose-stepping Muslim supremacists/terrorists have been directly enabled and empowered by the Dhimmi-crat Party and their media lackeys; that’s as plain as day.

    Does useful-idiot AG Garland and his politicized DOJ still believe, with a straight face, that “white supremacists” are the largest domestic security threat in the U.S.? Undoubtedly.

    By the way, where is our useless AG Garland? I haven’t seen him issue a statement about an investigation into these Muslim supremacist/terrorist pogroms against American Jews.

    And, note that it took a week or longer for our feckless, morally bankrupt dhimmi-dotard leader, tottering, feeble and emasculated Chairman Xi-den, to finally issue an utterly tardy and tepid condemnation of these vicious attacks.

In Rochester, NY, anti-Semitic attack happen on a regular basis. I’m sure its the same in many places and just not reported because it happens so often.

Proxy cancellation and carriage of social justice after decades of Palestinian leaders losing wars and man-made conflicts while endangering Israelis, Jordanians, others, and the people who they presumably represent in a democratic/dictatorial duality.