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#NY22 Missing Post-Its – Judge Says ‘We Have a Serious Problem on Our Hands’

#NY22 Missing Post-Its – Judge Says ‘We Have a Serious Problem on Our Hands’

In a tight race with candidates separated by about 100 votes, election officials marked counted contested ballots with Post-It Notes, which then fell off leaving courtroom mayhem

Forget the presidential election. These house races have all the drama Americans crave!

The race is important because Republican Claudia Tenney leads “incumbent Democrat Anthony Brindisi by more than 100 votes.”

The problem going on with New York’s 22nd Congressional District is something out of a movie. Oswego County Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte uttered something no one wants to hear:

“We have a serious problem on our hands.”

I’m not kidding. It involves sticky notes on absentee ballots in Oneida County:

The concern is over absentee ballots in Oneida County, where the board of elections commissioners testified they cannot establish if some absentee ballots that were marked were included in the original count.

During the proceeding, Justice DelConte ruled that any ballot with marks outside of a circle, but within a candidate’s box will be considered a valid vote with clear intent.

As the court continued, questions arose as to whether challenged ballots that did not include a “sticky note” indicating the problem were included in the original vote count.

12 News Senior Reporter Josh Rosenblatt reported, “when asked how the court should determine if these ballots were previously included in the counting if they don’t have a sticky, the commissioner responded, ‘you can’t’.”

The New York State Supreme Court, which is the trial court not the highest court in the state (that would be the Court of Appeals) just issued an injunction, which will not allow eight counties to certify the NY22 race.


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Is it just a problem because the Republican was winning, albeit by 100 votes?

If the ballots still exist, clear the count and start over. Easy-peasy.

Oneida County?? Figures.

The notes “fell off”.

Right. It’s not even a matter of their thinking we’re stupid or lazy – it’s new a matter that they don’t care, and just laugh in our faces, take power unlawfully, and then loot the US treasury.

Let’s hope Sydney Powell delivers the goods she promises tomorrow when she files her lawsuit.

Paper battles beat violence, but I think we’re going to see much, much more of the latter.

Rats like Mattis aside, will our police and our military remember their sworn oaths to the Constitution?

    henrybowman in reply to | November 24, 2020 at 8:37 pm

    “election officials marked counted contested ballots with Post-It Notes, which then fell off leaving courtroom mayhem”

    Honestly, I’ve seen prom queen balloting more organized than this, and carnival games run much more competently.

    Face it, we’re just going to have to stop making jokes about elections in banana republics.

recount coming. look for unmarked vehicles in area.

Where the hell is AG Barr hiding?

‘Look your Honor it’s like this; some of the sticky notes we used to mark problematic ballots may or may not have fallen off, plus we can’t be sure these ballots were not previously tabulated’.

Sticky notes ha ha.
Unable to accurately attest to whether these challenged ballots were tabulated… no way Jose.

How about for 2020 elections only, we subject every election official who offers up excuses as to why a vote can’t be audited to a public flogging followed by being literally pilloried until inauguration day?

We deserve the honored title of “Banana Republic”… or better…”The Peoples Democratic Republic of Bananas”.

How good a shot is she? Pistols at 20 paces. Survivor wins.

Why is this conundrum in front of a mere judge? Everyone knows the networks declare winners n losers.

And with the Republican 100 votes ahead, obviously, the Democrat won.

There is this thing called a paper clip. Those election officials might want to check it out.

I expect the Dems to suddenly “find” a few hundred more ballots that will put their candidate over the top. Regardless of the new ballots being from dead voters and written in ink that is still wet, the Democrat-controlled machine in NY will make sure they are all counted.

This same thing happened here in WA when Chris Gregoire was first elected governor. The Republican initially won the election, but the Dems demanded a series of recounts, bringing in sacks of new ballots in each recount. The WA Supreme Court (all Dems) said that it was legal to count all the new ballots, even though there were major questions about the validity of the new ballots.

    oldgoat36 in reply to OldProf2. | November 24, 2020 at 8:26 pm

    They have already found thousands of votes for Brindisi through “mail in ballots”, what’s another couple of hundred?

PineappleTidbits | November 24, 2020 at 9:15 pm

Tenney was ahead by 28,422 votes election night, November 3rd. Absentee votes and mail votes were not begun to be counted until a week later on the 9th. Then there was a pause or two for covid, but they were still counting votes secretly without watchers. This is in a district that has been redistricted several times over the past 10 years.

As soon as enough post its fall off that the Democrat wins, the election will be certified.

Can I guess if Democrat was up a 100 votes the judge would want the race called in a heartbeat?

In 52 of the 62 counties in NYS, Dominion machines were used.

Rob Astorino, the wonderful former Westchester County Executive who saved us from the worst of Obama’s efforts to force racially specific low income housing into the county, just conceded to Dem Peter Harckham in NY’s 40th Senate district. Astorino was way ahead after election day. But then they kept finding more and more absentee votes until Harckham won. There seem to be many many absentee ballots from Dem areas.

And yet I know of people in Republican areas who did not receive their absentee ballots. Wonder if they voted and didn’t even realize it …

Thanks to the Demo-Rats, the election machinery of much of the country has turned into a massive fraud operation.

what I didn’t understand from the article is why can’t they just start over and recount all the ballots ?