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Schumer Celebrates, Anticipates Senate Control: “Now we take Georgia, then we change the world”

Schumer Celebrates, Anticipates Senate Control: “Now we take Georgia, then we change the world”

After Biden Proclaimed President-Elect and Democrats retain the House, if Democrats win both Georgia Senate Runoffs, they will control the Senate and all of federal government, allowing them to ram through a far leftist agenda.

I am still digesting the “news” that deep red Georgia suddenly turned blue for Joe Biden, after rejecting Obama who had genuine momentum and enthusiasm in ’08—not to mention the historic nature of being the first black president—and after voting for smarmy Mittens McRomneyCare over Obama in 2012.  President Trump, of course, won the state in 2016.

It is against this backdrop that we consider the upcoming Georgia U.S. Senate special elections in January, elections that will determine the majority in the U.S. Senate.

As of this writing, both of Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats will be, theoretically anyway, up for grabs in January.

NPR reports:

Control of the Senate may hinge on Georgia’s two runoff races in January as no candidate in either contest has reached a required 50% threshold in votes to win outright.

That means Georgia, which is also still counting ballots in a neck-and-neck presidential race expected to go to a recount, is shaping up to be ground zero for whether Congress will be divided again next year.

“All eyes will be on Georgia for the next two months,” Emory University political science professor Andra Gillespie said. “There will be record spending, unprecedented campaigning and tons of mudslinging in these races — more than what we’re used to seeing.”

Currently, Republicans hold a 53-47 majority in the U.S. Senate. With several races undecided, Democrats have gained one new seat in the Senate but would need two more for a 50-50 split. Then, if Joe Biden wins the White House, Kamala Harris as vice president would cast tiebreaking votes in the chamber.

Democrats need the Senate in order to get their “fundamental transformation” of America back on track.

After what we’ve seen this week, it seems naive to imagine they won’t get it . . . by any means necessary.

The gloating has already begun.


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | November 7, 2020 at 4:11 pm

Chuckie will be in the Federal Pen long before that ever happens again.

Trying to steral the presidency and coming close, they are now trying to steal the Senate. If they succeed in both it’s game over.

    Georgia will steal the Senate, count on it. We see what is going onthere, and Republicans are too stupid to understand this isn’t about Trump and will make no changes to stop the steal of the Senate, either. Watch.

      Stip crying like a little bitch and pull your big person pants on! This ain’t over yet and its jn your best interest ro not let it be over!

        Oooh, I love being told what’s in “my best interest,” mailman. That’s one of my all-time favorite sit down and shut up tactics, and I’m so excited to see it being applied to me by someone who is not a leftwing nutter. It’s kind of cool since I never thought I would hear that lazy lunacy from someone like you. What else is in “my best interest”? Should I pretend that Biden didn’t just steal this election? That the Senate isn’t lost to the exact same corruption that landed Biden Georgia, a state even Obama didn’t win in either ’08 or ’12.

        Okay, let’s ignore reality and pretend Georgia is not now fraught with fraud. Does that mean I’m not a crying little bitch? By the way, nice talk, mailman. Your lovely description of me is indelibly imprinted on my mind. But I will do as you and others suggest and just shut up, after all, rampant voter fraud in this election doesn’t mean that there will be rampant voter fraud in other elections. (isn’t it pretty to think so?)

        Whitewall in reply to mailman. | November 7, 2020 at 6:05 pm

        mailman, calling one of the top contributors on this blog a name like that is no class and un-necessary.

        MarkS in reply to mailman. | November 8, 2020 at 7:58 am

        The Georgia Dems found no consequence in stealing the presidency, so why should a little senate race deter them?

          Whitewall in reply to MarkS. | November 8, 2020 at 8:09 am

          A run off election is a completely different animal since the President line is gone. I’m not sure the mail in ballots are allowed in this process? I suspect not but am open to correction. Besides, as I wrote farther down this page, I think there will be a drop off in Dem enthusiasm come the first week in January. They have apparently got the “big one” with China Joe. We on the right are properly angry and motivated.

