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‘Knives are Out’ for DCCC Leader Cheri Bustos After GOP Make Gains in House

‘Knives are Out’ for DCCC Leader Cheri Bustos After GOP Make Gains in House

“It’s a dumpster fire.”

The Democrats still have the majority in the House of Representatives, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Some races have not been called, but so far Democrats have not ousted incumbent Republicans while Republicans ousted Democrat incumbents.

From what I can tell on the map at The New York Times, the GOP flipped eight districts. The GOP held onto Michigan’s 3rd District after Justin Amash decided not to run again. Democrats flipped two seats blue.

So who or what is to blame?

Fingers have pointed to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) leader Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL). A Democratic aide told The Daily Beast that “[T]he knives are out for Cheri,” describing her as the “most obvious scapegoat.”

The Associated Press only called Bustos’s race today. She barely squeaked by her opponent.

Some Democrats expect “a significant overhaul” within the DCCC:

Others argued that the DCCC had been far too bullish in seats the party was realistically never going to pick up — citing races such as Arkansas’ 2nd District — while missing the looming disaster in South Florida, where incumbents Shalala and Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell were ousted. Several Democrats said the party operation was not focused on a cohesive, proactive message that went beyond simply opposing Trump, who proved to remain popular in many districts.

And some said DCCC wasted time battling the party’s left flank with its contentious policies designed to stymie primary challengers.

Strategist Kristen Hawn suggested some changes:

Party strategists like Kristen Hawn, however, are looking at the results Wednesday and seeing a reckoning—arguing that Democrats need to do some soul-searching and seriously sharpen their messaging around what it is they’re exactly for.

“We had all the money in the world,” said Hawn, a former top aide to the moderate Blue Dog Coalition, referring to the strong fundraising from Bustos’ Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and from individual candidates. “It was incredibly disappointing.”

Hawn lashed out at the far-left members of Congress because their antics made it easier for Republicans to label the Democratic Party as socialists.

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi:

Progressives, meanwhile, saw in the results a repudiation of moderate politics and Pelosi’s iron grip on House Democrats.

“Nancy Pelosi is very bad at messaging and strategy, and extremely good at controlling her caucus,” said a strategist in the party. “That’s a bad combination when everyone defers to her unexplainable strategy on coronavirus relief and then Democrats lose seats everywhere to a party that just killed 200,000 people and lost millions of jobs. It’s malpractice, and we just keep following her. It makes no sense.”

Does anyone else see a problem within that quote from the strategist? Talk about messaging.

The majority of Americans know that the Republican Party didn’t kill over 200,000. COVID-19 killed 200,000. A virus is going to virus no matter who is in charge.

Maybe, I don’t know, both parties should listen to their constituents. Crazy idea, right? I mean, they are in Congress to represent us.


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2smartforlibs | November 5, 2020 at 1:24 pm

Proof the DNC suffers Dunning Kruger. They buy into their own lies every time.

Same as always. Their “messaging” must be at fault.

Never ever ever even consider a little introspection or, I don’t know, give up insulting, harassing and attacking anyone who might possibly disagree with them a tiny bit?

Based upon events, the red wave may be incredible in 2022.

Especially when we see how well Democrats handle the virus and the next catastrophe.

Not so confident about their abilities to do much more than create social division and fraud on the people.

I mean, they are in Congress to represent us.

FIFY, Mary. 😉

Q: What is the difference between Bigfoot and a Democrat moderate?

A: It is more likely Bigfoot exists.

The risk of playing with double-edged scalpels.

Well, it will be a small consolation to see a few Democrats in the tumbrels along with us.

Okay. The party of the incoming new president usually take a big hit in the House in the ensuing off-year election. GOP won every special election since Paul Ryan orchestrated the Dem takeover of the House. And they have won at least 8 seats this time and possibly 15-16. Pelosi is GONE!

Now assume furtjer that Trump loses this election with everyone knowing he was robbed, including especially the Dems and MSM. An angry Trump buoyed by the resentment of his growing base and determined to retake the presidency in 2024 would be a FORCE for the GOP to retake the House and make further gains in the Senate in 2022.

Trump would once again capture the complete attention of everyone. He would be scarier than he was when president. In a return to gridlock in DC and with Trump sucking all the air out of the room, What could Biden/Harris/Squad do but delay enacting their programs? GOP retakes the House, firms up the Senate while replacing a few RINOS with most of the rest deciding to reform, and Trump wins in 2024 taking up pretty much where he left off and now owning the GOP.

It’s far from hopeless.

The Friendly Grizzly | November 5, 2020 at 3:45 pm

H’mm. I want some ice cream.

jumpedupneobarb | November 5, 2020 at 5:17 pm

DNC went for “Operation Never Trumper” which siphoned money they could have spent on something that works! Time to double down for 2022!