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Leslie’s Top Posts of 2020

Leslie’s Top Posts of 2020

Let “Endurance” be our watchword in 2021.

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, my “Top Posts” feature was actually upbeat and optimistic.

What a year 2020 has been! Thank you, my friends, for your support during this turbulent year.

1. Top “Proud Mom” Post

I must admit, my favorite post of this year (and probably of all time) announced that my son was heading to his top choice for college: The U.S. Air Force Academy.

Thanks to your support of his Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps efforts, Blake is now officially majoring in physics at the Academy, and he participated in the first official Space Force briefing for first-year cadets. He is planning to participate in space-related extra-curricular activities (once the school fully opens-up, post-pandemic).

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My Son is Heading to the U.S Air Force Academy

2. Top “I Did NOT See That Coming” Post

I have followed a number of different disease outbreaks and responses to them during my nearly 8 years at Legal Insurrection. However, I did not foresee the magnitude of reports about a seafood market in Wuhan, published on January 10th.

China Struggles to Deal With New Pneumonia-Like Illness. Data suggests illnesses related to a “novel microbe.

3. Top “China Watch” Post

After the initial reports detailing China’s response to the pandemic, I kept an eye for reports on the origins of the virus. While the American press was focused on Trump–hate, an article in the UK Daily Mail led to our report on a Chinese virus research laboratory as a possible source of the novel pathogen.

Chinese university researchers believe virus may originate from government laboratory

4. Top “California Crazy” Post

At times, I wonder who is really more of the Legal Insurrection Foreign Correspondent: Me or Vijeta Uniyal. I let our readers decide.

CA Gov. Newsom signs executive order banning sale of new gas and diesel vehicles by 2035

5. Top “I Was Right” Post

In early March, I made the following recommendations, in terms of our response to the pandemic:

Therefore, if you wish to enhance your preparation for the Wuhan Coronavirus, protect your immune and respiratory systems:

  • Stop smoking.
  • Take vitamins, drink plenty of water, and start a sensible exercise regimen.
  • Consider your home and office environment: Are there ways to improve the air quality that are easy to implement that makes it easier for you to breathe (e.g., air filter, humidifiers).

Vitamin D, vitamin C, B complex vitamins, and zinc are being used in hospitals as part of the treatment protocol for COVID19. Enhanced ventilation and more effective air filtration are being installed to mitigate the spread of this virus.

A biochemist reviews the Trump administration’s continuing response to COVID-19

6. Top “The Fight Will Go On” Post

I co-founded the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition in 2009, in the wake of Obama’s administration implementing dreadful progressive policies. I joined the Legal Insurrection team in 2012, in the wake of Obama’s detestable re-election.

I have no intention of rolling over and accepting rules or regulations that the Democrats, the Woke Media, or our Big Tech overlords present if they are not in the best interest of this country or its citizens. Professor Jacobson and the rest of our team will need our support now more than ever.

The US Air Force Academy Class of 2024’s motto is “United We Endure”. Let “Endurance” be our watchword in 2021.

My digital landscape is changing post election


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Colonel Travis | December 28, 2020 at 4:45 pm

Keep fighting the good fight, Leslie. Thanks for your posts, happy new year

Enjoyed all your posts, especially #1. I know some here will say I drank the koolaid, but I’m looking forward to 2021. A lot has been exposed this last year. I think the latest omnibus was the cherry on top of 2020. For years no one knew or cared very much that we sent US taxpayer money to so many foreign countries for some extremely wasteful programs. Or that foreign aid was actually a US politician money laundering grift. It is as plain as day now, or should be to anyone paying attention. Looking forward to 2021!

Bravo Zulu. Count me as a fan. Never quit!

Pass a LI happy new year on to Mandy Nagy and family.

Back in early Nov I ended up in the ER for a day with some serious trauma and a close call on a lot worse for the head trauma…left arm is still in a cast. I appreciate how your life can turn on a dime.

Leslie, you’re very attractive, and your smile is infectious.

Thank you for all you do!