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1619 Project Brainchild Hannah-Jones Doxxed Free Beacon Reporter

1619 Project Brainchild Hannah-Jones Doxxed Free Beacon Reporter

What does Hannah-Jones have to do for anyone to hold her accountable?

Nikole Hannah-Jones, The New York Times magazine reporter and the brainchild behind the controversial 1619 Project, doxxed Washington Free Beacon associate editor Aaron Sibarium.

She posted a screenshot of his email, which included his phone number.

Will Hannah-Jones face any punishment?

Probably not. No one has ever punished her. Her 1619 Project is a bunch of hogwash. She tried to push a conspiracy theory about fireworks in New York. I doubt the NYT will punish her for doxxing Sibarium and violating the paper’s social media guidelines.

Sibarium wrote about the internal meltdown at the NYT after science writer Donald McNeil Jr. “resigned.”

McNeil faced backlash from some colleagues two years after it came to light that he said the n-word on a trip to Peru with students:

McNeil’s ouster came nearly two years after the incident that precipitated it. While chaperoning high school students on a pricey trip to Peru, the science reporter responded to a question from a student about whether one of her classmates should have been suspended for using the n-word. In the process, he uttered the offending syllables himself. An internal Times investigation found his judgment wanting but stopped short of firing him.

The Daily Beast posted about McNeil, which led to more attention. Executive editor Dean Baquet told the staff the paper does “not tolerate racist language regardless of intent.”

Sibarium got access to a private NYT Facebook group, which included staff sticking up for McNeil because “it set a troubling precedent.” They’re also mad the union did not do more to prevent McNeil’s ouster.

So Sibarium emailed Hannah-Jones and asked her about her intent when she used the n-word. After all, intent does not matter.

Instead of ignoring the email, Hannah-Jones mocked Sibarium on Twitter with the screenshots.

“.@aaronsibarium is apparently trying to scour Black NYT employees Twitter accounts to find them using the N-word in response to Don McNeil’s resignation, which is asinine on its face but also, homie, I don’t use the N-word casually so this is all he came up with. Keep trying tho,” she wrote.

Sibarium sent the screenshots of her tweets, which she included in her tweet.

An NYT spokeswoman said Hannah-Jones deleted her tweet, but it took her long enough:

A Times spokeswoman informed the Free Beacon Monday night that Hannah-Jones had deleted the tweet. “We received your message about the fact that one of our journalists inadvertently posted Aaron’s number when she tweeted an email she received from him,” Eileen Murphy emailed at 9:28 PM. “She’s deleted that tweet.” It had been up as recently as 9:24 PM.

Hannah-Jones acknowledged the tweet contained personal information three days earlier, in a public exchange with another journalist.

“Lol, and he included his phone number and thought you would actually call him,” Uché Blackstock, a Yahoo News medical contributor, commented on the now-deleted tweet. “Girl,” Hannah-Jones replied at 10:20 PM on Feb. 6—71 hours before she deleted it.

If I shared Hannah-Jones’s personal information Twitter would kick me off in a heartbeat. Sharing someone’s personal information violates Twitter’s terms of service.

She still has her Twitter account.

The NYT’s social media guidelines say that employees should “treat others with respect on social media” and if they made a mistake, were inappropriate, or want to delete a tweet they must “quickly acknowledge the deletion in a subsequent tweet.”

Hannah-Jones has not done that.

What does Hannah-Jones have to do for anyone to hold her accountable?


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“What does Hannah-Jones have to do for anyone to hold her accountable?”

Commit a lefty sin,

– that Trump was a good president
– that Melanie is a good mother and was short-changed by all the lefties in the fashion industry
– that too much government impedes personal freedom

Lots more could be listed, but you get the idea.

Stated otherwise, Hannah-Jones as an AA darling will NEVER be held accountable.

George_Kaplan | February 9, 2021 at 7:20 pm

What does Hannah-Jones have to do for anyone to hold her accountable?

Recognise the depravity of what she’s doing and publicly repent of her support for Leftism. She will thereupon be deemed an -ist and -phobic of the very vilest sort and blacklisted shortly thereafter.

“Executive editor Dean Baquet told the staff the paper does “not tolerate racist language regardless of intent.””

Sarah Jeong’s continued employment at that leftist rag suggests otherwise, Deano.

I liked her better as Bozo the Clown.

If she praised Trump they would hold her accountable.

JusticeDelivered | February 9, 2021 at 7:47 pm

Hannah Jones is almost as ugly as Moochelle Obama, both are scheming dullards.

To Mary Chastain,
“Brainchild” means some great thing developed or invented by someone. I think “genius” would be mockingly appropriate instead.

That said, thanks very much for not writing anything like “1619 Project was the brainchild of NYT’s Hannah-Jones” since we might never stop laughing.

Future Biden cabinet material, obviously.

I’m really getting tired of all this small minded stuff, I used to fear growing old, now I’m glad I’m there. Won’t have to put up with the likes of Hannah-Jones much longer. I just fear for my kids and grandkids. Go jump in a lake, Nikole Hannah-Jones. And take all your WokeScold friends with you.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to JoAnne. | February 10, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Suggest to her that she should wear a snowmobile suit, that he will keep her warm in the water, that should solve the problem. We can be pretty sure that she is not smart keough to understand that a waterlogged suit will not keep her warm

The mortal sin of posting somebody’s phone number.
Though I agree, I am so old that I remember telephone books.

The Friendly Grizzly | February 9, 2021 at 9:07 pm

This woman is just lucky that conservatives are as nice as they are. Either nice, or just to check in to do anything about her kind. I’ll leave it right there.

CarrotTop is doing the bidding of the Junta. She’s no different than Biden or the ‘Ho.

The doxing victim should file a lawsuit against this moron, and her organization. The likes of Jeff Bezos ensures these people have bottomless pockets, but at least victims will get their piece of the pie.

Secession, anyone? Or do you want to live through hell – and never come back?

It’s typical. She’s a Marxist Whore, and that’s all they know to do. There’s no dialogue or debate with them. Ask a question they know they cannot answer truthfully, and this pathetic juvenile “doxxing” response is what you get.

Interesting….radical blacks hate us, using every divisive tool at their disposal. How do we respond? We remove comments.
Puh-lease. You don’t know these people.

Militant, “in your face” Marxist blacks like her don’t want equality nor equity.
They want revenge, and will stop at nothing.
That is what happens when small minds are filled by media narratives.

Bozo the Clown, but not as funny.

So why isn’t Jones being doxxed too. Why should the moral rules be bent for her benefit. Her address and phone numbers should be exposed. The ex-poser could then issue a “non-apology” apology and call it even.

She is Black so stop your privilege.

Properties of the human soul; male or female immaterial colorless indivisible immortal individual personal eternal indestructible; wounded.

Poor Hannah-Jones; not aware enough of herself to pass judgememt on anyone,least of all, herself.

Let’s be clear: only God saves and condemns, our poor souls have to make do with mind heart and will. We have to make decisions and live with them. Still, we have God’s unfathom-able Mercy to rely on. Pray for her.

All this white/black stuff falls into categories of individual sin, actual and original, personal and far closer to the revolutionary demons within, driving socialists on to chaos and self-loathing. The dead souls of the ‘anonymous collective’ are beckoning.

Bottom line: Abortion is suicide by proxy! Pray for them!
Pray for them!