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Stained Ballot Could Help Determine Winner of #NY22

Stained Ballot Could Help Determine Winner of #NY22

I wonder what will happen next!

You guys, the race to represent New York’s 22nd Congressional District keeps finding ways to outdo itself.

Now a stained ballot might help determine the race. No, it’s not like the blue dress. No one knows if the stain is blood or chocolate.

Republican challenger Claudia Tenney challenged six absentee ballots, including one with a stain on the back:

Tenney’s lawyers said the mark on the back of the ballot could be chocolate or blood. If it was blood, her lawyers maintained, the ballot should be disqualified because it could be used to identify the voter and violate the person’s right to a secret ballot.

Herkimer County Attorney Lorraine Lewandrowski told a judge presiding over the ballot count today that the Tenney campaign had dropped its objections.

“It is the intention of the (election) commissioners to canvass that particular ballot and include that vote in updated vote figures to be presented to the court,” Lewandrowski wrote in a letter.

But hours later, Tenney lawyer Paul DerOhannesian II wrote to the judge to say the campaign has not dropped its challenge to the stained ballot.

DerOhannesian asked state Supreme Court Justice Scott J. DelConte to make sure the ballot is not counted until he can review it and determine whether it’s a valid vote.

Tenney had a huge lead on election night over incumbent Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi. But the fiasco brought on by uncounted ballots, ballots without sticky notes, and ballots found all over the place switched the lead to Brindisi and then Tenney.

Tenney only heads by 12 votes.

New York Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte refused to declare a winner earlier this week. He decided to put everyone back at the beginning and start all over. summed it up perfectly:

The stained ballot had come to symbolize the circus-like atmosphere of an election marked by a series of dramatic developments, including counting mistakes, misplaced ballots and lost sticky notes from election officials that fell off disputed ballots.

Voter rights advocates say the dispute over blood or chocolate is also a prime example of the kinds of frivolous challenges lawyers for candidates made in close elections this year.


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I don’t care about your party of politics. How can anyone be OK with a system this screwed up?

It is amazing how often races like this erase thousands of voting leads once the fraud machine kicks in, almost always in favor of the leftist.

NY under Il Duce Cuomo would cheat to win. The whole regime in NY is a mass of corruption with the head of the state being a narcissistic fool who never passes up the chance to talk down to people.

CNY is a beautiful area, but it is tainted with downstate liberal politics which ruins everything.

I do not trust our voting here. I’ve seen too many times where fraud happens, votes stolen because of not requiring ID to vote… which was the only possible plus with early voting. Then again, we don’t know if our votes really count as they are processed through those machines.

If the left have an opportunity to cheat the voting, they will.

There was no election this year, period.

Abstain from beans.

    CorkyAgain in reply to lichau. | December 11, 2020 at 2:10 pm

    A fellow scholar interested in the Pre-Socratics!

    “Wretches! Utter wretches! Keep your hands from beans.” (Empedocles)

I wonder if there will be more ballots uncounted for Brindisi found in the trunk of his car which got “forgotten” but low and behold, over 100 ballots are found and they all are for him.

Well, I hope the Republican lady wins of course but in the long run it won’t matter a whit. Nancy Pelosi will still be in charge of the HoR which means she and she alone will determine what happens there. Trillions and trillions of $$ will be printed like so much toilet paper, the deficit will grow and grow, the swamp will be more and more intrenched, and our freedom and liberty will be the only thing that gets drained.
What was once a great great country and our 200+ year experiment in personal liberty and self rule will have failed and we will be ruled (not governed) by those who consider themselves our betters. All portraits and statues of George Washington should show tears in his eyes.

But it is not necessary to bleed to leave DNA, it can often be transferred by touch— and most ballots were touched, presumably.

It’s coffee.
I spill it all the time…

If we know the kind of chocolate, ewe could use that to judge voter’s taste in chocokate

If the voter left their fingerprint on the ballot it would be more difficult to cheat because every ballot would be associated with a specific person.