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Burgess Owens Flips Utah’s 4th Congressional District Back to Republicans

Burgess Owens Flips Utah’s 4th Congressional District Back to Republicans

UT-4 is Mia Love’s old seat.

Incumbent Rep. Ben McAdams (D-UT) called former football player Burgess Owens to concede their 4th Congressional District race.

The Republicans have flipped 12 seats, narrowing the Democrats majority even more after this Owens’ victory.

12 seats!!

From Deseret News:

Owens’ lead over McAdams during the past week appeared insurmountable Friday after Salt Lake County reported most of the remaining results from voters in the 4th District, which also includes portions of Utah, Juab and Sanpete counties, keeping Owens ahead, 47.5% to just over 46.9%.

The official vote canvass is Tuesday and the results will become final with the state canvass on Nov. 23. The race is one of the last in the country to be settled in an election that saw Democrats lose seats in Congress but maintain control of the House.

McAdams won UT-4 from Mia Love in 2018 with similar results. He defeated her by only 700 votes.

Some believe McAdams won the district that leans Republican because more Democrats turned up to vote for big initiatives on the ballot like legalizing medical marijuana.

Utah GOP Chairman Derek Brown made flipping UT-4 his top priority of 2020.

McAdams was gracious in his loss:

McAdams, 45, returned to the nation’s capital Monday and told reporters he spoke to Owens by phone “to congratulate him on winning this hard fought and close race.” He said they “have differences in political philosophy and how we approach public service. But we both love our country.”

That means, the first-term congressman said during an online news conference, “that both the great-grandson of a slave and the son of a single mother elementary schoolteacher can run for office in this great country. Neither of us comes from money or power.”

Owens was just as nice.

When the dust settles the Democrats will have the smallest majority since the years of the New Deal. The Republicans flipped 12 seats so far.

The GOP could potentially flip CA-21, NY-11, NY-22, and IA-2.


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Congrats to Mr. Owens!

Bravo. Good work, Utah.
Owens is the type of person we need more of. Had a life before politics.
From a Conservative POV, the fact that he is Black is irrelevant but in this race-baiting world it isn’t. What I love is that he is a non-victim Black. My guess is that he doesn’t get invited to the Congressional Black Caucus. At best, he will have to sit at the back of the room and keep quiet.
Have listened to him a number of times. Inspiring man.

    artichoke in reply to lichau. | November 17, 2020 at 5:44 pm

    He might get invited so the other members can get free autographs. They’ll have a hard time stopping their sports hero-worship.

Some good news to offset the generally depressing state of affairs surround the presidential election and the media/Deep State’s unrelenting and vicious five-year campaign of subversion, sabotage and vilification of POTUS Trump and his supporters.

Nice going, Burgess. You are the first of many.

There is no need to harp on the failures of the GOP in the past to act as a check on the Communist Party. With an illegitimate president likely to take power in January the country need people willing to stand courageously against the Communist totalitarianism that is threatening our lives and freedoms.

Here is a link to the short essay “Live Not By Lies” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He wrote this shortly before being exiled from the Soviet Union (Solzhenitsyn escaped being executed by the Communists only because of his international fame). I encourage all LI readers to read it and take it to heart.

smalltownoklahoman | November 17, 2020 at 8:58 am

All these seats being flipped could make the House interesting for the next couple of years. If Pelosi doesn’t maintain her Speakership what will that say about House Dems voting in lockstep, especially on important issues where some may feel a lot of pressure from their districts not to vote the way their party wants them to on an issue? Their majority being this slim is already going to have an impact on them being able to bully squishy Republicans to vote their way. That’s going to make it very important for those who do have a squishy Repub representing them to stay in contact and try to give them a bit of spine on issues that are of crucial interest to us.

Election Day was two weeks ago. Why are any congressional races still undecided?