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‘First Amendment Support Team’ at SUNY New Paltz Suspended After Complaints From BLM

‘First Amendment Support Team’ at SUNY New Paltz Suspended After Complaints From BLM

“will uphold white supremacy, white patriarchal paternalism, and white fragility”

The argument here by BLM is that the group supporting the First Amendment would lead to violence and racism. This same tired argument has been used to shut down free speech at many schools.

Campus Reform reports:

University ‘First Amendment Support Team’ suspended after complaints from BLM chapter

The State University of New York New Paltz suspended a group on campus that aimed to keep protests peaceful and free of violence after pressure from the university’s Black Lives Matter chapter.

According to The New Paltz Oracle, the First Amendment Support Team (FAST) was designed to ensure that protests are not violating any laws, was protested by the school’s local BLM chapter.

The chapter claimed in a petition that FAST “will serve to perpetuate the violence of anti-Black racism on the campus of SUNY New Paltz.”

Their concern sprung from a portion of the FAST’s website section on “Problematically Disruptive Protests.” Protests would be classified as such if there was a “threat of physical harm to persons,” or “Protestors entering any private office without permission,” or even the, “Significant disruption of the normal operations of the University.” If any of these conditions existed, then the school had a list of actions that could be taken.

These actions range from informing building occupants about the protest, advising people to “close/lock office doors,” and to “contact The Vice President for Student Affairs Office.” The BLM group complained that one of the possible options in the list, in case of imminent danger was calling the police.

“We write to express our firm belief that this is not—and cannot be—an anti-racist initiative. We have deep concerns that the formation, selection process, purpose, and implementation of FAST will uphold white supremacy, white patriarchal paternalism, and white fragility on the SUNY New Paltz campus,” the petition read.


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Unfortunately, spineless administrators are the norm at most universities. They have no principles, least of all free speech, freedom of religion, or the right to keep and bear arms.

Once the first and second amendments are gone, I expect the others to go in rapid succession. I’m already preparing the spare room for the mandatory quartering of Biden’s Politburo enforcement officers.

So they believe that if they threaten to beat someone up, that potential target should not have access to police protection?

I don’t see how anyone can feel safe (and I mean actually safe) on campus now. Police will apparently not be called to put down violence (actual violence).

Now that they think Biden et al will be in charge it’s safe for their inner Nazi to come out.

Following the takeover of Cornell’s Willard Straight Hall in 1969, the NY State Legislature adopted the Henderson Law (NY Education Law Section 6430). The Board of Trustees of each college in NYS must adopt Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order and provide procedures for enforcement. A copy of the college’s RMPO must be provided to each student each year, and must be a part of the Bylaws of all student organizations. The RMPO must protect freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. The SUNY has a single Board of Trustees that adopted RMPO for all campuses.

So, if you are an activist practicing cancel culture, it does not matter what you do on campus or whether you kidnap the campus President — if you overstep what free speech protects, a centralized hammer will come down, and after due process you or your organization faces suspension or expulsion.

This is a brilliant way to avoid another Evergreen. Clear procedures are in place, and all students are on formal notice.

Now, if FAST is some form of vigilante group, it might be reasonable for the campus administration to prefer to leave protest in the hands of the campus police. But the former members of FAST can still demand action against the protestors under the RMPO. Any student can “make a complaint” with the campus President.