      I think you’re too pessimistic, Fuz. I think the real Repubs and the apostates realize the consequences if the Senate goes over. So this runoff is not about Trump and the prodigals will return. It won’t be necessary to kill the fatted calf, a Varsity chili dog will suffice.

        Really? The Repubs saw no problem with Trump being cheated out of a second term, but this time their are gonna put up a fight?

          Edward in reply to MarkS. | November 8, 2020 at 8:15 am

          Run off elections usually don’t bring the same sort of voter numbers that a general election does. And there are fewer candidates running (only 2) so those who siphoned votes, particularly strong candidates like Rep. Collins, will not be attracting votes this time. Between Collins and Loeffler, they had enough votes to bury Warnock. Even if all Collins voters don’t turn out for Loeffler, she should have more than enough votes to eliminate cheating for the win. And Collins has thrown his support being Loeffler.

          Purdue leads Ossoff in the polls already so it is likely that the margin will prevent Atlanta from stealing that election too.

          But I’ve been mistaken before, as my wife of 53 years often reminds me.

          Edward in reply to MarkS. | November 8, 2020 at 8:19 am

          And Collins has thrown his support being Loeffler. behind – damned auto-correct thinks it knows what I meant.

      I’ve followed this site since it opened and never posted, because comments sections are rarely if ever productive places. But I’m making an exception today.

      Fuzzy, I do understand your concerns. I don’t happen to agree with you on this point, and I think your reaction is overwrought. Time will tell who’s right. But I have to call out this: “…Republicans are too stupid…” Now, in your emotional state, you probably didn’t mean to call 70+ million of us — me included — stupid.

      But you did. You probably meant some subset of “Republicans,” but you didn’t specify that, nor do they necessarily deserve it. You simply called me — personally — stupid. I’m inclined to give you a pass because of your state, but hopefully you will learn a lesson here, and take a deep breath next time before you respond in the comments.

      You are a journalist with some influence, so you must meet higher standard than your commenters. And this is no time to indulge one’s feelings.

      Having said that, I hope you feel better soon and I look forward to reading more on this site, as I always have.

        Hey Curt, thanks for posting your first comment in reply to me! I had to go back and read what I wrote to see what you meant here, and I can definitely see how a voter who is registered as or identifies as Republican (as I do, myself, actually) might take offense. But that is not what I meant or ever mean when I talk about Republicans. When I talk about “Republicans,” I mean GOP politicians and operatives; when I talk about normal Americans who vote for Republicans (they may be registered whatever), I talk about “voters” or “normal people” (etc.); depending on the situation, I may specify “right-leaning” (or whatever), but I do make a distinction.

        That said, the point you are making is valid, though, and I should have been clear here that I meant Republican pols and/or operatives, not regular voting Americans. Oddly, I never make the distinction in my posts, but I think the context is more clear in more formal writing than in comments.

        I’m a bit confused that you would refer to me as a journalist; I’m not. None of us at LI are journalists (Samantha, I think is the exception, though there may be others). We are bloggers, lawyers, teachers, writers, scientists, editors, and etc., but “journalists”? Please, you might as well just kick me in the shin. 😛

    They will steal the Senate in Georgia; after what has happened since Tuesday, that’s pretty much a given. But is it really game over? That part remains to be seen. Once voters see what is going on and what the socialist leftist agenda entails, there will be backlash. That we can count on. What we don’t know is how prepared the commie left ground and government elites are. My guess is pretty damned prepared, they’ve been planning this overthrow of America for decades. Trump needed to win this election in a landslide, but as it appears he won’t, we need a plan. And fast.

      Please take your meds, get off the computer and stop whining.

      I’ve never seen a bigger mess Fuzzy.

      alaskabob in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | November 7, 2020 at 5:45 pm

      The Left’s SA has been practicing with their riots… tactics and just switch out fireworks for firearms. They should have the edge in communications. Remember that the Mumbai Islamists used Twitter during the siege. Consider Twitter selectively permitting Antifa/BLM com while blocking all other. They have battle hardened trainers. They would be given recon/intel from (their) government. First action would favor them. They will have safe ground to work from in cities that will support them. They would probably take down utilities in opposing areas. A lot of this should be known from anti-terrorist training but whose side would they be on? Am I having a fun time with this? Most people would curl up in the “on the ground… don’t shoot me…mode”. They are committed… stealing elections, breaking laws, turning first world cities into dung heaps. They believe in their ideology.

