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Border Crisis: Biden Puts Harris in Charge of Immigration to Slow Down Migrant Surge

Border Crisis: Biden Puts Harris in Charge of Immigration to Slow Down Migrant Surge

Biden’s admin is also going to continue some of Trump’s policies like working with the Central American countries to tackle problems cause migration.

President Joe Biden has put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of slowing down the migrant surge at the border. However, the White House did not call it a crisis.

They also blamed President Donald Trump for the crisis, but a deeper look shows the Biden administration will continue some of Trump’s policies.

Harris in Charge

“President Biden said during the transition, whatever the most urgent need, he would turn to the vice president, and today he is turning to the vice president,” explained one official.

From Axios:

  • Harris will lead efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador) to manage the flow of unaccompanied children and migrant families arriving at the border in numbers not seen since a surge in 2019.
  • “Starting today, the Northern Triangle nations and Mexico will know there was one senior official dedicated to this effort. To be very clear, this is an important task,” a senior administration official told reporters during a conference call.

  • The first goal will be stemming the flow of illegal migrants to the U.S.
  • In a broader context, Harris also will work on establishing a strategic partnership with the Central American countries “based on respect and shared values,” another official said.
  • The work will be conducted with the understanding that “these countries are our friends and our neighbors. They are members of our shared community of the Americas and within the Western Hemisphere.”

Trump’s Fault, But Let’s Continue His Work

If Trump is at fault, why did the Biden administration echo his sentiment that the Central American countries need to address their problems?

My jaw dropped when I read this at Axios:

  • [State Department’s special envoy to the Northern Triangle Ricardo] Zúñiga and other top border officials left earlier this week for Mexico and planned to go on to Guatemala with the goal of addressing local problems fueling the migration north.
  • They include lax responses to the coronavirus pandemic, rampant crime, as well as the aftereffects of two hurricanes that blew through the region.

  • “They shouldn’t have to come to the United States to seek that freedom and opportunity, and that’s what she’ll be working toward.”
  • Among the items to tackle are local corruption and ways to improve local economies.

Trump and a few of his counterparts in Central America shared those same views. Of course, the MSM would never repeat their words.

In July 2019, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele said he needed to fix the country. They leave for the U.S. because there aren’t any jobs in El Salvador, and there’s too much crime.

Bukele made it known he wanted to work with Trump to fix all of the problems.

A few weeks later, Trump announced the “Safe Third Country” agreement with Guatemala. The deal meant Guatemala would allow migrants from El Salvador and Honduras to apply for asylum in the country instead of the U.S. border. The migrants could still come to the U.S. if they made the same protection claim.

In October 2019, Bukele and Trump’s administration worked together to extend protections for El Salvador immigrants who came to America in 2001 after devastating earthquakes. They received the protections under the program Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

It’s Trump’s fault, you guys. But we’re going to keep up his efforts working with nations in Central America.


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Sounds like he’s also dropping the enchilada onto her plate, so any failure can be sloughed off to her and her “incoming” administration.

    Brave Sir Robbin in reply to persecutor. | March 24, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    VP HARRIS: Dr., could you take a look at this, its been itchy for a while, and now it’s festering.
    DR BIDEN: Well, since you brought up festering, there’s something we need to talk about.
    VP HARRIS: What’s that?
    DR BIDEN: So, Joe and I have been talking, and we think you should lead the effort to clean up this mess going on at the border.
    VP HARRIS: Uhn-uh! You’re not pinning that on me! Where’s Joe?
    DR BIDEN: He’s resting.
    VP HARRIS: Well, let’s unrest him!
    DR BIDEN: No can-do. I’ve prescribed rest, and given him a pretty stiff sedative. He won’t be available for a day or two.
    VP HARRIS: This is bullshit! I’m going to call a press conference and tell them Joe’s put Butt-a, Butt-a-jig, or what ever his name is in charge!
    DR BIDEN, Yeah, but, you see, . we just put out a press release saying you were in charge, so….
    VP HARRIS: This is SUCH bullshit! (Sounds of things being thrown around). Where’s my stash of weed! I need to get high. Where’s that damned Secret Service guy? He holds it for me?

    She’s like a deer looking in the headlights, in way over her head. She will rue the day she allowed herself to be used as a puppet.

    Harris will collapse under the pressure of the presidency. Like a shark waiting under thin ice, Pelosi will be waiting.

    henrybowman in reply to persecutor. | March 25, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    I thought it was commonly understood that Biden’s entire role in this puppet show was to flash his teeth for the cameras while careening around wildly signing every radical piece of trash anybody put on his desk. Then, when the chickens eventually came home to roost, they’d depose him for the more “responsible” Kamala, who would cluck her tongue and explain, “Poor Joe, we only recently discovered he wasn’t right in the head, but what can you do?” and they’d make noises about repealing some of the stuff but never really do it.

    The serious miscalculation so far has been that chickens who live down by the Mexican border fly much faster than any of the Democrats expected.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to persecutor. | March 25, 2021 at 3:31 pm

    Are you suggesting that Biden would screw Harris?

