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Blowtorch Sheldon Whitehouse fights Blowhard Dick Durbin for top Dem spot on Senate Judiciary Committee

Blowtorch Sheldon Whitehouse fights Blowhard Dick Durbin for top Dem spot on Senate Judiciary Committee

“some prominent progressives are pushing for Whitehouse to get the job due to his reputation as a political brawler”

Dianne Feinstein recently announced that she would not seek to remain the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee for the next congressional term starting in January 2021.

Feinstein came under a lot of fire from fellow Democrats for not savaging Amy Coney Barrett the way Democrats savaged Brett Kavanaugh. Feinstein was practically burned at the stake as a heretic for a modest embrace of Lindsey Graham at the end of the Barrett hearings.

Feinstein’s departure has set off a scramble to replace her on the Committee. If Democrats win both Georgia Senate Runoffs, that would mean Chairmanship of the powerful committee, including control over judicial nominations.

Dick Durban from Illinois is the most senior Democrat on the committee after Feinstein, so by seniority the slot should go to him. In the Senate, seniority counts for a lot. But Durbin is a blowhard. No one fears him.

A lot of liberals are not happy with Durbin’s claim to slot, he’s viewed as not sufficiently progressive and not enough of a fighter. Durbin is a blowhard, but not a blowtorch, and Democrats want a blowtorch.

Politico reports, Liberals blanch at Durbin’s Judiciary power play:

The Illinois Democrat was just re-elected as his party’s whip, the No. 2 leadership job, after handily winning his fifth term in the Senate. He already oversees billions in spending on the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee. And now he is seeking to succeed Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) atop the Senate Judiciary Committee.

That’s fueled some grumbling about whether that’s too much for one senator to take on, though Durbin currently has no challenger for the Judiciary Committee post. The next Democrat in line, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, said Tuesday he looks forward to the question of succession being decided by the caucus, adding, “I will abide by the caucus’s decision.”

Durbin is popular in the caucus and may already have the job locked down because of his seniority. But some prominent progressives are pushing for Whitehouse to get the job due to his reputation as a political brawler — the latest instance of the party fighting over its future in the post-Trump era.

It’s hard to sum up Sheldon Whitehouse in just a few words. So read my recent detailed account of his persona, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Is A Conspiracy Nutter.

Whitehouse is a conspiracy nutter who rants about Republican “dark money” (while accepting leftist dark money himself). Whitehouse also lacks self-awareness and the ability to understand when people are laughing at him, not with him. He embarrassed himself, but no doubt thought he did a great job, during the Kavanaugh hearing by grilling the now-Justice over entries in his high school yearbook.

He’s also a bully who threatened the Supreme Court, earning a rebuke not only from all corners of the legal community, but also recently from Justice Samuel Alito.

Sheldon Whitehouse appears to be just what Democrats want. But he’s playing a little coy.

Local Rhode Island news knows that for Whitehouse, playing coy about the top Dem Judiciary spot means he wants it bad. Real bad.

Can they both lose? Don’t wish too hard for that, you might get a surprise.


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | November 24, 2020 at 8:42 pm

Mitch McConnell needs to weigh in on this.

    As a rule, committee assignments are decided by each party. Since McConnell isn’t a member of the Senate Democratic Caucus, he has no input, other than to voice an opinion — which the Dems will either ignore, or do the opposite of for spite.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Dusty Pitts. | November 24, 2020 at 11:45 pm

      He needs to get voicing with reverse psychology then.

      Remember the DEMS blew up all norms so Mitch needs to display all their dead buried bodies.

Give them both knives and let them fight to the death for the job.

“Brawler”? More like a stand in for the buffoon actor Leslie Nielsen played in the comedy, “Airplane”:

Whitehouse is a raving ignoramus with Little Man Syndrome. Durbin, please.

Sheldon’s only claim to fame is as a fart expert. Maybe they should have Sheldon and Eric the fart master share the job.

The Friendly Grizzly | November 24, 2020 at 9:15 pm

If nothing else, the new congress will prove high in amusement value.

You’ve got to be kidding. After watching Whitehouse (is that really his name?) during the Kavanaugh nomination hearings, it became clear to me that Whitehouse was even dumber than Hank Johnson who worried about Guam tipping over.

Blowtorch? There’s a SBD boof joke in there somewhere.

That guy is a flaming sissy that could give Blumenthal a serious challenge in a “bathhouse”.

From earlier today at The Hill, a nasty venue too much of the time:

“Both are blowhards, but Durbin at least has some grace. Whitehouse will embarrass himself even more than already. He’s another privileged white Democrat with hardly any accomplishment despite years of “public service.” Ha!”

When you are dumb, you have to be loud. Like Sheldon. Like Cortez. Like Omar. Like Biden. Like Moooochelle Obama.

Choosing between Whitehouse and Durbin is difficult. Both are ultra loathsome bottom feeders. The people who elect fools/tools like these are no better.

Vote for Outhouse, defeat the Turban. Let the laughter begin!

as toxic as both of these two are, why do the voters in Illinois and Rhode Island continue to elect them to office. It is not like they are running unopposed in the general election every six years.
Direct your anger at the citizens at those two states, they are the by-product of an ignorant electorate that is more concerned about the letter attached to their name instead of how well they do the job.

Senate Democrats would be stupid if they don’t put their most intelligent and accomplished asset into that chair.
Senator Hirono also checks many boxes: woman, Asian. Also, nobody would accuse them of ableism if they chose her.

Reminds me of the seminal early 20th century case, Blowhard v. Blowhard.

Moe vs Shemp

Grand Moff Tarkin | November 26, 2020 at 9:31 pm

I did document review for the Rhode Island lead paint litigation for the defendants. We were reviewing discovery provided by the state; Whitehouse was the state AG. We found a memo from his office where the government officials said they knew that lead paint was not a threat, but that they would keep litigating anyways. Whitehouse is your typical self serving, elitist, demagogue.

did you know that Sheldon Whitehouse is a trust fund kid who has NEVER HELD A JOB? He is like the sons of British “aristocracy” — and this is prevalent in the NE US.

I am bringing back the bumper stickers “Let them freeze in the dark” if under a Biden administration.