        The enemy is in control of all communications.

          In the USA that is true. But in Britain the media there – while still left-wing – has no love for Handsy Joe. They did far more reporting of a surprisingly high quality on Hunter Biden that the Joseph Goebbels media ever did (or ever will do). Plus the British press loves to sneer at the backwards colonists’ bumbling political leadership, and Biden the brain-dead ancient gropy white dude, is an irresistible target for mockery.

          Yes I know – not much to go on since Americans don’t usually turn to Britain for US news. But it is something. And it could prove to be a thorn in the Communists’ side if (as I expect) the Communists tank the US economy while cracking down on civil liberties. Again – don’t underestimate the joy the British press gets in looking down on the Americans.

          CommoChief in reply to snowshooze. | November 7, 2020 at 6:51 pm

          No they control most but not all. You and I are communicating so ….

      Unfortunately you are probably correct about the two Georgia Senate seats. But being the resident ultra-cynic at LI let me offer up some moderately optimistic predictions:

      (1) The Georgia GOP has been complacent for decades, and the presence of NeverTrumpers in the national GOP did not help this time around. But what happened this week was a political Pearl Harbor. If nothing else, the NeverTrump idiots who looked the other way while the Communists stole the election might suddenly realize that THEY could be next on the chopping block. Self-preservation can be a wonderful motivator.

      (2) At this point the Communists can’t win entirely by cheating – they still need legitimate votes to get within the margin of theft. The unabashed crowing and ugly threats we have heard from the Communists in the last few days may scare the NeverTrump voters who foolishly pulled the lever for Handsy Joe into sending two Republicans to Washington to act as a check.

      Of course, it is not clear that even if the GOP runs the tables in these two special elections and keeps the majority they will do much with it. It is depressing that Republican voters have to beg and plead with Republican office holders to at least be a speed bump to unchecked Communist rule.

      The problem with your anticipated voter backlash is that you are assuming that if there is to be another national election, that vote won’t be rigged too. Trump MUST prevail. Even if it means his efforts end up revealing that he really did lose the election fair and square. We cannot proceed with everyone “knowing” these elections were stolen.

        Of course it will be rigged. But I am not convinced the Communists are quite in a position to rig it enough to steal both seats. In my opinion they don’t quite have enough firepower to turn a 60%-40% loss into a win. We shall see.

        And as I mentioned: even if the Constitution and the rule of law don’t motivate the NeverTrump blowhards to do the right thing, the primal instinct to keep their own dirty noses above water might. Like the Communists, NeverTrump Republicans are greedy for power, which is what motivated them in to oppose Trump by every means necessary in the first place.

          Most of the people don’t have a clue what just happened and you’re talking about an out-of-schedule election. Even on a good day, they’ll be lucky to turn out more than 20-25% of the vote. Cheating will not only be viable, it’ll be easy. Georgia’s seats are lost, the Senate is lost, and the Constitution is lost. What we have left is SCOTUS, and that ends when they pack the court. Until then, I hope the five conservatives have 24/7 protection. Yeah, even when they’re sleeping. No more Scalias. It was a nice country while it lasted.

          NOTHING would surprise me anymore. I never would have thought that the Democrats could steal a presidential election like this, but here we are. So taking the Senate through voter fraud? If they have the chance, why wouldn’t they? The media and big tech will cover for them.

      i don’t see the two senate seats going over to the dems. without the other canidates (there were 21 in sen. loeffler’s race) each republican should fair well.
      however, if it happens point the finger squarly at doug collins. sen. loeffler won by over 300K votes statewide and by even larger margins in the 9th dist. collins lost in his own district by tens of thousands of votes.
      now because of his action both GA seats are not secure and the senate may flip to the democrats. thanks for nothing doug.

President elect my arse.
Democrats never accepted the Trump presidency, which was 100% legitimate. I am not going to accept the fraud currently being perpetrated, and it will be the biggest disappointment of my life if Americans allow or accept it.
This is exactly the kind of situation for which the Founders gave us the First and Second amendments.

