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More Bad News for Pelosi: Republican David Valadao Flips #CA21 House Seat

More Bad News for Pelosi: Republican David Valadao Flips #CA21 House Seat

“The GOP won all 27 toss up seats. And the Dems failed to flip even ONE house seat nationwide.”

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been watching her majority shrink significantly as results from the 2020 election continue to come in.  And now there is more bad news for her as Republicans flip yet another House seat, this time yet another one in California.

Fox26News reports:

Republicans have picked up their 11th seat overall in the U.S. House and the third seat in California, as Republican David Valadao reclaimed the seat he lost in the farm belt two years ago.

The former congressman defeated Democratic Rep. TJ Cox, who ousted Valadao in the 21st Congressional District two years ago by 862 votes.

. . . . On paper, the 21st District looks like it should be a Democratic stronghold: The party holds a nearly 17-point registration edge. But California’s agricultural centers have long been known for Republican residents who vote reliably and Democrats who often do not.

The NRCC can be excused, I think, for a little bit of gloating.

Republicans really have done remarkably well in House races across the country.  With a likely win in #CA25, the GOP will have won all 27 races deemed “toss ups.”

Let that sink in:  instead of the eagerly anticipated “blue wave,” Democrats failed to flip even one House seat.

At least Pelosi still has the majority, barely, and she has those fancy freezers stuffed full of expensive ice cream to get her through what can only be a crushing disappointment.


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Nancy still has the gavel. She (reasonably) counts that as a win.

    The Fussy Rabbit in reply to Zumkopf. | November 28, 2020 at 9:22 pm

    I agree. I also think that all the Dems who lost the toss up races are wondering why Biden got the benefit of the cheat and they didn’t.

Methinks the California GOP has figured ballot harvesting out.
About the only thing they have got right in years.

“The GOP won all 27 toss up seats. And the Dems failed to flip even ONE house seat nationwide.”

Yet Gropey Joe somehow beat Trump?


    Milhouse in reply to Paul. | November 28, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    It’s possible. We already know that whatever support Biden had was concentrated in certain areas. So even if there was no ticket-splitting, you would expect a genuine Biden victory to mean increased Dem majorities in those districts where they’re strong anyway, without affecting districts where they’re not strong.

    Especially in districts that have always gone Rep, and only went Dem last time because the Dems harvested ballots and the Reps foolishly didn’t; this time the Reps did it too (though only honestly), so they got those districts back. (Who knows, maybe the Dems didn’t cheat in those districts last time, and won entirely through honest harvesting. In principle it could happen.)

    Besides which, we already know that a lot of people do split their tickets. It happens in large numbers every election, in both directions. There were many R candidates who got more votes than Trump did in their districts/states. And there are a lot of people who only vote in the top race, and that happens on both sides. (I know there was a claim going around that in Georgia there were almost 100 times more Biden-only votes than Trump-only votes, but that turned out to be false.)

Yeah, and supposedly Sundowner won.

I know one thing with 100% certainty. The GOP will find a way to eff it up.

    If the PA Republican legislature decides to use its newly re-acquired constitutional authority to certify the crooked election, they will have voted to put the GOP out of business permanently.

    Even The Stupid Party isn’t that stupid. The key factor in Trump’s assault was to put the GOP RINO legislatures in a position where it wasn’t about Trump anymore but about their own survival.

    We are living through an epic survival moment in US history. Right up there with Lincoln and Jackson. Let’s enjoy it.

      “Even The Stupid Party isn’t that stupid.”

      Wow! That’s an assertion without any historical background to believe it might be correct. Maybe it is, just about equally likely it isn’t.

      If the PA Republican legislature decides to use its newly re-acquired constitutional authority to certify the crooked election,

      They have no such authority. It is not up to them to certify the electors. As far as I know, in no state does the legislature do that. They may have the authority to change the rules, and it’s even arguable that they can do so without the governor’s assent, but unless and until they do so they have no role in certifying the electors.

We won’t until long after the election and only if there is an in-depth autopsy of the CA voting process by I am very sure that the 65%-35% Biden victory will be found to be substantially less. I wouldn’t be shocked if Trump actually won.

There is no point challenging the CA vote at this time since unlike the other contested states, we don’t have a Republican legislature to anchor the challenge. We could not win the way PA and the others are likely to win.

I am very sure the Dominion voting machines were rigged here to and for the Republicans to have done so well in the House races is astounding.


The GOP won EVERY SINGLE ‘toss-up’ seat, and yet Trump lost.

But in NY 22 a State District Court Judge (Socialist/Communist Party – S/C P) took it upon himself to determine which of the ballots which were discarded for various reasons were actually correct and true votes which must be counted. And amazingly enough he found the S/C P candidate no longer lost the election, but won it by 13 votes.

    Edward in reply to Edward. | November 28, 2020 at 7:33 pm

    P.S. This wasn’t anywhere near NY City. The Judge sits in Syracuse in upstate NY. NY-22 runs from Southeast Lake Ontario south to the PA state line and east to just above Cooperstown. A large district which is gerrymandered around Syracuse in following I-81 south. Not sure what course the GOP has now, any appeal to the state court system will run into more S/C P elected Judges.

    f2000 in reply to Edward. | November 28, 2020 at 7:36 pm

    For completeness, last I read, he had asked what the result would be if those votes were included, I suppose to find out if it would change the outcome as it would essentially be moot if those votes did not alter who was leader. He did not decide that they ultimately would be included (yet?).

      f2000 in reply to f2000. | November 28, 2020 at 7:39 pm

      though the D candidate did jump on the count and declare victory. That wasn’t the judge making that determination though and a judicial decision is still pending.

I see a lot of people have some idea that if Dems didn’t win any of the “toss-up seats” then how could Biden win overall. But that makes no sense. These 27 seats just happened to be the ones that after the election turned out to be very close. There are always seats like that, and they’re not the same ones each time. It’s statistically improbable for one side to end up winning them all, but it could happen; if anything the Rs winning them all is evidence that the Ds were not able to cheat in the counting, perhaps because those are not D strongholds and they don’t control the local board of elections. None of this has any implication for the election overall. After all, the Ds still won a majority of districts.

    Those 27 tossup seats were rated by the Cook Report prior to the election. In addition, the Republicans picked up the Shalala seat in Florida CD27, which Cook rated as likely Democratic.

    The Fussy Rabbit in reply to Milhouse. | November 28, 2020 at 9:20 pm

    Milhouse, I see you saying “it COULD happen” to the anomalies presented here. Yeah, lots of things COULD happen, including that Trump actually did win by a landslide. See? I just now made the same argument you did.

      Indeed that is possible. In fact more than possible; like almost all Trump voters, I think it’s at least likely that Trump actually won. But the fact that Rs have been winning toss-up house races isn’t evidence of that.

        The Fussy Rabbit in reply to Milhouse. | November 29, 2020 at 12:40 am

        Do you mean that “the fact that Rs have been winning toss-up house races isn’t PROOF of that?” Because it is evidence, imo. The question is whether there is enough evidence to PROVE Trump won.

          No. I considered writing “proof”, but changed it because it’s not even evidence. It’s completely consistent with an honest Biden win. There is plenty of evidence of fraud, but this is not it.

Is there any prize having a smaller minority gives you or is it just a moral victory that he won?