“OMG, I just sign these things by the ream, I don’t deal with the consequences! Good thing I have a ‘little brown girl’ to delegate those to!”

2smartforlibs | March 24, 2021 at 5:30 pm

This crisis has a name. It’s called the Titanic surge.

Halcyon Daze | March 24, 2021 at 5:35 pm

This will go well. ? ? ? ?

Emigration reform to mitigate progress and collateral damage at both ends of the bridge and throughout. We had a working partner in Mexico. We had Trump to avoid democratic pitfalls. We confronted Obama’s social justice adventurism as a first-order forcing of [catastrophic] [anthropogenic] immigration reform. one step forward, two steps backward.

What is she going to do, stand at the border and cackle? Actually, that might work….

In July 2019, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele said he needed to fix the country. They leave for the U.S. because there aren’t any jobs in El Salvador, and there’s too much crime.
Interviews with migrants in Mexico revealed similar sentiments. I expect they were given a sheet of talking points to regurgitate. May I suggest the DHS move them to Chicago or Baltimore so that they may appreciate the peace and tranquility in their home countries.

Where exactly does the constitution authorize rule by co-counsels? Anyone curious as to what a coup feels like, wonder no more.

Harris was specifically chosen for her incompetence and cluelessness. She is a slave – literally. And as a world-class slut, she’ll sell out our country faster than you can say ‘obama’.
Secession is our only way out

    Okay, secession is not happening. It’s a huge, complicated thing that has no foot in our Constitution (which does not provide a means for states to leave the Union). It is not realistic and won’t happen. So, what else do you propose? And no, a shooting civil war won’t happen, either, unless there is simply no choice left to us (and no one wants that). In the meantime, how about you propose something viable? What remedy is there within the realm of reality?

      Concise in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | March 24, 2021 at 8:30 pm

      I agree that secession is, to put it mildly, “unrealistic.” But the reality is that there is nothing to stop the democrats from implementing their agenda, if they chose to exercise their power to its fullest. Maybe publicly exposing facts calling into question the legitimacy of the election (if this is possible) might embarrass them into hesitating, but they have little compunctions so who knows if that would even work.

      Until we start the conversation about secession, there is NOTHING we have on the left. We have to start threatening it by discussing it.

        Okay, Fine, let’s start. First step to secession is . . . [fill in the blank].

          — Talk ab0ut it. Discuss the potential, and the details of how we’d do it. Let that hit the headlines – you’ll see the useful idiots robotically tuned into the news get very shaken up.

          This is pre-war Germany, almost eerily so. Russia is looking more attractive than the corrupt fascist hellhole the US is becoming. And the woman aren’t tattoo’d covered lunatics, and the men are still men.

          And if you keep calling me “Fine’, I’m going to call you “Slippers’. 🙂

          henrybowman in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | March 25, 2021 at 3:06 pm

          1. Collect underpants.

          First step:
          The states opposed to the federal government imposing unconstitutional rules and regulations upon them simply stop enforcing those unconstitutional rules and regulations. If California can be a “sanctuary state” then Texas/South Carolina/ Wyoming/Idaho/etc. can declare itself free of any federal edict. If the feds retaliate by withholding money, the state can withhold any and all payments of taxes to the feds.

      Virginia42 in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | March 25, 2021 at 11:02 am

      It also doesn’t. The post ACW USSC rulings (e.g., White v. Texas) were simply an affirmation of “we won,” rather than any sort of legal evaluation of whether or not it was legal to do so. The same situation stands today. And we may not “want” a civil war or anything like that–but we are left in the situation of having to react to anything weapons grade stupid the current administration (or other lefty institutions) might try.

Sweet Jesus, this is akin to Hitler asking Himmler to investigate Kristallnacht.

Shouldn’t be a big deal for Kamaltoes, being bent over.

And criticizing her plans on their merits will be taboo because shutup you evil racist misogynist bigot…how dare you besmirch the name of the ascended queen (of the backroom bops).

I didn’t realize that sucking c*ck was a qualification…

    Apparently it is. But more so, her digusting past is something the left can use against her to control her pathetic ass – which is what PELOSI is going to do.

      Besides her whoring, Harris has a past of very shady hillary clinton type of “land” deals, which are nothing more than bribes. She’s a pure puppet, but she will woefully embarrass her handlers with her incompetence and hateabilty – and her idiotic cackling when she is under pressure.

Clueless delegating to clueless……… priceless……… what could possibly go wrong.

SeiteiSouther | March 25, 2021 at 10:22 am

And to paraphrase the late Robin Williams:

(Kamala Harris) will do as much good on the border as a cop on Valium.

“Tweeeeet* stoooooooooooooooop.

It’s not a crisis until AOC shows up for a photo-shoot.

(In my best Ben Stein voice)- Alex? Alex?? Alex???

She’s a clown who couldn’t even get any votes from her own party…this is not going to end well.