After stealing the presidential election, stealing a couple Senate seats should be a piece of cake. I hope the patriots in GA are paying attention!

    Edward in reply to budmania. | November 8, 2020 at 8:34 am

    Currently the combined Collins/Loeffler votes were sufficient to eliminate Warnock as a viable candidate and this time Collins isn’t running, but has thrown his support to Loeffler. And Purdue leads Ossoff in the polling already.

    If the election isn’t close they can’t come up with enough fraudulent votes to steal it. I certainly can’t guarantee that sufficient Republicans will turn out for the run-off elections, but they are damned fools if they don’t.

    Unfortunately we don’t deserve what we will get if they are damned fools.

2smartforlibs | November 7, 2020 at 4:37 pm

Better keep the cryn towel handy commies. This ain’t over.

Look, the government(s) is going to be very reluctant to do anything about the rampant election fraud which occurred, if they can help it. There is overwhelming evidence that the election was stolen through illegal vote manipulation. In order to combat this, it is not necessary to indict or convict anyone of committing these practices. All that is needed, in this case, is to prove that they occurred. And, that should be relatively easy to accomplish. There were really only five cities which turned the election result around for Biden. They were Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Cook County/Las Vegas Nevada. Detroit, Philly and Cook County clearly violated the law by physically excluding election watchers who were authorized by law [both federal and state]. It can be assumed that this was done to allow unlawful ballots to be counted. So, all the ballots are tainted in these venues and should be excluded. Milwaukee and Atlanta are a bit more problematic, but strong evidence of election fraud has surfaced in those lo actions as well. If the same remedy is applied there, this flips all of these states for Trump and reverses the election results. This is all that is needed, initially. And, the standard for proving that election fraud was perpetrated, to a significant degree, is only a preponderance of the evidence.

Now, should the courts actually act in responsible manner and do this, we wind back the clock to last summer, with wide spread rioting and civil unrest, from the left, along with more COVID crap and anything else the Dems left can dream up to destroy the country. So, the law abiding populace is going to have to step up and enforce the law on its own. Will it? Or will it roll over as it has in the past? People should wait for the process to play out, while putting verbal pressure on their governments to investigate the possible fraudulent activity and demand action be taken. If it is not taken, then the populace has a very hard decision to make. A significant percentage of our population made that decision in 1776. It may be all that is left in 2020.

Interesting that only 1000 votes separates Trump and Perdue, while it’s 92,000 separating Biden and Ossoff.

Suggests ballot stuffing for Biden. Can Perdue enjoin the case against GA brought by Trump? Likewise in MN James enjoin the Trump case there?

They don’t need much to put them over the top if the same kinds of shenanigans that defrauded Trump affected Perdue and James.

In the other senate seat, Collins and Loeffler combined beat Warnock handily in GA.

    Edward in reply to MrE. | November 8, 2020 at 8:41 am

    What will Perdue, in the Perdue/Ossoff* run-off order whom to do. Perdue can’t issue court orders, which a court does when it enjoins (orders, usually with some sense of urgency) someone(s) to do (or not do) something.

    * My apologies for failing to correctly spell these two names. I plead it is early on a Sunday morning and I’m not a GA resident.

Schumer is absolutely right. If he consulted the Oracle of Delphi he would be told, “If you take Georgia, you will change the world.”

as in …”If Croesus goes to war he will destroy a great empire.”

I never thought I would see the Venezuela we escaped, here in my country. I feel devastated and feel so sorry for President Trump who gave such a good fight against such odds for 4 years. Mr. President, my family salutes you. We did what we could by voting for you and convincing others to vote for you. Right now I loathe those Republicans in Congress who have kept silent and will not join forces to out this terrible fraud, who are complicit by their silence and inaction. All they care about is their own little seat. Well, get ready. I’ve seen what A dictatorship / Socialism can do to a country and it’s people. I never thought it would happen here.

Fuzzy is correct — the Democrats will make every effort to do in January what they’ve done in the past week. They have the extra advantage of knowing the rough size of the Georgia electorate, right down to each precinct and district, and know about how many votes are there for each of the Pubs.

