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Twitter Removes Tweets, Locks Trumps Account, While Facebook Removes Trump Post

Twitter Removes Tweets, Locks Trumps Account, While Facebook Removes Trump Post

Twitter has removed three tweets and placed a 12-hour lock on Trump’s accounts.

Hold on to your hats, kids. It’s going to be a bumpy few weeks.

Following the chaos on Capitol Hill which resulted in the death of a protester, Twitter and Facebook have taken steps to censor President Trump’s account.

Twitter has removed three tweets and placed a 12-hour lock on Trump’s accounts.

Meanwhile, on Facebook:

But here it is, for good measure.


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Well, there you go.

Keep up the pressure!!!!!!!!!

I hope these tech companies crash and burn.

    JHogan in reply to r2468. | January 6, 2021 at 7:54 pm

    Evidently they assume either Republicans will never hold power again or that they will never be able to muster the courage to do anything about it if they do. And that Marxists will eat them last.

The girl died. 16 yo. They said she deserved to be shot.

All of the masks are dropping today. If I hear another “conservative” give us a lecture about “violence”, I’m going to explode. The war is already here whether we or not we want it. We don’t have to hire thugs to make our points by desstroying cities and with the full support and protection of mayors and governors. We are vast multitude of angry voters who have had it. It’s time for them to feel the fear because we are coming. And we are everywhere.

There is no choice but to conduct a National Strike until all Elections were Forensically Audited by a neutral Country. I suggest Australian Military members.

The only way to force a resolution is by the National Strike.

Democrats just stole the presidential Election and now the Senate-run off.Any person stupid enough to think that the Democrats will not actively target Independents and Republicans need their heads read.

The USA is a lost cause now, Democrats will never allow any opposition again.

Either fight or flee or be subjected to increasing discrimination and targeting.

    Free State Paul in reply to Aussie bloke. | January 6, 2021 at 7:59 pm

    I agree with the idea of a National Strike. Or a Tax Strike. Or some sort of strike/slow down in targeted fields where the Elites rely on the skills and hard work of the Deplorables.

    We need someone with a high degree of visibility to promote the idea.

Obviously a coordinated effort by Big Tech to silence the President of the United States. And blame him for the mostly peaceful protests today.

Would love to know if our Big Tech Overlords consulted with the Dem leadership before doing this. Or if they received ‘phone calls’ from them.

Mostly peaceful protests in DC, and occupying Federal buildings, is only okay when Dems do it.

Some animals are more equal than others.

And, from Dinesh D’Souza today on twitter… “Some protests are more equal than others.”

From Tim Pool today on twitter…”They are using a flame thrower on a fire and telling you they are trying to put it out.”

My bet now…. a vote to impeach and remove Trump today and make Pence Prez.

Close The Fed | January 6, 2021 at 8:17 pm

Trump should get on

It already has his account and they post his twits uncensored.

It works far, far better than Parler.

And it is already hardened against Deplatforming.

Big Tech; Twitter/YouTube pulling down the message from DJT calling upon people to go home peacefully, not commit acts of violence or vandalism.

Why? Ideology. DJT referenced the many irregularities in the general election stating it was ‘stolen/taken from us’.

To the overlords of of the ‘truth ministry’ any deviation from the approved message, even when providing context or by simple inference, is verboten.

The man is addressing his supporters, acknowledging their concerns and anger. He was asking them to behave peacefully. He explained that the DC elites had received their message, that their voice had been heard. He was, in essence, telling them mission accomplished now go home.

That call for peace and lawful behavior by DJT was too much for the tech overlords because he also said the election was stolen. So, naturally they not only pulled down his posts but also suspended his accounts.

Maybe Zuck and Jack didn’t get the message that DC got today, namely that conservative populists can organize a protest just as easily as the leftist/progressive can?

Going to be a long road to the midterm elections. Make sure you register, get involved, get organized locally at County and Municipal level in your community. Get ready to make the sacrifices required to put in the preparation necessary to achieve victory in November, 2022.

Showing up on election day to vote is important and necessary. It isn’t enough. Everyone wants to win, not everyone is willing to endure toll that the preparation required to win entails.