We can add another exception to Wuhan coronavirus lockdowns and edicts: Democrat fundraisers.

So far, we’ve learned that Democrat political elite are uniquely immune to COVID.  They prance around hair salons that are closed to the public, enjoy large-gathering dinners at restaurants, jet off to Hawaii for a schmoozefest with lobbyists and donors, and join mobs of protesters and celebrants in the streets—the mobs are also uniquely immune, of course, if they are pro-Biden, BLM, or some other group favored by Democrats.

As has long been the case with any disastrous Democrat policy, lockdown waivers are apparently being issued to donor groups and supporters favored by the Democratic Party.  So far, it’s ‘just’ the entertainment industry, but as we know from watching every Obama-era “change,” the list of waiver recipients will grow.

Republicans, of course, are not afforded this magical immunity to WuFlu.  We know this because the left spent (at least) two days bashing Sen. Ted Cruz for taking off his mask to drink coffee at the airport and later (gasp!) on an airplane.  They also refer to any gathering of Republicans and/or of their supporters as “super-spreader events.”

This catch-all condemnation with deliberately apocalyptic overtones can refer to anything from the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice in the Rose Garden to the Republican National Convention to a biker rally to any grassroots lockdown protest to any Trump rally to any church or synagogue service.

Fundraisers are apparently also on the list of things the Democrat politically elite can do that Republicans cannot.

The NY Daily News reports:

New York City mayoral candidate and current BP of Brooklyn Eric Adams addressed campaign donors inside an Upper West Side bar and restaurant on Friday night — as the city was bracing for the imminent closure of indoor dining while the coronavirus outbreak surges anew.

He gave his stump speech to at least 18 supporters inside “Good Enough to Eat” on Columbus Ave.

. . . . When a Daily News reporter entered the restaurant before the speech, several attendees seated close to one another at tables were not wearing masks. They put masks on by the time Adams gave his remarks. He also was wearing a mask and thanked the organizers for taking safety precautions before launching into his speech, which lasted about 10 minutes.

“If you have not contributed yet, make sure you see me,” an organizer told the guests after Adams spoke.

Asked after his remarks if he thought it was appropriate to hold such a fundraiser during the COVID outbreak, Adams declined to comment.

“I finished my speech; I want to finish my meal,” he said.

. . . . On Saturday, Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Ingrid Lewis-Martin [also a Democrat] attended a birthday party packed with people not wearing masks. She later apologized for doing so.

The general public are being told they cannot have Thanksgiving (or Christmas), cannot hold weddings or funerals, cannot send their children to school, cannot go to the gym or to church, cannot leave their homes during certain hours (without a waiver, granted only to Democrat-favored groups), cannot play sports (even outdoors), cannot attend parties or even hold them in their own home, and the list goes on. And on.

Yet political elites—if they are Democrats—are not just free to do as they please, but they are completely comfortable doing so.  They don’t seem to be worried about catching WuFlu themselves or about taking part in a “superspreader event” that will endanger the lives of grandmas everywhere.

It’s a curious thing.


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