They therefore know about how many votes they need. They will, of course, ask all their supporters to come out, but they’ll be ready with as many extra votes as needed.

I’d like to think that the governor and AG, both Republicans, could put a big dent in the fraud in January. But they certainly should have known this would happen in the presidential election and, well, let’s just say they were underprepared.

The best ways to fix this —

— the DOJ, while still under Trump, must land in Georgia and work within Federal law to prevent fraud. Call it ‘civil rights’ but get in there.

— the state AG has to go after the fraudsters hard in the coming month.

— and the Pubs need to rally the biggest vote they can. They have to swamp the fraud.

Not impossible. But time to get to work.

    Well with over 600,000 votes to make up to get Warnock dragged over the line (if they base their cheating on the votes already cast and Collins voters agree with their candidate that Loeffler should win), they certainly have a very, very hard row to hoe in that run-off. If all Socialist/Communist voters turn out again for the runoff elections, Warnock starts with a potential 1,6xx,xxx votes and Loeffler has a potential 2,2xx,xxx votes. Will the presumed (they are told so) winners of the Presidency turn out in the same numbers for the Senate elections? It would be unusual even if the losers. Will the Republicans, many/most/all convinced the election was stolen from them, turn out looking for revenge, or slink back to the couch? Time will tell.

Oh, and Fuzzy — it’s never a good look to wring your hands in public like that. If I did that I’d need lotion.

We know what we need to do, we now need to go do it. Wailing over what’s going to happen if we don’t doesn’t help anyone. You work for the Professor, and he’s not whining.

To everyone: man up. If you’re in Georgia volunteer to be a poll observer, both at the precincts and at the counting areas. The Pubs should be overwhelmed with volunteers. If you want to fight fraud, that’s the first step — BE THERE! Learn the rules and have your smartphone handy.

And, of course, vote. And volunteer to get like-minded voters to the polls.

If you’re not in Georgia, toss a few bucks to the candidates (I just did). They’ll need the cash.

I don’t agree. I believe the Ga Dems will suffer an enthusiasm gap after China Joe’s apparent win. The run off races will be less of a priority to the less politically attuned.

    If the Trump lawsuits and the recounts don’t reverse this election, will GA GOPers also suffer an enthusiasm gap, or will they march?

    Edward in reply to Whitewall. | November 8, 2020 at 8:57 am

    Runoff elections usually attract far fewer voters than the General election. The candidate/party with the best ground game and ability to rally their voters has the best chance of winning. GA Repubs better get their butts in gear, they have two months.

    Question for GA Repubs: Will mail-in (opposed to absentee where a ballot must be requested, usually for a reason stipulated in state law) voting be allowed in the runoffs? Was it allowed in the General?

The Drill SGT | November 7, 2020 at 7:10 pm


He’s up for reelection in 4 years.

Trump 70-30
Senator Capito (R) 70-30
three GOP congressmen 70-30, 70-30, 65-35
GOP Gov ( who used to be a Dem) 65-35

He has a slim chance of winning in 2024, If and only if, Schumer doesn’t pass any of the Dem agenda

His best bet is to be the 51st GOP Senator, NOW before the GA run-offs

let’s make a deal.

The Friendly Grizzly | November 7, 2020 at 7:13 pm

I’ll just say this: the purpose of the 2nd Amendment has likely arrived.

What I question is: all of the braggarts in the various comment sections, with their jacked-up four-bys, 300 guns, and 3 million rounds of ammo… will they in fact do anything when the police and National Guard actually DO knock on the door, or more likely break it down? Or will they roll over and show their bellies?

    The situation is similar to that faced by the Founders in 1776, we must all hang together or we shall most assuredly all hang separately.

    If there is no organized resistance, all individual patriots and fearful alike will either roll over or die in the raid on their home/location.


Wow I keep seeing all these posts of gloom and doom as if the future is already written.

The d/progressive political machines went all out in multiple states. Even then, IMO, they realized they hadn’t done enough. So they stopped counting in several states and suddenly many ballots ‘appear’.

Will the unique circumstances of this mail in balloting provide enough chaos to hide what we believe happened? Maybe. We will find out in the next ten days or so at the outside. If Team Trump can’t produce enough evidence to convince the courts for a deeper, close scrutiny of the balloting within that timeline then the election is likely over.

Can they provide the evidence? Maybe.

As to future elections; we just saw the playbook our opponents use. Some states will take action to close the gaps in the system, some won’t.

Some level of evidence of voting fraud and ballot irregularity will surface. At least enough to rebut the ‘it never happens claim’.

R retain state house control. Redistricting is going to be favorable for r. The Senate runoff races in GA are going to be national. They are going to have unprecedented campaign expenditures. Every GA voter will understand the stakes. IMO, GA is still tilt red. In 7-10 years I will likely have a different answer. Maybe 5-6 years.

I encourage you to be optimistic. Continue to fight. Don’t give in to despair, don’t make this worse than it really is. Yes we had a shock in GA. Our opponents have, IMO, gone too far and awakened non political junkies to the level of shenanigans that are on display.

That’s why the MSM and Tech are attempting to put the kibosh on any claim of irregularity. The curtain was pulled back and now they are telling us ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’.

IMO, too late. Regular people who casually follow politics have been able to see it, and it can’t be unseen.

Be happy warriors. Hell, be warriors. Don’t simply enter some period of despair and woe. Put away the sack cloth and ashes.

This is what happens in a fight. You get hit by your opponent. Sometimes below the belt. That doesn’t mean you simply stop fighting.

    I liked the pep talk. But, I have to ask one thing. Of the Dems are allowed to steal the Presidential election, what will the fallout be, over the next four years. Remember, about 80% of the changes made by Trump, as President, were done through EOs. Of Trump can change change Obama regulations and directives, with a EO, why can’t the next president do the same. Everything that Trump has done, except the two or three things he accomplished with actual legislation, could be gone in a matter of days or weeks. If the Senate is lost, things might change literally forever. The easiest way for the nation to survive, is to reverse the blatant vote fraud that was apparently perpetrated.

    If the votes in Atlanta, Fulton County and possibly Dekalb, if evidence of fraud is found there as well, are excluded, Then not only is the Presidential race reversed, but probably at least one of the Senate races as well.

    The down side to reversing the outcomes of the Presidential election in PA, GA, MI, WI, and NV is that the liberal drones will revolt. Violence will surge. And, the outcome is not clear. However, if the fraud is allowed to stand, the nation will simply die by inches over the next few years. There will never be another honest national election. The nation will change into another third world totalitarian hellhole. And the people will be faced with the same choices that they have now; submit of fight. Which to choose.

      CommoChief in reply to Mac45. | November 7, 2020 at 9:04 pm


      You and are in agreement on a very fundamental point.

      Either the fraud is allowed to stand, giving Biden and other d victory in short term, with very likely but not assured long term consequences for our Republic because we fear violence from the d/progressive/anarchists…


      The fraud is exposed, the illegal ballots discarded giving Trump!p and other r victory. Despite the fact that generally speaking, r are better armed and trained some don’t fear the MAGA potential for violence.

      I believe we have ten years at most to set the conditions for either a peaceful divorce and dissolution of the nation or agreement from all sides to revert to a Federalist reality.

      A reality that enables each State to develop and dictate the cultural issues for themselves. Let Massachusetts go its way but let Utah go its way. This removes the high stakes, all or nothing political environment.

      For all our sake I hope that we can do that. Agree to live as a union of States who respect the cultural differences and stop seeking to impose policy preferences via political force.

      If not then we are unfortunately heading for violence.

        Right now, this nation has two distinct political and cultural identities. One is the current Democrat, urban socialist experiment. The other is the traditional American freedom culture. Now, the traditionalists are content to live in suburbia or rural America and allow the urban experiment to sink or swim on its own. The urban experimenters want to impose their culture, values and society upon the traditionalists AND they want to run everything as well. That is what we faced on November 2, 2020. Whether freedom would prevail or socialism/totalitarianism. The totalitarians, not surprisingly, utilized fraud to gain dominance. If this fraud is allowed to stand, then we will be engaged in a civil war with a totalitarian government which has military backing within four years or this nation will cease to exist in any recognizable form.

        Now, the fact that Trump supports are generally better armed and likely have far more combat veterans than the anti-Trump forces, they have no deterrent factor. The goal of AntiFa and related groups is to destroy this nation. They are anarchists. So, whether they feel that they win if the rest of the nation capitulates or fights them in the streets. As I said, either the populace will give up, roll over and become good little drones or they will be engaged in a violent civil war, sooner or later. What to do. What to do.

      alaskabob in reply to Mac45. | November 7, 2020 at 9:09 pm

      Remember judges ruled Obama EOs were etched in stone while I bet plenty of those judges will rule for Biden reversals. Plenty of Ernst Janning type judges around.

Obama brought Chicago politics and corruption nationwide.

I know several of these blue hellholes had it as well for a long time. But it was Chicago style that was elevated with the election of Obama.

Remember when Schumer told Trump you don’t dis the intelligence community… and we have Clapper and Brennen. And now HAMR and Scorecard type programs with CIA fingerprints? I remember Rush wondering if the CIA intentionally misled Bush on Iraq. Glenn Beck talking about the Color Revolution techniques of .. the CIA. Hum…

I share Fuzzy’s negative perspective, with two observations.

The turnout will absolutely not be as high as for the general election, no matter how much money is spent. That means the numerical amount of fraud goes further if the total vote is lower.

On the other hand, much of the fraud is probably around voting that is not in person, of which there was a ton for the general election. Will there be the same opportunity in these runoffs, with both a shorter time frame and the holidays coming up?

It might be a good time to reread The Liberty Amendmenys by Mark Levin.

I have been writing in these comment sections since Thursday morning, when it became apparent that we were headed for 2 run-offs in GA, about the widely accepted misconception that the Senate is safe and that we will have divided government.

I believe there is still some risk in NC that the Tillis race could shift but remain hopeful that the gap there is large enough such that we will only need one win in GA.

GA is controlled by Republicans. The question I have is can the legislature reset the rules for the run-off vote? If yes, then they must do the following on Monday. 1. Mail in votes must be received by election day. Everyone knows the date of the election, there are almost 2 months to prepare so make a plan to get your vote in by election day. Any ballot received post election day should not be counted, period. 2. Mail in votes should be counted first and released on election day as soon as the polls close. 3. All election results must be tallied within 12 hours of the polls closing. If that means the Secretary of State sending an army of workers to the cities then do it. This trickle in vote process lasting days must stop starting here. GA needs to run an election like FL.

Further, national Republicans must get behind the GA candidates now. With time and money. There is no time to waste. I fear the glow of the Biden win will result in an enthusiasm gap in the state with highly motived Dems getting their votes out while Republicans stew in the Trump loss and suspected voter fraud.

Finally, I know this won’t be popular, but the Presidential election is over, we all need to move past it and focus on GA. The MSM will do everything in its collective power to discourage Republicans in GA from voting. We have to counter that. Here is the reality, MI is gone, WI is gone and PA is gone. I suspect Trump will end up winning AZ and GA but its not enough.

Focus on GA to stop the most radical aspects of the Harris administration.

Hey Chuckie, you gutless, repulsive little schmuck, you ain’t changing anything. Try it.

“Then we change the world”

Good to see that the sensible moderates have reasserted themselves in the Democrat party /

“Now we take Georgia, then we change the world”
Good to know we can skip the Sudentenland this time around.

Schumer, who got down on his knees for, ” Black Lives Matter “, who refused to lobby against Obama’s , ” Iran Deal “, has been a disgraceful party hack for more than a decade. Getting him out of the Senate should be a priority for the Republican Party.

“Now we will change the world.” Words of the standard
secular utopian collectivist ideologue. Always the goal is to remake man in their own image. “…the Russian [socialist] principle cuts deeper than the Christian since it seeks salvation for the masses by fulfillment in this life, and, thereby, orders anew the actual world we know. . . . Lenin was surely right when the end he sought for was to build his heaven on earth and write the precepts of his faith into the inner fabric of a universal humanity.” — Harold Laski